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Chaos Seeds Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chaos Seeds Books

The Land: Founding (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Forging (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Alliances (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Catacombs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Swarm (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Raiders (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Predators (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Land: Monsters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chaos Seeds series is a wonderful series of science fiction, young adult, and fantasy novels. It is written by a renowned American writer named Aleron Kong. The series is comprised of 7 books in total released between 2015 and 2018. Each book is depicted to have a fictional setting in a fantasy world known as Mist Village. Author Kong has mentioned the main protagonists in this series in the form of Richter, Sion, and Terrod. A few of the other essential characters described in the books include Alma, Randolphus, Elora, and Hisako. All of the books of this fantasy series are popular in far and wide places. They have managed to get the attention of a large of number of readers from all parts of the world. Author Aleron Kong has shown that Richter gets tricked into the world full of demons, spirits, banished gods, magic, and goblins. The situation requires him to learn the ability of meeting The Land’s perils and begin forging a kingdom of his own. The powerful factions and creatures are determined to bring about his destruction. It does not take him long to realize that whatever actions he chooses to take, he is sure to face consequences. So, he makes up his mind and prepares for the worst in his attempt to survive the perils of the unforgiving and harsh world.

Aleron Kong is a famous author of young adult, science fiction, and fantasy stories. He has achieved great heights of success with his widely popular Chaos Seeds series. Kong says that he had found his interest in writing many years ago, but it took him some time to discover and start working on his particular niche. It has always been his primary goal to create a story that he would love to read. Aleron Kong is delightful and humbled for the love and support his fans have shown to all his novels. He says he is enjoying the process of writing and publishing a lot, and it is helping him come up with exciting new stories from time to time. Kong is also excited to learn that his website,, has grown to a great extent in the last few years. He hopes to see it grow even more in the years to come. Author Kong likes to interact with his fans and hear from them first hand experiences of reading the stories in his books. He always looks to take inputs from them regarding the necessary changes he needs to make in his writing style in order to make his stories even more interesting. Currently, he is working towards completing another book, which he expects to get published soon. The description of some of the important characters as given by Aleron Kong are as follows:

Richter is introduced into the series as the main protagonist. He is shown as the Lord of Mist Village. Richter has hazel eyes with chestnut color skin. He has short hair and an overall solid and steadfast personality. Richter cares a lot about the underlings of Mist Village and his close friends. He loves the magical items and shiny equipments around him. He doesn’t let material things gain importance over the people he cares about. If a person is Richter’s friend, he tries to be fully loyal to him or her. The people swearing fealty to Richter as the residents of Mist Village are taken seriously by him. He also treats the ones who don’t swear fealty. Even though Richter has deep connections with people, he doesn’t take blind decisions. Before coming up to any conclusion, he ensures that all the pros & cons are weighed properly. Whenever Richter’s tempter goes high, he controls it by backward counting slowly. He poses as a great leader because of all such qualities. Throughout the series, Richter is seen getting titles such as Goblin Slayer, Bugbear Slayer, Champion, etc. His aliases include James and Silk.

Another character of high importance in each of the books is Sionavar or Sion. He is Hisako’s son, who is the Hearth Mother. Because of his upper class status, he tends to have a slightly arrogant attitude sometimes. Initially, Sion despises the humans, but later, he goes on to become the best friend and first companion of Richter. When Sion was a child, he was much reckless. He didn’t have any regard for the conventional rules. Sion’s reckless attitude proved to be a losing cause for him when he ended up losing his closest friend during an adventurous embarkation. In the later parts of the series, it is seen that Sion ventures very close to some animal thieves against Hisako’s orders. This resulted in the brutal torturing of Sion’s friend that he could not stop. Sion has the nature of indulging in teasing and exchanging friendly insults. A sprite names Daniella makes Sion her target because of her affection for him. She tends to make him uncomfortable while being around him. Sion seems rather unsure about his feelings for Daniella.

A very interesting book of the Chaos Seeds series written by Aleron Kong is entitled ‘The Land: Forging’. The Createspace publication released it in 2016. This book shows Richter and Sion in the lead roles. As the story begins, Richter is depicted as being a dude bro. He and Sion meet more villainous characters and learn a lot more about The Land. Things are seen speeding up and heating up, making them face numerous obstacles and overcoming them. They shout about being heart breakers and life takers, and indulge in world building, leveling up, and making every effort towards achieving their goal of establishing their own kingdom. As a Chaos Seed, Richter answers the adventure call and deals with greedy dwarves, elves, and invaders. The efforts of Sion & Richter begin to bear fruit when many others join their cause and help to strengthen them against their enemies.

The Land: Raiders is another excellent installment of the series. It was published in 2017 and received a nomination for the Goodreads Choice Award in the same year. The story’s beginning shows that the time has passed when Mist Village had to remain hidden. Now, it appears all set to let everyone know about its existence. Not long ago, Richter’s lands were invaded by Goblins. Even though he managed to defeat them, his anger still remains. He intends to make the ones challenging his powers realize that all the creatures fear his mist for a reason. When Richter realizes that he has been on a defensive strategy far too long, he decides it is now time to put on the attacking mode and take the battle to the enemies. Richter makes up his mind to use all his powers to the fullest extent so that the enemies know why he is so popular. As all of Richter’s allies join together, they begin to march to the war. Previously, Richter was known to be an enchanter, a healer, a killer, and dungeon diver. But, with the decision of going forward with the attack for the first time, he too turns into a raider.

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