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The Pride of Chanur (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chanur's Venture (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Chanur's Legacy (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chanur Saga is a series of sci-fiction novels written by a bestselling American author of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, C.J. Cherryh. The five books in the series, The Pride of Chanur, Chanur’s Adventure, Chanur’s Homecoming, The Kif Strike Back, and Chanur’s Legacy form three separate stories.

The first book in the series, The Pride of Chanur (1981), was nominated for Locus and Hugo Awards in 1983. The novel initially, the standalone novel was followed by Chanur’s Venture trilogy, book two to book four, and the trilogy was later followed by a sequel Chanur’s Legacy thus forming three different stories. The five novels in the series were later published in two omnibus editions, Chanur’s Endgame and Chanur Saga.

Chanur Saga is set in Cherryh’s Alliance-Union universe, but in a distinct region of space occupied by alien space exploring civilizations that are bound by a set of trade treaties into a Compact. The Compact only deals with open trade, and have no government or political organization thus leaving component civilizations to deal with their conflicts themselves.

Human space borders knnn and kif territory, the most puzzling and hostile species of the compact respectively.

The Pride of Chanur

The Pride of Chanur is the debut novel in Chanur Saga series by C.J. Cherryh.

No one at Meetpoint Station had even set eyes on a creature like an Outsider. Naked-hided, blunt-fingered, blunt toothed, Tully was the only surviving member of his company- an unreserved, spacefaring species previously unknown- and was the prisoner of his captors/discoverer, the callous, treacherous kif, until the day he escapes onto the hani ship- The Pride of Chanur.

Little did Tully know that when he sends himself upon the mercy of The Pride and her crew that he put the entire hani species in danger and threatened the peace of the Compact itself. For the information that Tully held could be the downfall or the rise of any of the species at the Meetpoint Station.

An exciting novel, The Pride of Chanur, combines some elements of space opera with hard-boiled science fiction elements at the beginning of a saga that deals with economic and political ramifications of the first contact.

In this first installment, we follow the exploits of lion-like aliens known as Hani on the merchant space carrier known as The Pride of Chanur.

Expecting a routine run across their regular trade routes, Pyanfar Chanur, the ship’s captain imagines the worst trouble she would likely have to deal with is her self-willed niece, Hilfy. However, she is dead wrong, and what was initially a boring trip turns out to be a deadly one as they encounter an alien stowaway when they dock at Meetpoint station.

At this point, the reader is immediately thrust into the midst of the happenings at the space station as the author examines what appears to be one of her dearest tropes- the idea of a person as an alien.

At this point, the point of view characters are the lion-like creatures, Hani. The aliens are alien species that is only one part of an unsafe Compact between the different alien species; the Stsho, the Mahendo, and the nefarious Mahendo. There are even other aliens of more strange make-up, some species of methane breathers.

All that which is required to shake political structure of the Compact off balance is one secret advantage that can be exploited by one race at the expense of other races. The author, C.J. Cherryh covers lots of ground in The Pride of Chanur, such as what does it mean to be an alien? How should we communicate and interact with others and how far a person should go at the expense of others lives?

The characterization in this first novel is richly done, and each of the characters and aliens species are well woven. The main character, Pyanfar Chanur is well developed, as well as other supporting characters. The story is narrated from Chanur’s point of view; she is cranky and proud character vulnerable to impulsive acting. Additionally, she is profoundly caring and also protective of the people she treasures most. Most of the criticism that bystander aliens and her fellow hani are valid, but Chanur goes through many troubles to do what is right despite being an easier option for resolving the situation.

Chanur’s Venture

Chanur’s Venture takes place two years after the events of the first novel in the series, Pride of Chanur. For Chanur and her spaceship crew, things have not been so good for them, the xenophobic, paranoid, and combat-averse stcho who are run the operations of the Meetpoint Station are not happy of Chanur’s sponsorship of the Tully after his escape from his captors. In response, they block The Pride of Chanur from the space station.

On the other hand, instead of Mahendo’sat sharing trade with the hani, they take off to pursue it on their own. In the meantime, Chanur gets her papers cleared to dock at Meetpoint station. She encounters the Mahendo’sat captain, Goldtooth, who brings her what he calls a “present”- Tully with what he claims to be an offer for trade, as well as a bunch of documents to be delivered to the Mahe government and unlimited credit to sooth any misgivings.

However, as initially before, there are wheels within wheels and Chanur and her spaceship crew are happy to see Tully again, and soon discover that things are not as they are being told.

Moreover, the evil, gray-skinned kif are after their “slave”- Tully once again and will do whatever it takes to ensure that they have him back. What’s more, Chanur’s husband Khym who has been overthrown by his son is now aboard The Pride, an act that is considered scandalous by both his people and other races in the Compact.

This is just but a overview of the mess that The Pride finds itself caught in, as trade takes a back seat to politics while the interspecies relationships turn out to be murderous, while hani council representative sticks her nose where it is not wanted to result to more conflict. If you love science fiction novels set in space, featuring aliens’ friends, then Chanur Saga is a series worth your time.

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