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Cee Bowerman is a bestselling and award winning romance author who writes romance novels with plenty of sarcasm and a hint of suspense.
The author discovered her love for reading when she was fourteen years old. After her school closed for the summer, she had surgery on her foot and she was bored out of her mind for the several days she spent at the hospital.

Since her grandmother knew how bored she would be, she brought her a grocery sack full of books to the hospital. Her grandmother was good enough to bring along her favorites from the likes of Tom Clancy and Stephen King.

It was during this time that she was introduced to smutty romance novels from the likes of Danielle Steele, Fern Michaels and Johanna Lindsey which got her hooked. She dove into the books and found new stories, places and friends she never knew existed before.

When she got out of hospital with a cast on her leg, she was very much immobile and continued reading until she became addicted.

Since then romance novels have become all Cee Bowerman read and she has never been able to let go of them. She was never seen without a book and always had a book in her purse, which she would read every time she had a minute alone.

She fell in love with Jack Ryan, who is one of the most popular characters by Tom Clancy, vowed to never visit Maine because of the horrors she read about the place in the Stephen King novels. She also wished for years that she could be adopted by Jonana Lindsey’s Mallory family.

Bowerman believes that her love for reading is what led her to writing. While it does seem very simple, she has said that she always feels like she is in the story with the characters. She can often see the situation as it unfolds, the room they are in and almost hear the whispered dialogues between the characters.
She is often lost in her romances for hours and over time, she thought why not make her own settings, characters and story. Writing a romance novel was a dream she had for years but she never took the chance as life often got in the way.

Things started moving really fast for Cee Bowerman when she gave birth to her son as a twenty six year old. She met her husband when her son was about 10 and they became a family of five having added her husband’s two kids to their blended family. She was living the dream as a wife and mother despite a crazy office job.

Things got crazier when her son said he was quitting college as he wanted to find his own path. She had to stop him from dropping out and told him that there were three dreams she had: to buy a house, watch her son graduate from college and write a romance novel.

The guilt trip worked but her son told her that if he went back to college she would have to write a romance novel. With her son so insistent, she bought a refurbished computer online and converted her craft table into a writing desk.

She would then go on to write the first chapters of several stories and hated each one of them as they were not original enough. But then one day coming home from her day job she had an inspiration. It was about a woman who falls in love but is running from a killer making it impossible for her to be with her man.
Soon after, she completed the manuscript for her debut novel Home Forever and she was off to the races.

Cee Bowerman’s novel Kale is the story of a man named Kale Forrester who is a ruthless man that is content in the reputation of solitude he has. All he needs from life are his club and blood family.

But then Zeke, his best friend, falls in love with a wonderful woman and Kale realizes that he is missing something and does not want to be alone forever. She starts writing to a stranger online exposing aspects of his life he had never shown to any woman. He has never seen her face but innately knows she is what he needs to complete his life.

On her part, Terra Sharp is a woman that has been loney in the crowd for more than a decade. Having recently reconnected with her childhood friend, she is hoping for better things to come. Her friend then encourages her to write letters to a stranger.

Once she starts she cannot stop as she lets herself go, providing deep insights into her dreams, hopes and fears. It is not long before she lives for the letters he writes back as he provides interesting insights into his dangerous and often exciting lifestyle.

Sonny by Cee Bowerman is the story of Brenda, a woman who is coming from a breakup with Sonny. It was a disastrous relationship and when it ended, she had become closer to her lifelong friends. Without Sonny she has managed to establish an active social life, a thriving business and even bought a beautiful house.

But she still misses him in her life. He had made a lot of mistakes and since he knew it would be years before they would be together, he had insisted they break up. His actions had caused her a lot of pain even though he said it was for his own good. But now that he could get his life back, he wants her back but is not too sure if she does.

While her man was in prison, she had tried to date but could not even manage a kiss with any of the men, some of whom she thought were outright psychopaths. Meanwhile, Sonny is trying to survive prison with its factions and riots, which often results in injuries.
But he manages to help some members of an influential family in a riot and it ultimately results in an early release.

Cee Bowerman’s novel “Bird” is a compelling story that combines a wonderful mixture of romance, surprise and humor. Bird Forrester has never wanted children let alone a wife and it is only when his family and close friends find love and soon get married that he realizes that all along he has been missing something.

An unexpected surprise from his past and a chance meeting with a beautiful woman convinced him that he could just find love. Summer Preston is a widowed woman and mother of three young boys. Upon the death of her husband, she focused on building herself and taking care of her children as a single mother.

When she meets a man in a bar she takes a huge chance at love. She has never believed in fate but once she meets Bird she may just change her mind and risk everything.

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