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Peach Pit: Sixteen Stories of Unsavory Women(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Chana Porter

Chana Porter is a renowned American science-fiction novelist widely known for her many talents and contributions to the literary world. She’s also a playwright, an educator, and a respected fellow at the MacDowell Colony. Chana holds the distinguished title of co-founder of a unique venture, the Octavia Project. This initiative blends the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with creative fiction writing to serve girls and gender-non-conforming individuals from less advantaged communities.

Key among Chana’s writing expertise is her ability to build engaging characters and protagonists. Each character she crafts holds a distinctive appeal that captivates readers, making her stories especially enjoyable. Her characters are not just figures in her narratives; they are vibrant entities that enhance the overall reading experience. Chana’s story characters come alive through her inventive prose, keeping readers on their toes and making her novels hard to put down.

Yet, her strengths don’t stop at character creation. Chana has a natural flair for constructing compelling storylines ingrained with engaging narratives. Her gift allows readers to embark on fascinating literary journeys filled with unexpected twists and intriguing plots. Essentially, Chana’s skill in storytelling is nothing short of a gift, drawing readers in and leaving them thoroughly entertained. Simply put, Chana Porter is a remarkable author that leaves a lasting impact in the realm of science-fiction.

Porter’s work stands out due to its universal appeal. She infuses her stories with experiences and emotions that readers from all walks of life can resonate with. This quality of broad-based relevance makes her novels captivating to a diverse array of readers worldwide.

Despite this wide-ranging appeal, Chana’s genuine voice remains steadfast in her work. Her narratives, while global in their reach, stay true to her as an individual, reflecting her unique perspective and experiences.

In conclusion, Chana Porter’s work is not just about captivating sci-fi tales, it’s a reflection of her world blended masterfully with universal human experiences, creating stories that are truly her own.

Early and Personal Life

Chana Porter, a prolific American science fiction writer, has spent a significant portion of her life dedicated to both the craft and appreciation of literature. Her interest in reading and writing was nurtured from an early age, shaping her into the esteemed author she is today.

Various factors supported her growth as a writer, key among them being the myriad of teaching experiences she gained while offering her unique course ‘Writing from the Body’ at several universities.

As she advanced in her writing journey, Chana found inspiration in various avenues. Becoming a MacDowell Fellow, a Target Margin Artist-in-Residence, and a New Georges Audrey Resident, among other accolades, all fed into her creative process, contributing significantly to her development as an author. Presently, she is the writer-in-residence at The Catastrophic Theatre in Houston, continuously enhancing her literary prowess and knowledge base.

In addition to her personal growth as a writer, Chana has also shown a profound commitment to nurturing the next generation of writers. She co-founded the Octavia Project, a summer program for Brooklyn’s younger population offering writing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunities free of charge.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Chana Porter continues to inspire with her significant contributions to the world of literature.

Writing Career

Chana Porter has built a vibrant career as a forward-thinking playwright, an inventive speculative novelist, and an education activist.

Her considerable talent is evident in her theatrical works which were developed upon several well-known platforms. These include The Flea Theater, Playwrights Horizons, The La MaMa, Catastrophic Theatre, Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, The Invisible Dog, Cherry Lane, and Movement Research.

Her creative prowess extends beyond the stage to the world of speculative fiction as well. Chana has penned the novel ‘The Seep’ in 2020 with great success, and readers enthusiastically greeted the release of her novel ‘The Thick and the Lean’ in 2023.

Her ongoing work continues to inspire, signifying a promising future in her writing career.

The Seep

Chana Porter, an acclaimed science-fiction writer, released her novel ‘The Seep’ on January 21, 2020. The book, published by Soho Press, quickly gained recognition in literary circles. A testament to its success, ‘The Seep’ bagged numerous awards, including a prestigious Lambda nomination the following year.

Trina Goldberg-Oneka, a trans woman, sees her life dramatically transformed by a gentle alien invasion called The Seep, which connects everything, dismantles capitalism and breaks down barriers, turning the imaginable into possible.

Under The Seep’s utopian influence, Trina and her wife Deeba live contentedly until Deeba decides to be reborn as a baby, using Seep-tech, aiming for an improved life. This decision leaves Trina heartbroken, leading her into an alcoholic stupor.

As she attempts to save a young boy from The Seep during an unplanned journey, she must face one of its fervent admirers and the terrifying emptiness left by Deeba’s departure.

It’s a riveting science fiction novel that presents a thought-provoking narrative about a world transformed by an alien invasion. It explores deep human connections, personal loss, and life-altering decisions, making readers empathize with the protagonist’s journey.

Since its release, The Seep has earned much acclaim and several awards, making it a must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts. Its underlying themes and unique premise make it a compelling book that stands out in the genre.

The Thick and the Lean

Porter’s second book, this was the science-fiction horror novel ‘The Thick and the Lean.’ Released on April 18, 2023, this gripping release sparked immense intrigue among its readers. The book was published through the Gallery / Saga Press imprint to wide critical acclaim.

Beatrice Bolano, in the devout town of Seagate, battles between her hidden love for cooking and her community’s extreme dietary restrictions, which they believe engenders spiritual closeness.

Meanwhile, city student Reiko Rimando’s promising tech future is disrupted when her funding gets withdrawn, motivating her to carve out an independent path, nevermind the legalities. Beatrice and Reiko, guided by an ancient cookbook, aspire to break free from the constraints of their respective societies, seeking personal liberation.

Their quests intertwine, unfolding in a world consumed by excessive corporate influence, highlighting individual struggles amidst larger societal issues.

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