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Publication Order of White Mountain Mysteries Books

An Uncertain Grave (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unexpected Corpse (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Touched by Wonder(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Stairs(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cathy Strasser is a published author.

She first showed up in print when she contributed to a collection of stories that was published in 2007. The book is a compilation of various tales from such writers as Jackie Gamber, Ian Rogers, and more. The stories range in tone but each is a unique contribution.

Cathy has also contributed to another collection of stories that was released to readers in 2011. It is titled Under the Stairs and is a compilation of a variety of scary and horror themed stories from a variety of writers.

An Uncertain Grave first came out in 2014. It was published and put out to readers by Dark Oak Mysteries. If you are into spooky tales or suspense and crime stories or have read every single Stephen King book out there, then you might want to check out this book from this talented author.

Every single year, people go missing or run into some trouble while they are on hikes or visiting national parks. Some of these individuals are found in the end and some of them remain missing for weeks, months, years, or are never found.

One body in particular is found by one very unlucky hiker. The hiker is on Mount Lafayette and was simply taking in the views of the North Country when he stumbled onto a corpse that had been there for so long that it had already partially decomposed. North Country is the term for New Hampshire state’s top third portion as well as the Franconia Notch.

The Notch in particular is known for its low population of human beings and while it is beautiful, it also comes with very rugged terrain. The nature out there is nice to look at, but that doesn’t mean that survival is easy as pie out there.

On top of that, it is the type of place where no one is around to hear you scream. Places like that are very isolated and the fact that there are so few people living there and so much open land that the amount of secrets that are hidden there could be nearly endless. All of that space and the trees mean that anything could happen– and if you never found evidence or knew where to look, you might never know.

Enter in Mike Eldrich and Cliff Codey. These two men are state troopers for New Hampshire and work as part of the Investigative Services Bureau. They are assigned to take on this case and decide to get out there immediately and do what they can to start working on the case as well as get some clues and figure out just what is going on.

The weather surely is not helping them at all, and the partners can hardly expect to get some help from the local people. The locals are pretty shy and don’t really have the inclination to speak with authorities on anything. Add on top of that a nosy reporter from New York that is bored and has way too much time on his hands and his girlfriend who doesn’t seem to run out of ambition ever, and you’ve got yourself a situation.

Mike and Cliff have no other choice but to do what they can to try and figure out who the victim was– and who had the motive and drive to kill them. They’re pretty sure that this is going to be an investigation that they can tackle, but the case soon turns out to become more complex than they ever thought.

The investigation continues and the partners soon find out that they are in competition with the annoying reporter and his girlfriend. Apparently they want to find out the identity of the victim too as soon as possible. The two groups are racing against the clock and doing whatever they can to get to the bottom of this case.

This includes dealing with residents that are too shy to divulge the secrets that they are hiding. Cliff and his partner are doing everything that they can to try and get this case to where it needs to be and they each sense that they are getting somewhere with it. But will it start to spiral slowly out of control when Cliff’s past starts to come out from the shadows?

Cliff soon finds that the investigation is getting more complicated than ever. The two partners have to solve this case if they want to catch a killer. However, it may just turn out that the killer is aware that there are people after him. In order to keep safe and protect a secret, can the two stay out of harm’s way as the murderer gets ready to do what they must?

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime fiction novel that you will definitely want to check out! Read this book and find out what happens in the end for yourself as the cops attempt to get justice and crack the case at last. Can they put the guilty man or woman behind bars? Find this book online to see for yourself!

An Unexpected Corpse is a book from Cathy Strasser. It is the second in the White Mountain mystery series. Mike and Cliff are State Troopers that happen to investigate cases for a living. The two of them are good at what they do.

When readers last left them, they were doing what they could to solve a murder case and catch a killer. This time, murder has come calling once more. The setting is once again New Hampshire, in the North Country.

The call comes in at midnight, a distress call from Duane. He is an acquaintance that Cliff goes way back with. He was on a hike later at night when he found a corpse. The cause of death was a gunshot in his chest.

Add to that the fact that the victim was discovered in a field belonging to a family in town known for their tendency to fight and be violent, and this may be Cliff and Mike’s toughest case yet. Read it to see what happens in the end for yourself!

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