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Chance Sisters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chance Sisters Books

The Autumn Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Bride (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spring Bride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Bride (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Bride (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chance Sister series is among the literary works of celebrated romance author Annie Gracie who writes heartwarming, fun historical romance novels. National bestselling authors from the USA, her books have been translated into seventeen languages. In 2016, she was named Favorite Australian Romance Author”. Due to her father’s job that involved much traveling, Anne learned about different languages while the gypsy life contributed to the sense of humor exhibited in her books. Being a professional teacher, Anne promotes universal literacy, keeps bees, and enjoys listening to music, reading, and gardening. As an animal lover, she loves flinging balls for her dog as well. Apart from the Chance Sisters series, Anne is also the author of Merridew Sisters Romance series, The Marriage of Convenience Series and The Devil Riders series. She wrote her first novel while backpacking around the world in countries such as Indonesia and Greece.

The Chance series is a historical romance series revolving around four women who are staring at destitution. Their situations seem hopeless until one daring act dramatically changes their luck and they all become beautiful, glowing brides to the best men available. The first book in Chance Sisters series is The Autumn Bride published in 2012. The second and the third novel are The Winter Bride & The Spring Bride of 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The Autumn Bride (2012)

Published in 2012, The Autumn Bride is the first of the Chance Sisters books. The novel introduces Governess Abigail Chantry, the lead character who’s working to save her sister and two friends, Daisy and Damaris, from abject poverty. This great initiative will see her break into what she thinks is an empty mansion to find treasure only to stumble upon its bedridden and abandoned owner Lady Beatrice Davenham. Abby immediately takes charge and rescues the weak woman from her predatory servants. From that point, the four heroines, who had sworn to stay sisters although not by blood, are taken in by the senior woman. All is well until Max, the arrogant and dashing nephew of Lady Beatrice returns earlier than anticipated from his travels and finds the four women who he now considers imposters whose motives remain a mystery. His immediate plans are to send them away, and he does not see a romantic involvement with Abby coming up in the process. The fun, the sweet book paints the picture of passionate and stubborn opponents who might just end up on one side.

The Winter Bride (Chance Sisters #2)

The Winter Bride introduces Damaris Chance, the protagonist who exudes fairness, quiet strength as well as honesty, qualities that would endear anyone to her. Despite all these admirable qualities, her pain from the past has made her not entertain the idea of marriage. However, Lady Beatrice Davenham, her guardian will have none of it and convinces her to join the social scene by coming out despite her misgivings about marriage. She urges Damaris just to have simple, carefree fun. Things are going according to plan until the day Damaris finds herself in a very compromising position with Freddy Monkton-Coombes, the handsome rake. Faced with the situation at hand, Damaris agrees to marry him out of convenience. Little does she know that Freddy has his plans and wants to seduce her? Like Damaris, Freddy has had his share of heartbreaks, but in spite of them, he has a happy go lucky and effervescent personality. He was also facing pressure from his mother to get married, and this made them butt heads many times. The treatment of His parents towards Freddy also brings out the strong side of Damaris as she is not afraid to tell them off. Their unfavorable histories also create some connection between the two. The remaining question is will Freddy feel the same about Damaris once he learns her secrets that have stolen the joy from her? Will he help her overcome them? Will he seek retribution on her behalf or opt just to walk away and face his demons. Anne Gracie has outdone herself with the hilarity in the book while also expertly bringing out their pain and heartbreak.

The Spring Bride (Chance Sisters #3)

The Spring Bride is a Regency charmer where Jane Chance is just about to come out after putting the days of hardship and abject poverty behind her. Her plans at this time include nothing but a practical, safe marriage that will offer her security and safety, shielding her from the poverty of the past. She goes ahead and accepts a proposal by the dull Lord Cambury who is just after her beauty and sees her wants to dreams of “adding her to his collection.” Despite advice from Abby and Damaris who are already married, our heroine has already made up her mind, that is until is a dog in need of rescue and she cannot do it alone. Enter the hot, dark Zachary Black who is a vagabond. He is the son of the Earl of Wainfleet and a former spy who is now back after being away for many years. His mission in England is to stop a suit by his cousin declaring him dead after the death of the ear. He is also wanted for the death of his stepmother and therefore, has to clear his name. Accustomed to always getting what he wants, Zachary also pulls every stop to ensure he gets the comely Jane. The young maid is torn between the safe life she had environed and fallen for the unreliable Zachary. Having to make serious adjustments to their outlook on life, they both make for an interesting read as they seek to find love.

The Summer Bride (2016)

The conclusion of the Chance sisters Quartet, The Summer Bride, introduces the reader to Daisy Chance who is a fiercely independent woman keen on following her passion which is making the best clothes in London. The talented Daisy will not settle for marriage or babies at any cost, but her outspoken, headstrong and smart nature attracts the handsome Irishman, Patrick Flynn. The latter is an ambitious and wealthy Patrick Flynn who is looking for an aristocratic bride but instead falls for Daisy. When Patrick proposes to her, she turns him down because it would mean giving up her treasured independence. Daisy is not, however averse to being Flynn’s mistress but that is not what the man as he is used to getting everything he wants desires. This book ends the quartet with a bang and is certainly a page-turner as the reader wants to know who will have their way between the two

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