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Publication Order of Luna Lake Books

Publication Order of A Tale of the Sazi Books

with C.T. Adams

Publication Order of Thrall Books

with C.T. Adams
Touch of Evil (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touch of Madness (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touch of Darkness (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Fare Thee Well (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Road to Riches: The Great Railroad Race to Aspen (With: C.T. Adams) (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cathy Clamp is a Nielsen Bookscan and USA Today bestselling author that writes paranormal and fantasy novels for Tor Books. With CT Adams, she is the author of the urban fantasy romance series “The Tales of the Sazi,” the “Blood Singer” series and the vampire trilogy “The Thrall.” Clamp has won a ton of awards for her writings over the years but believes her biggest achievement is the Paranormal Romance Career Achievement Award that she won from RT Bookreviews Magazine in 2008. Working as Cat Adams with her fellow author CT Adams, they have won the Write Touch Readers Award the Book Buyer’s Best Award and the Reviewers International Award among many other awards. She has said that it is always humbling and gratifying to pen award winning novels that her readers enjoy since she will usually put all her heart into her novels.

Unlike CT who had been writing manuscripts for years, Cathy Clamp would be thirty five years old before she got interested in writing. She had always been a competent technical and legal writer but she had no idea muse and never thought she could become an author. She was then working as a paralegal and it is at the law office that she met Adams who introduced her to writing. At first it was all about discussing the books they read but soon they started discussing writing together. Her friend’s brain was full of ideas as CT could come up with at least one if not more book ideas every single day. Cathy soon realized that she had to clamp (no pun intended) fast to her friend to realize her dream of becoming an author. Clamp was good at writing action and romance scenes while Cie was the expert at the writing of richly diverse and concocted storylines. Within one and a half years they had written five titles together with several getting accepted for publication. She made her solo debut with “Forbidden” the first of the Luna Lake series of novels. Clamp now lives with Don her husband and their four dogs in Brady Texas.

Cathy has also written several standalone titles including the historical fiction work “The Road to Riches.” It is a story that is set in the Silver Boom period in Colorado and chronicles a railroad race. As Cat Adams, she also wrote “Magic’s Design” which was her debut urban fantasy novel. She has also been actively writing short stories which are very different from the long form novels she has become known for. She has said that she is not the person to stick to one genre and it is through the short stories that she can satisfy the craving to write in the different genres. Clamp has written and published short fiction in the western, fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, romance, literary, mystery and young adult genres.

“Forbidden” by Cathy Clamp is set a decade following the war that had made the Sazi Council defunct. The war had also made thousands of the Sazi unable to shape shift as it had inflicted a horrible cure. Following this the Sazi orphans had established for themselves a settlement at Luna Lake one of the most isolated locations in Washington. Since the war, it had become a small town and the children that once upon a time were refugees are now young adults. They are frustrated by the limits their guardians had set for them. But recently there has been a rise in the kidnap of Sazi children and this causes some concern. To take care of the problem, a red wolf shifter is given the job of investigating the kidnappings. When Alek was a child she had been held hostage by the Snakes and is still distrusted by the orphans of Luna Lake home. Prior to the war she ran with a Chicago based wolf pack. In Luna Lake a parliament of owls had adopted him in defiance of the long held tradition of the Sazi and this meant that he hardly had any friends. Now charged with looking into the kidnappings he is reminded of his sister that went missing more than ten years ago. When Alek and Claire meet, the chemistry is palpable though the race to locate the taken children takes center stage as they have to focus on the future of their community while their attraction takes a back seat.

Cathy Clamp’s “Illicit” opens to a border dispute between two bear clans which have destabilized shape shifter relations between two bear class. Now the conflict is pilling across shape shifter communities across Europe and this could just reveal to humans that super naturals are in their midst. Given the danger, the High Council of the Sazi calls the warring parties to the table. Luna Lake is the meeting place for the negotiations and it was chosen given that it is the place where the bear, wolf, bird and cat shifters live in peace. Security personnel, diplomats and their families stream into Luna Lake and among them is a Wolven agent named Dalvin Adway. He never expected to find Rachel Washington in town and is pleasantly surprised when he does. The last time they had been together was when they had been children living in Detroit. But then she had been taken and he believed her dead. But she had become an owl shifter soon after the attack and has kept away from old friends and avoided family since she believed they would never understand her. She is shocked to see her old friend Dalvin in Luna Lake and even more so when she learns that he is an owl shifter just like her. Their relationship is just about to become romantic when betrayal and conspiracy butt in and the peace talks go haywire. It does seem that the clans will have to resolve their differences the traditional way which is bad as it could result in full blow war. Rachel wants to prevent that even if she has to do it all by herself.

“Denied” by Cathy Clamp is the thrilling story of Anica Petrovic, a Sazi that was once upon a time a human. She is a hero bear shifter in her community after she destroyed a kidnapping ring that had been found turning children into shifters. Anica has made peace with her new Sazi identity and is now living with her brother and father in Luna Lake as a shifter. Love is in the air between Tristin, a mysterious newcomer and Anica, and between an owl shifter named Scott and Anica’s brother. Scott thinks his family will not approve when they learn that he has romantic feelings towards another man. But then the town is rocked by a series of violent murders that seem to be the work of a bear. Anica who is a bear shifter believes that Tristin is not responsible but that he may be hiding something even more sinister.

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