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Publication Order of Chaos God Books

The “Chaos God” series is a set of novels by Eric Vall the bestselling post-apocalyptic, adult fiction erotical, and HaremLit fiction author.

Over the years, the author penned all manner of bestseller works in different genres even though he has become known primarily for his HaremLit fiction works.

Vall published “Chaos God” the debut novel of the “Chaos God” series of novels in 2021 and has never looked back since. He is now one of the most popular authors in the genre. With hundreds of novels to his name.

In fact, it has always been a mystery how he has been able to pen so many bestseller fictions works in a single year while many have struggled to produce even ten in a calendar year.

Despite his prolific production, his works have become very popular among genre readers and he has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon. The “Chaos God” series of novels now has at least eight titles published with more still in production.

In the “Chaos God” series, we are introduced to Levi Carmichael as the lead character who has all the prerequisites for a portal hero.

He is a young man with a sharp wit, good fighting skills, and a loner but has not had any real success in life let alone a stable relationship.

But then he finds himself transported into an ancient world that is filled with all manner of bad actors including demons but also some oppressed and beautiful people.

However, it is in these bad lands that he finds his niche and has some very interesting adventures.

Reading the stories, it is clear that they are initially set in the world of Asgard soon after Ragnarok and the Old Gods are no more.

It makes for a fascinating and intriguing take on the fantasy world that readers have loved over the years.

Over the course of the series, the lead manages to find new safe havens for his people as they go on exciting adventures, find new allies, explore forests and face up to new threats.

“Chaos God” the first novel of the “Chaos God” series introduces the lead character Levi Carmichael.

All he ever wanted to do was work on his escape room business and make it a success. However, a demon had shown up at his place of business in Boston and destroyed it.

He then found himself tumbling into an alien world he had often heard of but never thought existed. He is in the world of Asgard and has to fight to survive alongside the survivors of Ragnarok.

The good thing is that he has some wild shifter abilities which many of the survivors need to stay alive. However, he is bringing more than his wits to the table.

He will need a lot more to make it in the demon-infested land, even though he always liked chaos as he often thrived in such circumstances.

The work starts as a slow burn but the lead slowly comes into his own making use of his imagination and innovation to protect himself and the people that depend on him. It is interesting watching him develop his powers and develop an impressive harem.

Eric Vall’s “Chaos God 2” is the second novel of the “Chaos God” series of novels. Ever since Levi Carmichael arrived in Asgard, he has made it a priority to survive the aftermath of Ragnarok.

After several years, he has finally managed to claim a castle and goes by Lord Levi, even though he still dreams of bigger things. He has an entire forest of resources to make use of and he soon learns that the lands may not be as chaotic as they initially seemed.

But in the trees are unimaginable dangers and a bunch of mysterious survivors that have been taken captive and are being held in the chaos.

However, he is determined to make use of the resources at his disposal in addition to his shifter powers to make something of himself. He was once a nobody but soon he finds himself on the road to becoming a god-king.

It makes for a great story full of adventure and action as Levi and his army beat their enemies including the badass demons.

The third novel of the “Chaos God” series of novels is “Chaos God 3.”

Levi’s home known as Castle Levi has been thriving despite the chaos in Asgard. But he has been leading his people who now believe in a bright future.

However, they need a lot more resources than they can find in the deadly forest. They will need to head out into the demon-infested world where they find all manner of novel magical threats.

They will have to make use of new shifter powers, make new allies, and use new weaponry if they are to succeed in this new world.

Full of bloodthirsty demons, and shapeshifting magic, and set in the chaotic land of Asgard, it makes for an excellent story full of turns and twists and new discoveries.

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