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Chaos by Kristen Ashley is a series of novels by one of the most prolific romance authors of our times. Kristen Ashely is a New York Times bestselling novelist with more than sixty titles to her name. As a hybrid author, she publishes her books both traditionally and independently and has sold more than three million books over the years. Her novels have won many awards with her most notable achievement winning best Romantic Suspense at the RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Awards. While she writes romance, the prevailing themes in her novels are a strong sisterhood, family and friendship.
Kristen grew up in the small town of Brownsburg, Indiana but has over the years lived in Denver and Phoenix. Her mother nearly died giving birth to her and she herself came very close to death since her umbilical cord was twisted around her neck. She loves to joke that she was accessorizing long before she took her first breath. Growing up, she was raised in a farmhouse where she lived with a large multigenerational family full of love. Their small farm existed among the likes of Whitesnake, Glenn Miller, REO Speedwagon, and the Everly Brothers. She followed in the footsteps of many of her family and attended Purdue University before working as an executive for nearly two decades. She currently lives in Phoenix and is a full-time author.

Kristen Ashley’s Chaos series is a spin-off of the popular Dream Man series that tells the stories of many of the characters that appeared in the previous novels. The first novel of the Chaos series “Own the Wind” features Tabby, a curvy, short, sweet and intelligent brunette who has had a terrible childhood. She has always loved Shy, a Chaos Motorcycle Club member since he was nineteen. He had lost his parents when he was young and had to live in an unloving and harsh environment, which had inevitably led him to the brotherliness of the Club. “Fire Inside,” the second novel in the series tells the story of Lanie, a woman that had been suffering grief, remorse, and guilt over the past eight years. Her fiancé had been involved with the mob and had used her as a shield, almost getting her killed. She is now afraid to love again and constantly fights demons in her head. Her love interest is Hop, the ultimate alpha that is a rough, gruff, good looking man that could also be sweet to those he loved. He had ended a rocky marriage and thought he would never love again though he knows a good thing when he sees it. “Ride Steady” the third novel in the Chaos series is about Carissa Teodoro and Carson Steele. Carissa was a believer of motherhood, marriage, and money until she got her heart broken. She meets Carson Steel a badass biker that had always loved Carrie in high school though she does not recognize him. He is now as alpha as could be and is best described as a hard-bodied fighter, biker, and survivor known simply as Joker.

“Own the Wind”, the first novel of the series is the story of Tabb,y the daughter of Chaos MC President and a recruit into the motorbike gang. She is a 16-year-old girl with a huge crush on Shy who is a little bit older than her. He is a man with a reputation for having a different woman warm his bed every night. Fast forward three years and she is 19 and in nursing school. She is a fully-fledged member of Chaos MC who is looked after by the gang members because of her penchant for going wild. She parties so much with her former high school friends that Shy thinks she is not going to achieve her potential. He confronts her and sets her straight but in the process hurts her so deeply that she stays away from him. But the advice works as she graduates from college and gets engaged to a nice guy. But then her fiancée is killed in an accident leaving Tabby devastated. Shy had always had a thing for Tabby and is now determined to help her even though she had been cold towards him for years. They are soon spending a lot of time together and it is not long before they are fast friends and then lovers. They keep their relationship low profile since they do not know how Tack, Tabby’s father would react to it. They spend weeks enjoying each other but eventually, their relationship is found out and things turn ugly. This only brings them closer to each other.

“Fire Inside”, is the second novel of the Chaos series about Lanie Heron from “Motorcycle Man” and her love interest Hop Kincaid, a biker. Her fiancé had been killed by the Russian mob who he owed money that he claimed he intended to use to provide Lanie with a dream wedding. Eight years later, she is still heartbroken, lonely and determined to protect her heart from men that would hurt her as her fiancé did. But even as she is running a successful advertising business, she is a woman with needs. She meets Hop Kincaid, a handsome, gruff biker of the Chaos MC. She thinks he is just the perfect man for a one night stand with no complications or strings attached. Hop tries to resist her advances but it is not easy to reject such an attractive woman. He knew that she had gone through a lot and did not want to add to her pain. But she is too beautiful and he knew such opportunities did not knock on one’s door twice. But what should have been a one night stand turns into something else. Right from the first encounter, they are lost in each other. Both Lanie and Hop know it is wrong but it is so damn good they just cannot stop. It is not long before they have to acknowledge the chemistry they have for each other.

“Ride Steady” is about Carrie and Carson Steel that had met back in high school. She had been a popular, sweet and beautiful cheerleader while he was a poor boy with an abusive father. She had intended to wait until he graduated to make a move but had to leave home and the girl he wanted when his father’s abuses became too much to bear. Seven years later, fate brings them back together as Carrie and the man who is known as Joker bump into each other in the most unexpected circumstances. He is now a badass biker at the Chaos MC while Carrie is a divorced single mother. She gets stranded on the side of the road and Joker who recognizes her and stops to help fix her flat tire and get her back on the road. But she does not recognize the man since has changed a lot since high school. She has been through a lot after being left for another woman while still pregnant and now has closed her heart to love. However, she is still the sweet, caring, and nurturing woman she has always been. While their connection is undeniable, Joker starts out as brooding and grouchy biker dealing with some demons from his past that he thinks Carrie cannot take. But then Carrie’s ex comes back into the scene and Steel has to step in and protect the woman he had always loved.

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