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Publication Order of Bad Blood Books

The Boss (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Back In The Game (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Head of the Firm (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Liverpool Loyalty (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traitor in the House (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Part of the Family (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Payback Time (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Score To Settle (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caz Finlay is a bestselling author of thriller fiction from Liverpool best known for the “Bad Blood” series of novels.

Earlier on in her life, she went to college and earned her bachelor of arts degree in Community Justice and Criminal Justice.

She would then work in the criminal justice system for nearly two decades, during which she rose through the ranks to become a Senior Probation Officer.

The author has said that she has always found the reasons why people behave and act as they do and the psychology of human behavior to be fascinating. Still, it was the loss of her child in 2016 that led her to pursue a career as a fiction author.

She currently makes her home in Liverpool where she lives with her husband and their children. Aside from her fiction writing, she has the honor of being a co-founder of the Perfect Crime Festival.

In many interviews, Caz Finlay has said that she was not like other authors as she never thought she would grow up and become a writer.

Like many children, she had several dream jobs that included veterinary practitioner, nun, firefighter, and anything that took her fancy at a particular time.

Still, she loved storytelling when she was young even though she never thought she would ever make a career of it. In her mind, writers were not people like her as she believed they tended to be very studious while she could not be bothered.

Like many children, she loved reading the works of Enid Blyton. Her mother had bought her a copy of “The Naughtiest Girl” and she spent a full weekend reading the book.

She so loved it so much that she read it several times over, as she developed a bond with the lead Elizabeth and longed to go to boarding school just like her.

Finlay also loved “Little Vampire Books” by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, which she used to read a lot during those times. They used to borrow the books from the local library and spent most of their weekends reading them.

In her teenage years, she discovered Martina Cole and R.L Stein, which would become her favorite authors that she still reads to this day.

While Caz Finlay never saw herself becoming a writer, she was inspired to become one upon the death of her son in 2016.

After a short illness that resulted in the death of her child in two days from a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, she felt a huge drive to write about her experience.

Following the burial of her child, Caz Finlay came across an ancient laptop computer in her house. The machine had not been used in years but when she turned it on, she was surprised to find that it worked.
Finlay then made the decision to write a novel to soothe her soul. For about a week, she used to wake up and write the whole day with very few breaks until she was done with her first chapter.

She had always enjoyed writing but this time it was very different. After finishing the first draft of “The Boss,” the first novel of the “Bad Blood” series, she started showing it to friends.

Many of her friends told her that she had written a very good story that she needed to get published. Caz Finlay published “The Boss,” her debut novel in 2019, and has not looked back since.

“The Boss” is a gritty and raw page-turner of a story by Caz Finlay that introduces Nathan Conlon. The latter was a notorious gangster from Liverpool, who had been serving a twelve-year sentence but has now been let out of prison.

He plans on picking up from where he had left off, which includes getting back with the wife who divorced him while he was serving his time. However, Grace is not interested in getting back with him.
She has transformed from the cowering and fearful wife who would do anything to running a massive empire all on her own. What she wants is to get her revenge on him, given that he had treated her despicably before he went in.

Now the boss of a very successful empire, she will not let anyone boss her around. She will not submit herself to Nathan’s physical beatings or psychological cruelty again. Soon enough, they are in a war where betrayals and secrets are part of the game.

Coming with some dark gangland protagonists, it makes for a compelling story with interesting twists and turns.

Caz Finlay’s novel “Back in the Game” is a gripping and gritty gangland tale that makes for an intense follow-up to the debut of the Bad Blood series of novels.

At the opening of the novel, Grace is introduced as underworld Liverpool’s undisputed queen. She had for a time left that life but now is back in full force.

Jake her only son is in charge of running the family business back home and Grace could not have had it easier.

However, she soon gets a call telling her that the business is going down the drain and her son is in trouble, and knows she has to return to Liverpool.

Of even greater concern are reports that Jake has been making many dangerous enemies that could take him out for good.

Grace knows that her idyllic life in Leeds alongside Belle her daughter has to come to an end while she takes care of business in Liverpool. Once again she finds herself drawn into the world of violence and crime.

It was a life she had willingly withdrawn from but with her son in over his head and old enemies angling to take over the family business she has to take action.

“Head of the Firm” by Caz Finlay continues to follow the life and times of the fiercely protective Grace. She will never let anyone get in over her head when it comes to business or family.
As the queen of the underworld in Liverpool, she could not have been happier. She is married to Michael whom she loves so much and they have two children in Oscar and Belle and is currently on maternity leave.

However, while everything does look to be very smooth, Grace has recently been feeling increasingly uneasy.

Jake her eldest son from a former marriage and stepsons Connor and Paul are in charge of running the family business and have been doing a good job.

However, in the Liverpool underworld, there is always someone badder and bigger ready to pounce and take what someone else has.

But the coming catastrophe will be something that no one saw coming.

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