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Publication Order of Cat Kinsella Books

Sweet Little Lies (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stone Cold Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shed No Tears (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Five Bad Deeds (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caz Frear is a published author of fiction.

Caz was raised in Coventry. She spent the majority of being a teen dreaming that she could move to the city of London. Once she was there, she would write a novel. She made her dream of going to London come true. It was not until she chose to move once more and return 13 years later to Coventry that she was able to make her dream of writing come true as well.

Frear earned her degree in the field of history and politics. She has also worked as a retail merchandiser, shop assistant, a waitress, and a headhunter for the past 12 years. When the author is not poring over what dialogue she is writing or the incisive nature of her prose, she can be found watching television and supporting her team Arsenal or going to the pub and holding court on a variety of topics that she knows next to nothing about.

Caz Frear is the creator and the author of the Cat Kinsella series of fictional novels. This series kicked off for the first time in 2017 when the debut novel was released. It is titled Sweet Little Lies and falls into the category of mystery at the very least. The sequel to the first story came out shortly after and is titled Stone Cold Heart. Pick up both copies in this exciting series to catch all of the thrilling action for yourself!

Sweet Little Lies is the debut police procedural story and the first in the Cat Kinsella fictional series by Caz Frear. In this exciting first installment of the series, reads get the chance to meet the main character of Cat for the first time.

A young police woman in London is forced to go through the dark secrets that are buried in the past of her very own family. Doing so might just allow her to solve what happened regarding a disappearance and a murder so long ago. She knows that her father lies– but is he truly a killer?

Cat is now 26 years old and has gotten over a childhood that was troubled. She’s worked hard to make her way into the police force and is now a Detective Constable. Even though she was able to work through what happened all those years ago, she has never quite managed to get rid of the various ghosts that haunt her.

Cat simply tries to live in the moment and to do her job. The detective is called out to a murder scene in Islington, a place that isn’t that far from a pub that her father runs. The two are estranged and he has been running it for a while. Then Cat finds out that the victim was Alice Lapaine. Alice was a young woman and a housewife. She didn’t manage to get out of the house all that often.

Now she’ll never leave the house again because she’s been discovered strangled to death. As with any case, the detective immediately thinks to check into the husband. But then she gets a phone call linking this victim to another case. Maryanne Doyle went missing as a teen in Ireland 18 years previous. After getting the call, Cat feels uneasy.

Years ago, she was with her family when they all were on holiday and actually met Maryanne. The timing was right before the girl went missing. She was a kid at the time, but Cat suspected her father because he said that he didn’t know anything about her or the disappearance. But was he telling the truth? Could he be the one responsible for Alice’s murder?

Cat knows that you can never trust someone known to be a liar. They might tell the truth and they might not. Cat is trying her best to get the two cases solved and throws herself into this investigation headfirst. Her desire to close them may just lead her to lapses in judgment in her desperation to solve them both. Along the way, she may cross some ethical lines and trample the professional code to pieces.

She’s been looking to the past, but when she starts to really dig into it, this detective constable may not be happy with what is there. What will happen in the end? Pick up a copy of this book and read to the last page to find out!

Stone Cold Heart is the second novel to feature Cat Kinsella as part of Caz Frear’s excellent fictional series. This investigator will walk right into your heart as she solves cases with the best of them.

Cat was briefly at the office of the mayor but is now back with the police of the challenging London Metropolitan area. She’s partnered up with Luigi Parnell and doing her best to try and stay out of the way of Kate Steele, her boss, and avoid incurring her wrath.

For Parnell and Kinsella, it’s back to work. They’ve got plenty to contend with as well. An Australian woman young in years has turned up dead following a party that was thrown by a new boss. Naomi Lockhart will never party again.

The investigation points them initially to a coffee shop owner named Joseph Madden. The shop is located near headquarters and not too far. Madden protests that he is innocent and was at his house when the murder when on with his wife. Things get curious when Rachel says that there was no one home at the time with her.

The team starts to work on a case pitted against Joseph while Cat takes on figuring out the marriage of the Maddens. She knows one is lying, but she has no idea which one would be doing it and what their motive is. What she finds out may be more complex than she anticipated.

Balancing demands of this case with her personal life and drama in her family, Cat’s going to have to choose just how far she is willing to go in order to keep the mistakes that she’s made in the past buried down deep. Can she find out who killed Naomi? Read this book to find out!

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