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Author Catherine McKenzie was born and spent her childhood in Montreal, Canada. She graduated from McGill in both Law and History, and practices law in the city of Montreal. She is an avid skier and runner.

Her work began being published in the year 2009 when “Spin” was released. Her work has been translated into many languages. “Smoke” was one of Amazon’s Top 100 books of the year 2015 and one of Goodreads’ Best Books in October 2015.

“Arranged” was made into a short film in the year 2014 and went on to win a Canadian National Screen Institute Award. During the filming of the film, Catherine was on the set, which is one of the high points of her writing career.

“Spin” is the first novel in the “Spin” series which was released in the year 2009. Kate Sandford has a to do list; it includes: going off to rehab, make friends with and then spy on “It Girl”, writer a great expose about it, and get her dream job. Should be easy.

When she gets an interview with her favorite music magazine, which is called The Line, it is going to be the chance of a lifetime for her. She goes off to celebrate, and is still drunk when it comes time to interview the very next morning. It surprises nobody that she is not able to get the job, but she is able to convince the editors she would be great on an assignment that involves her going undercover. For the gossip part of things.

All she has to do is follow around an “It Girl” named Amber Sheppard into the rehab center. Should she be able to get the whole story that she has to tell, as well as finishing the entire thirty day program, they will consider her again for the job at The Line. She takes on the assignment, but there are some real friendships that begin developing. Kate has to figure out if what she will gain is even worth the price she’d have to pay.

Fans of the novel feel that this talks about some universal themes such as redemption and human feelings and does so well. It contains none of the shallowness that can be found in other Chick Lit novels, and Katie is cleverly written heroine who feels like an actual human. It is more than just Chick Lit, as it truly is an incredible read; it has strong characters, a realistic romance, and some tight plots to it.

“Spun” is the second novel in the “Spin” series which was released in the year 2014. Amber’s life has been a rough ride since she left rehab. She has been sober for the past two years, although nobody seems to believe her. Not her parents (who love the spotlight), the media, or casting agents. Her friendships have been ruined by betrayal and her career has been stalled. Amber is trying her best to just get things back on track.

Connor Parks (the movie star and Amber’s ex) is not helping matters by trying to get her back. Not just to rekindle their relationship, but his hard partying too. On a fateful night, she agrees to get on Connor’s private jet right when it is about to take off. It is a choice that is going to change things for her forever, and take her to a new world of heartbreak and scrutiny that she has not yet seen before.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the trip back to this world, and wound up wishing that the book was longer. Some liked Amber and how honest she could be at times; her struggle to stay sober was written in a way that makes you feel for her. It is something that has to be tough to go through, especially when you are famous.

“Arranged” is a stand alone novel which was released in the year 2011. Anne Blythe has got a great life with some good friends, good job, and possibly even a deal for her first novel. She cannot quite seem, however, to find someone she can share it with.

Another of her relationships ends, and Anne finds a business card for what she thought was a dating service; she takes it, should she need it. Sarah, Anne’s best friend, has just gotten engaged, and Anne is unable to not feel envious. Impulsively, she tries out the service, because maybe she could use some help finding the right guy for her.

Quickly, she finds that the company does not set people on dates, but is really a service that sets up arranged marriages. It is exclusive and expensive. At first, she is against the idea, but upon further pondering, the more she believes it could be a good idea. After all, many women all over the world take part in arranged marriages, so why can’t it work for her?

Months go by, and Anne goes to a Mexican resort, where she will soon marry Jack. After she meets him for the first time. Surprisingly, it seems to be working without problems. Then Anne finds out that neither Jack, nor the company that set them up are what they appear to be at all.

Fans of the novel found this to be one of their favorite reads, as it was one that is going to stick with them for quite some time. The author let the reader see more and more into Anne that they built a connection with her that they rarely build with a fictional character. Some felt that after finishing it, they wanted to stay up and read it again.

“Hidden” is a stand alone novel which was released in the year 2013. Jeff Manning is walking home from his job one night, and gets hit by a car and dies. There are two women that are crushed by this news: Tish (who is his co-worker) and Claire (who is his wife). Claire has a lot to deal with. Such as: deal with the funeral arrangements, comfort her son, family members that mean well, Jeff’s estranged brother showing up. This brother was her boyfriend at one time.

Tish volunteers to represent the company and go to the funeral, but only she is able to know what she is risking by going and putting herself in the middle of Jeff’s wrecked life.

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