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Publication Order of Celestra Books

Celestra Series by Addison Moore is a rare piece of gem in the world of all things extraordinary. The series started way back in the summer of 2011, with the launch of Ethereal and then quickly followed by Tremble, just two months later. These two books can be called “sowing the seeds” before the story can actually begin. The characters are meticulously built with Addison Moore’s unique style. He invokes many emotions at various stages of the series like love, lust, hate, jealousy, and a subtle amount of thrill that keeps your adrenalin pumping.

The books can’t be read individually; it has to be the whole series or nothing. The depths in which the characters evolve over the entire series is the true beauty of the Celestra Series. It’s a creative overflow and you will frequently encounter angels…infact they are the core characters of the book. It may seem like a shallow rip off of the Twilight series with the vampires being replaced by angels, but it gives you more to ponder over.

All the book covers of the series maintain the same theme, a luminescent blue butterfly looms over a black background. It looks nice and gives you a little push into the paranormal world. Open the book and read it enough, you are guaranteed all the thrills of a good horror movie.

The character of Skyla Messenger.

The most surreal character of all in the whole of the Celestra Series is Skyla Messenger. A 16-year-old teenage girl wandering through a cruel maze of life. But she is not the happy girl-next-door, she is rather odd. She is always lost in a world that soothes her subconscious senses and has little to do with the materialistic world. She was not like this throughout her life. She was her daddy’s girl and was deeply connected to her father. They both shared a power of reading the minds of anyone whom they touch. But unfortunately her father dies in a fire and her life becomes a void in this already empty world.

Her newly remarried mother takes her to a new home in a place called Paragon Island. Her hometown has an unforeseen guest or rather a host. The house they move is haunted and there lives the most powerful angel in the whole world. Yes, you read it right, not a ghost but an angel. That’s the little synopsis you need to enter into the Celestra Series.

Once you do enter you will get to meet the handsome Logan aka the most powerful angel on earth, and get to know about his fetish for Skyla. It’s a love at first sight, not only because Logan is as handsome as a Greek god, but also because Logan has the same power as Skyla…. the ability to read other’s thoughts.

You will also encounter other characters which you normally find in a High School. A major bitch by the name of Michelle Miller, who actually has a group called the ‘Bitch Squad’. Then there is the ever-high pothead, Ellis who likes his marijuana more than his life. Meanwhile, a complex web of jealousy is brewing between Skyla and three of Logan’s exes. Classic Logan!!!!

Back to Skyla, she is completely unaware of the brewing dangers above her, as all other angels except Logan want her dead because she is a cross breed of an angel and a human (Remember her father who could read mind?). The series gets its name from this cross breed of angel and humans, who are named Celestra. Logan is also a Celestra but more of an angel than human.

You can get a good essence of Skyla’s character with the interactions she has with others in the whole book. She is shy to the people she met for the first time. Her introvert character is well played across many stages, both in front of humans and angels. After losing her father, she always needs a protection and wants a strong shoulder to cry on. Her evolution as a more confident and powerful Celestra can be found in later books of the series like Wicked, Vex or Expel. In some portions, though, she is seen as completely weak and dependent on Logan, a thing reader will notice with gray feelings. Her intentions are always honest and her trust is foolishly free. She trusts every apple she finds on the ground and this will prove very dangerous in the long run.

The books in the series.

There are seven books in the series, but the last book has branched off into two books, so technically the series contain eight books. Burn is the third book and it is here where the story starts, but you can’t skip the first two as they are totally epic and pivotal to the rest of the story.

The story treads carefully through unchartered territory and readers can expect deep insights into the characters of Skyla Messenger and Logan. A passionate love story evolves and dissolves like the flavor of spices in hot oil.

The Writing.

Coming to the author, Addison Moore can be classified as a top-notch storyteller with a wide imagination. Her writing style is somewhat unique and this is exactly where it deviates a lot from the Twilight series, some fresh take on the supernatural world. Her prose style develops at a snail’s pace and can bore some readers, but once you get on to the fourth series you can put it down. The momentum she builds through the entire book is well worth the time and money invested. She will take the readers down a dark alley, where beings of the other world decide the fate of mortals. Overall, it’s a nice read, almost a classic, yet almost.

Movie Scope.

20th Century Fox has obtained the filming rights to the Celestra Series and plans to go onto the big-screen. The idea is in a nascent stage and it can also turn up into a TV-series because the Celestra Series has the potential to fuel curiosity and sustain a level of thrill for a long time to come. We just have to wait and watch for the next big news.

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