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Publication Order of Chaoswar Saga Books

A Kingdom Besieged (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crown Imperiled (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magician's End (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chaoswar Saga by Raymond E Feist is the last of the Riftwar Cycle series of science fiction novels. Feist is a prolific science fiction and fantasy author that has more than 15 million copies of his works in print. He was born in 1945 in Los Angeles California where he also spent much of his childhood. He did take up the name of his stepfather Felix Feist, who adopted him soon after marrying his mother. He went to the University of California in San Diego and graduated in 1977 with a bachelors in Communication Arts. It was soon after graduation that he came up with the concept of a boy that would be a super sorcerer or magician that would later become Pug. Two years later he had written the novel and had it published by Doubleday in 1982. Raymond Feist currently lives in San Diego and still writes full time. When he is not writing, he loves to collect DVDs, fine wine and books on a variety of personal interest topics. Some of the novels he loves to read include history, biographies, wine and the history of American professional football.

The Chaoswar Saga series is the last of the Riftwar Saga novels in which two worlds are connected by a rift (some type of dimensionless gap). The Chaoswar series can be compared to “The Lord of the Rings” with its action-packed and epic adventure, detailed and vivid descriptions, scene-setting and wonderful world-building. The novels are set in the duchy of Cruydee about a century after the original stories of Martin and Arutha. This was the time when Pug was nothing but an apprentice and the rifts were just beginning to open up. As the series that wraps up the Riftwar series, it shows how many changes have taken place even as the nature of magic, war, and destiny remain the same. The lead in the series is Pug an orphan boy that was born in the frontier outpost of Crydee in the peaceful Kingdom of the Isles. Pug was apprenticed to a master sorcerer, an apprenticeship that changed the destiny of the world forever. But then the kingdom which had been at peace for years is invaded by mysterious aliens. Pug together with Tomas his warrior friend form the Conclave of Shadows, the last line of defense to protect the land from evil forces. He has unimaginable powers of magic which he uses to protect not only the empire but also the first realm.

In “A Kingdom Besieged”, the Great Kesh Empire has just attacked Crydee and the great kingdom that the mighty Dragon Lord Tomas and Pug the Great Magician call home. The great kingdom is facing a lot of instability and turmoil as they lose spies who disappear to turn up as defectors or worse, murdered. It is getting very difficult to get any information about what is happening in the kingdom and even the little that filters through is highly unreliable. Even so, the young conDoin who is descended from the legendary Prince Arutha knows that he has the responsibility to protect his nation and its people. In the meantime, spy nets are not as effective as they once were as there is a new mysterious player who is tearing them apart even as a terrible new enemy appears in the realms of Demons. The Keshian Confederacy finally gets its act together and assembles in a new guise though they are still the old enemy of the great kingdom. The King calls for men to join his army and the men of the West answer his call leaving Craydee Keep and its caretaker Martin conDoin with young boys and old men. It is an ambitious science fiction story that comes with many subplots and many characters that marks the beginning of the end of the Riftwar Cycle. Even as ancient forces of evil and good fight for control of Midkemia, the final battle with a more horrible power is looming.

In “A Crown Imperiled”, an uneasy calm settles on Midkemia after a surprise invasion. But the land remains restive given that it has no leaders and is on the brink of civil war and anarchy. Unless the Duke of Crydee, the illustrious Hal conDoin, and his brothers can muster their allies and get an appropriate king crowned, things may get bad really fast. They need to move fast given that the war has devastated the land, given that it was fought against otherworldly powers that enjoyed the horrific destruction of people and the land. No one can escape from them even the Star Elves who live in the Grey Tower Mountains have had their fortress attacked by the ancient darkness seeking to destroy everything in Midkemia. The kingdom has determined and brave warriors but their arms and camaraderie will not be enough to save the kingdom unless they get the help of Master Sorcerer Pug and his magic. But Pug and his son Magnus are trapped by a powerful spell that has kept them in an unfamiliar realm. But with their home in trouble, they need to find a way home. It is a journey of discovery and memory which will inform them of their inevitable destiny. But to save his homeland of Midkemia would mean more than a journey, Pug may have to pay the ultimate price.

“Magician’s End”, the third novel of the Chaoswar Saga series sees war raging in Midkemia, though underneath all the chaos there is evidence of dark forces. The previously infallible intelligence network set up by Jim Dasher was cleverly dismantled and there is no safety to be found anywhere. Nonetheless, he is still determined to protect his country in a world that seems to be coming apart. There are palace coups in Rillanon and Roldem and what is more worrying is that the Gregory, King of the Isles has not yet produced an heir. Each kingdom now has a petty noble proclaiming themselves king. Together with his friend Ty Hawkins, Lord Hal of Crydee is charged with trafficking Stephane the Princess and Lady Gabriella out of the country to a place where they could be safe. In the meantime, Hal’s younger brothers Brendan and Martin are planning to take Ylith, a strategic city that they cannot allow to fall into the hands of Keshian Dog Soldiers and dark forces from the ocean. The kingdom could lose Crydee and still survive to fight another day but they cannot afford to lose Ylith. A mysterious force seems to be coordinating the conflicts. Can Pug and the Conclave of Shadows that he leads find it before it destroys their country?

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