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Cathi Stoler
Cathi Stoler is a mystery author best known for her thrilling and action-packed stories. Thanks to her writing, the talented author has several awards to her name and is a respected name in the mystery writers’ world. Her list of published works includes suspense/mystery series, short stories, and online anthologies. Stoler is an active member of different mystery writers’ groups both online and offline, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others through writng. Currently, Stoler lives in New York with her husband.

Telling Lies
Telling Lies comes first in the Laurel and Helen New York Mystery. The story stars Laurel Imperiole and her PI friend, Helen McCorkendale. Laurel is vacationing in Italy with Aaron Gerrard, a detective in charge of the New York Precinct Identity Theft Squad, when she bumps into a man she recognizes at the Botticelli gallery. It has been ten years, and everyone was convinced that Jeffery Sargasso died on 9-11. Jeffrey, the husband to Laurel’s friend, was brokering a deal worth several million dollars before he disappeared. While his body was never identified, Jeffrey was thought to have died, so, understandably, Laurel is a little bit shaken when she sees him. At the time he disappeared, Jeffrey’s business partner and billionaire Miayamu Moto also disappeared with him.

In her quest to uncover the truth, Laurel approaches Helen McCorkendale, a private detective. Together, these two women work on a thread that leads them to Italy and New York. Aaron, Laurel’s boyfriend, is always there to help, even though this is not always appreciated. The trio meets Lior Stern, an Israeli Mossad agent, and other top collectors determined to find that expensive painting. Laura’s search for the truth puts her relationship with Aaron in jeopardy. Also, the deeper they get into the web of lies, the more Laurel and Helen put their lives in danger. The action here moves between Italy and New York, and through the story, the author paints a perfect picture of the other side of the art world.

There is a lot you will love about this story. First is the non-stop action that picks right from the first page. It is fun following Helen and Laurel as they search for Jeff, the money, and the painting. The characters are also well fleshed out, making them easy to identify with. Laurel is stubborn and impulsive, which gets her in trouble more than enough times. Aaron’s relationship is almost ruined by their search, which is sad since he is just trying to help. The theme of lies is evident throughout the story. From the small untruths between Aaron and Laurel to the huge ones involving Jeff and hic completely new life, it is easy to see just how much little lies can ruin lives.

Telling Lies is an intriguing investigative story that throws you into the art world with its mysteries and priceless artworks. The twists and turns help build the tension, and the pacing will keep you turning the pages. What starts as a small investigation turns into something so big that even Laurel realizes that it is more than she bargained for. What happens to Helen, Laurel, and Aaron? What secrets about Jeff do they uncover? Read this book to the end for these answers and more.

Nick of Time
Nick of Time comes first in the Nick Donahue series. The story features Nick Donohue, a professional gambler who loves the fast life and women. Nick is American, but he lives in London. At the start of this book, we meet Nick playing Blackjack in Venice. Here, he meets a beautiful woman in need of help, and the ladies’ man is all too happy to help. However, his kindness lands him in trouble, and thieves kidnap him before being dumped in the middle of nowhere. Nick reaches out to his brother Alex only to realize that he is also dealing with enough work problems.

Alex is a banker with the Zurich bank, and his boss has just been murdered. There is a money-laundering scheme at the center of it all, and Alex doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Those responsible for murdering his boss could easily get to him, and Alex is sure that the culprits would never be found. Nick decides to blow the whistle and expose the bank’s shady deals, but this ruffles more feathers than he expected. The New York mob is angry, and only Nick and his gambling tricks can give them whatever they are demanding. Will Nick give in to the mob’s demands for the sake of Alex? How about the distressed woman and the jewelry thieves she was involved with?

This book is characterized by an original plot, adventure, and loads of action. There is romance, humor, and characters that will stay in your mind long after you are done reading. Alex is likable, and despite his lifestyle and addictions, you will be rooting for him from start to finish. In this story, he is caught up in a dangerous game where stakes are higher than money. Nick is dealing with all the wrong guys, and he will need a cool head, sharp wits, and humor to get out of it alive. Fortunately, he has his brother Alex to help him, even though he will also have to be there for him at some point. How can Nick get that beautiful woman out of trouble and save himself? What happens after he is kidnapped and dumped so far away from home?

Nick of Time is a delightful read that will take you on quite a gambling adventure. The contemporary mystery novella provides action, terror, revenge, and humor. You can sense the excitement and danger on every page, and it is amazing how the author introduces yet another twist when you think you have everything figured out.

If you a fan of a fast-paced thriller with suspense, violence, and a dash of dark humor, this book is perfect. It is slightly over 130 pages long, which makes it ideal when you want a quick read.

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