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Publication Order of Cavanaugh Brothers Books

If you’ve always loved to bury your nose inside a world brimming with romance and mystery, a good book is all you need and a steaming cup of coffee! For a mouth watering treat, Laura Wright takes her readers deep inside the cowboy world with her delightful series, The Cavanaugh Brothers’ which showcases unresolved matters of the past, blooming romance, feisty characters and plenty of conundrums to solve. With the opening of her series, the first book throws light inside the lives of the Cavanaugh brothers who’re ripped from their customary lives and thrown inside a world of chaos, secrecy and unexpected attraction. If you’re eager to learn more, Cavanaugh Brothers gives you spicy details about a country ridden life and its brawny comparison with the metropolitan studs.

Characters in the Series

The series by Laura Wright introduces the Cavanaugh Brothers, Deacon and James Cavanaugh around whom the plot rotates. With unanswered questions of the past, the brothers are tossed back into their childhood home town, River Black in Texas that brings forth shocking secrets for the brothers. But it is their standing heritage, Triple Ranch C which unlocks clandestine affairs that utterly turns their world upside down! In the midst of such conflicts we cannot forget the feisty and confident feminine icons that simply have a way of ‘catching an eye’.

Branded My Love

The first book in the series ‘Branded’ is focused upon Deacon Cavanaugh’s stranded relationships – not just with his brother but ranch forewoman at Triple C, Mackenzie Byrd who seemingly cannot get her eyes off the grown up elder Mackenzie. The brothers are called back for their father’s funeral but along the way they discover evidence that indicates their deceased father’s double life – an unexpected son named Blue who is out to get his reign on the ranch.

Deacon Cavanaugh is a city tycoon, filled with turmoil and aching to bury the pain. So what can you expect a grief stricken, cold and arrogant Cavanaugh to do? Buy the very place that haunt his dreams, but will this lust for power strangle his only hope for happiness? Mackenzie Byrd’s intrusion is just the zing you need; not only is she absolutely devoted to the ranch but her quest to break down all barriers in Deacon’s heart makes her an exceptional character. While for Deacon their heated attraction is absolutely confusing, Mackenzie is definitely a love struck bird however at an impasse over the ranch’s fate which could possibly end the livelihoods of many people, including her own.

While Mackenzie is vying to work her magic through, the series reveals an unexpected ally with a shocking truth that dispatches everyone’s faith in the deceased patriarch. With potential possibilities around the corner, the second book gives away to further twists that shake everyone’s resolve.

Broken Bliss

You’ll certainly get a clearer perspective of the younger Cavanaugh. With Triple C bequeathed under their name, can James Cavanaugh the acclaimed horse whisperer come to terms with his tragic past? If one delicious bite of the older brother wasn’t enough, Laura gives you a briefing glance inside James successful yet empty life as he battles his oldest demons. Until the arrival of Sheridan O’Neil, a sworn vixen and Deacon’s assistant from the Cavanaugh Group.

Who would have thought a leading lady from the city could possibly break down the insecurities of the younger Cavanaugh? Push in a horse stampede, a handsome cowboy rescue and the resolve is broken. You might be immediately drawn back inside the Cavanaugh’s state of affairs but you also get to the gist of Cass’s disappearance and a peek inside James tortured nightmares of mental abuse. So can she make a difference?

Brash is the Word

With the decade old characters back in the game, ‘Broken’ gives shape to unanswered ambiguity that brings into play the only daughter in the Cavanaugh family, Cass Cavanaugh. With the past haunting their every move, complicated physical attractions and steaming kisses, Laura certainly can instill a curious fire inside her readers. ‘Brash’ gives the readers an insight of yet another dashing character, Cole Cavanaugh who despite being a UFC champion must handle the guilt of his twin sister, Cass’s death.

With every little bit of anonymity being confronted, Cole isn’t just fighting for his life, but also uncovering his sister’s mysterious death. But will retribution bring peace of a sweetheart named Grace Hunter, veterinarian unlock those jagged secrets? Daughter of the ex-sheriff, her father’s mental state cannot draw the line between fact and fiction! Her steaming love affair with the bad boy of Texas certainly doesn’t fit into her stable lifestyle. While unlocking elusive clues, are they on the verge of liberating the truth but also their hearts?

Bonded for Life

The series uncovers family ties and secrets that you cannot imagine so it isn’t a surprise that we meet our Cavanaugh brothers yet again at Triple C Ranch with little peek inside the illegitimate son – Blue Perez. With his simple life spinning out of control with the discovery that he has three half brothers, Blue is perplexed over his shaken inheritance. The twist is when Blue’s girlfriend betrays him which leads the arms of a passionate lover whom he cannot forget.

Despite the mounting passion that waitress Emily Shiver is still contemplating over, Blue is completely set to conquer her world but can they safeguard a future for their unexpected child? With warped scenarios that play in the lives of the Cavanaugh brothers and the irresistible women who simply have a way of distracting our salient horses, Laura Wright has certainly undressed each brother’s life with a bag full of surprises.


For every contemporary reader, the series show an exceptional turn of events as the Cavanaugh brothers learn shocking truths not just about their past lives but also themselves. So what can you expect readers to do but muse? With sexy and smart heroes who come running for their maidens, this dramatic tale of Texan love, struggle, family ties and mystery has everything you could possibly call for! Every narration is exceptional that allows us to feel the chemistry between the characters and their urge to return to their roots in the heart of Texas. Right from intense plot scenes to a perfectly paced storyline, the anticipating keeps you wanting more!

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