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Publication Order of The Dublin Driver Mysteries Books

Dead in Dublin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death on the Green (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of an Irish Mummy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Irish Accents (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death by Irish Whiskey (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Catie Murphy is an American novelist that writes mystery thrillers and as C.E. Murphy she writes romance and fantasy fiction novels. She has also written romance novels under her grandmother’s maiden name Cate Dermody. Murphy began writing as a six-year-old when her poems were featured in the school publication. The teacher in charge of the production went with what she thought was the worst but encouraged her to continue writing and she took the advice. Murphy has also held a range of odd jobs such as web designer, public library volunteer when she was ten years old, a cannery worker and archival assistant. It would seem that she was destined for a career to do with books and she would eventually end up writing novels. The Alaskan born author currently lives with her husband and children in Ireland, which happens to be her ancestral homeland.

Just like many authors, Catie did not become an overnight success as she wrote for more than twelve years before she got her first success. At age nineteen, she wrote and submitted her first novel and then spent several years writing in all manner of genres and forums. By the end of the year 2000, she had finished the draft of “Urban Shaman” which happened to be the third manuscript she had written all by herself. She had written a lot of manuscripts alongside other authors but this time she knew that she had something that she could sell. Nonetheless, she never did much with it except for a few rewrites. In 2002, she submitted her manuscript at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Conference that she attended. The conference made a lot of difference to her career as it lit a fire under her and gave her the drive to go and become a professional author. Setting a goal to get a book contract in no more than three years she was contacted by a small publisher that was interested in publishing the first three of the Walker Papers series. While the publisher wanted a romantic subplot, a strong female protagonist in traditional fantasy, they loved her novel even though it was an urban fantasy with the female protagonist with no romance. In 2003, Harlequin contacted her asking to buy “Urban Shaman” and the subsequent titles in the Walker series and she took the offer. She has been publishing with them ever since.

Catie Murphy decided to write under different pseudonyms since she has always been interested in writing in different genres. When she joined LUNA, she noticed that many of her fellow authors tended to have their novels classified and shelved in the wrong sections because bookstores assumed their books belonged in the category they knew them for. For instance, a science fiction author would write romance but the bookstore would assume they were still doing science fiction and this would make for a bad experience and fewer sales. Since Murphy was starting out writing in two genres, she decided to write under two names right away. This makes it easier for branding as her readers can easily differentiate between her novels. For instance, when they pick up a book under C.E. Murphy, they will immediately know they are buying a fantasy and when they get a Cate Dermody they know they will be reading an action-adventure romance. However, both her names resolve to her main website which is It is all about getting the right books to the right people who want to read them. However, Murphy believes that most of her fans will read both C.E. Murphy, Cate Dermody and Catie Murphy novels.

Catie Murphy’s “Dead in Dublin’ the first of “The Dublin Driver Mysteries” is a novel set in Dublin. It is a city known for pretty and fair girls until everything gets disrupted by a murder. Megan Malone is a driver who works for the Leprechaun Limo Service, picking up and dropping tourists all across the city. It is quite a change from her days working in the military but she loves living in Ireland with its quick-witted locals, beautiful scenery and the easy pace of living. Everything was going so well until one of her clients decides to spoil her day by dropping dead at the statue of Milly Malone, the fabled fishmonger. Working as a restaurant critic usually means one gets a large number of enemies but Elizabeth Darr was a well-liked reviewer and star. She was seated with her husband after taking their dinner at a fancy restaurant when she collapsed without notice with the seafood suspected of being the culprit. The owner of the restaurant begs Megan to investigate since her business would be ruined if it were found that she served spoilt food. Megan has her hands full dealing with the handsome Garda and her irate boss the latter of who is annoyed by her being so persistent while the former is amused. But then she also has to take care of two beautiful puppies even as she still has to find what or who killed Elizabeth Darr before they can kill again.

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  1. Grace Hollands: 2 years ago

    LOVE the Dublin Driver series. REALLY hoping there will be more books in this series.

  2. Anne Kohlman: 3 years ago

    Just LOVED the Dublin Driver series!
    Hesitantly going to try some of C.M.’s other genres.
    Maybe “Urban Shaman” …


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