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Celia Aaron is a bestselling suspense and romance author from the United States.
The author has asserted that writing is something she has always done even though she has never been very good at it. Aaron used to be very bookish growing up and could always be found with her nose in a book.
She published “Counsellor” her debut novel in 2015 and has become quite the prolific author ever since. She now has more than forty works to her name across more than half a dozen series, single-standing novellas, and novellas.
While she has achieved a lot of success, Aaron is not so sure that she is a writer even though she is sure she is a pretty good storyteller.

Unlike many authors, she does not remember a particular time when she got the inspiration to pen her debut novel.

However, she has been inspired in her work by the many fiction works she used to read as a child. Celia still remembers the many Nancy Drew novels that she used to read growing up.
She has not let up reading fiction as an adult and the “Harry Potter” novels have been a particular favorite.

Similar to many fiction authors, Celia Aaron does not have a very typical lifestyle. As an author and stay-at-home mother, she has to take care of a five-year-old and a seven-year-old and also do some basic housekeeping.

She will usually get up to prepare her kids for school before coming back to take her coffee and then settle down to write. Still, she does most of her best work at night once her kids have been tucked in for the night.
She loves to refer to herself as a recovering attorney who loves erotic fiction and romance.

She has made a reputation for herself writing funny to angsty, light to dark, and fantasy to realistic works depending on what takes her fancy at any given moment.
Apart from writing, she has several hobbies that include gardening and watching old films and TV shows given that at heart she remains an old Southern lady. Among her favorite shows include Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead.
As for her favorite novels, it would have to be the “Harry Potter” books, Matheson’s “I Am Legend,” Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mocking Bird, “Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and Sheri S. Tepper’s “The Gate to Women’s Country.”

Celia has said that if she were not a fiction author, she would have loved to be a trust fund baby.

Celia Aaron’s novel “Counsellor” introduces district attorney Sinclair Vinemont, who comes from one of the most powerful families in the south. He is having the time of his life as he has a successful career, is single, and has family money to boot.
From the time he meets Stella Rousseau, he is determined to make her his. The latter is an artist that cares most about his father and is devastated when he is taken to court over fraud.
Given that he is the only member of her family left, it is understandable that she would be so pained by the events.
Sinclair is prosecuting the case and makes her a very good offer. If she intends to get her father off, she will have to agree to be his soul and body for one year.

With the game unfolding, Stella struggles to learn the rules even as she has to meet the expectations of many people.
Meanwhile, Sinclair has also been struggling to remain unaffected by the beautiful young woman. They have a very strong connection and it is not long before they cross lines and there is no going back.
It is a beautiful story that takes readers on a journey full of drama, suspense, and depravity.

“Magnate” by Celia Aaron follows on from the events of the first novel of the “Acquisition” series. It is set a fortnight since the events of the debut and still follows the life and times of Stella.
The latter is now the captive of Sinclair’s younger brother Lucius but cannot stop dreaming of her former master. Stella craves Sinclair’s touch and is struggling to keep her emotions in check.
She believes Sinclair still loves her but is suppressing his feelings which causes her much pain and torment. She is convinced that the only person who could save her is Lucius but over time, she comes to the realization that he is in fact worse than a monster.
But one thing she knows is that she will need to survive the upcoming trial even if that means pitting Sinclair against Lucius.

Meanwhile, Sinclair has never forgiven Stella for choosing his brother and now only sees her as a prized acquisition.
Even though he wants to hate her he just cannot and over several months comes to acknowledge that she means too much to him. Sinclair is determined to win the sick game no matter what.

Celia Aaron’s novel “Sovereign” picks up from where the previous title left off. It has been a long time since Stella became the property of Sinclair.
She had accepted the conditions of their relationship and managed to save her father. But now the man has a lot more to lose than she ever did. To survive, she has t help herself and Sinclair by destroying the Acquisition.
Nonetheless, she will have to go through two more trials and prepare for her next sovereign. Stella has to try to stay strong both mentally and physically even as Sinclair works on trying to find out what is likely to happen at the upcoming trials.

However, his behavior and strategy has Stella questioning if he is or has ever been loyal to her and loved her as he says.
This third work is an addictive and thrilling story and Celia pens a great conclusion. It makes for a great romance filled with non-stop action, steam, and suspense that will keep its readers on the edge of their seats.

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