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Cemetery Girl Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Cemetery Girl Trilogy Books

By: Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden

The Cemetery Girl trilogy is a series of novels by Christopher Golden and Charlaine Harris, two of the most popular fantasy fiction authors in the genre. The first novel in the Cemetery trilogy series was the 2014 published “The Pretenders”, that was Charlaine’s first venture into the world of graphic novel writing. With the first novel in the series garnering considerable success after its publication, the two authors decided to make the series a trilogy and published two more titles in the series. Even as some reviewers have called it a graphic novel/horror/YA, Golden does not believe that the series is precisely a Young Adult novel though it crosses the genres and is YA accessible. As is often the case with Golden, his novels do not have a particular designation and Cemetery Girl Trilogy series is no different. As for Charlaine, almost every fantasy fiction aficionado who has read her novels knows that she is a very entertaining writer. The Cemetery Girl Trilogy is a creative story of an attractive young girl who finds herself in a most bizarre situation. The lead character in the series is Calexa Rose Dunhill who died for a moment, only to wake up in a cemetery with all her memories wiped off. She is a hero with a murky history, which makes for extraordinary strength and courage to do fantastical things. The series of novels are set in the Dunhill Cemetery in an unidentified city, where the lead character makes her living solving mysterious dark crimes of the people murdered and buried in the cemetery she now calls home.

When we first meet Calexa the lead protagonist in the series, she has no memory of who she is having been dumped at the cemetery by unknown people. Waking up she takes the name of the cemetery and combines it with two from nearby headstones to call herself Calexa Rose Dunhill. Despite her not too good circumstances, Calexa makes the most of it as she begins out as a trampled upon heroine, and slowly but surely transforms herself making a new life even with no memories on which to build upon. She is in essence making it up as she goes along developing a support system of food and shelter and then a daily routine. Nonetheless, despite making the most of her circumstances, she lives with the terror of the mysterious person that has injected her, beaten her, and left her for dead in the cemetery. She also has an overriding fear of the police, who she believes will take her back home, where she may be vulnerable to another attack from her unidentified attacker. She has a very strong moral center as even though her fear of the authorities makes it almost impossible for her to notify them of what she knows of the various murders in the cemetery, she innovates to find a way to bring justice to the killers of her cemetery colleagues. She is nonetheless pragmatic and realizes that she needs to steal food to survive even if she always feels guilty when she does it. Over the course of the trilogy, she develops from a scared person to a gritty and determined character who finds friends and allies, and ultimately finds the courage to go after her killers.

The Cemetery Girl Trilogy is a novel series created by two of the most highly acclaimed fantasy novelists. They are mysterious, dark, exciting, and thrilling narratives with intriguing, fascinating characters, and personal and crisp dialogue. Nonetheless, the novels are all about the mystery of who killed Calexa and her several friends who join her in the cemetery in the latter novels. The whodunit mystery of Calexa and Lucinda’s death, coupled with the transformation of the lead character into a more rounded character are the most important elements of the novel that make for a mysterious and interesting story arc. The comic is simple enough for young adults looking to read some great graphics but do not know what to read. With an easy and familiar plot, it is easy for beginner comic fans to easily take in the stories with the simple page layouts and visuals. Kramer’s illustrations are also a great help as the series comes with uncluttered, uncomplicated, simple artwork. The novels are rated for young adults even though they can be read by adventurous tweens and pre-teens given that the blood and gore is minimal. The series are simple easy reads that you can read the entire series in an hour. For anyone with a young teen that may be ready to ditch Bone but not yet old enough for The Hunger Games, the Cemetery Girl Trilogy series is a good bet.

“The Pretenders” is the first novel in the thrilling Cemetery Girl Trilogy series of novels. A young woman presumed dead is dumped into a cemetery from the trunk of a car. Hitting her head on a headstone, she wakes up to no memory of who she is or anything about her past. However, she knows that she had been violently beaten by someone that clearly wanted her dead. Alone and with no place to call home, she takes shelter in the old mausoleum that she now calls home. She takes up the name of her cemetery and two different stones and calls herself Calexa Rose Dunhill. The plot of the series gets into high gear when Calexa is witness to a murder, which she is unable to report given her fear that the authorities would take her back home, where she does not know what awaits her. The bigger mystery arc though is just who is Calexa, and how will she use her special ability to see the paranormal after she woke up from the dead. The first novel in the series that can be read as a standalone is wonderful narrative that sets the tone for the mysteries to be unraveled in the following novels.

“Inheritance”, the second novel in the series starts out from where the first novel left off. Calexa just made friends of the Lucinda an old woman that lives across the street from the cemetery. The bond between Calexa and Lucinda has become so strong that she has been invited to live in Lucinda’s house. But trouble always follows Calexa as Lucinda becomes the victim of a murder when someone sneaks into the house one night. Calexa manages to fend off the burglar but she is left homeless once again with only one saving grace – Lucinda’s ghost comes into her. With Lucinda ghost and memories in her, she has a better chance of finding just who could have been responsible for her murder. It is not going to be easy given that she will have to risk her life in investigating the case. To make matters worse, the lives of some of the friends she made while living with Lucinda are also hanging in the balance.

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