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Publication Order of Chapel Springs Books

Barefoot Summer (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dancing with Fireflies (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wishing Season (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Married 'til Monday (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chapel Springs Series

With more than thirty novels having been written to date, the American writer Denise Hunter is a well known and extremely popular writer of contemporary romance novels. Writing from a Christian perspective, her faith also informs much of her work and material, acting as the main driving force for many of her stories. This has all set her apart from the rest of the writers within her particular field, giving her her own unique voice and style, allowing her to speak in a tone that is very much her own. Setting many of her stories in small-towns, she really manages to create novels that are placed very much in a world of their very own. This has lead to a number of highly successful series written over the course of her career as well, with many of them finding legions of fans worldwide. One series that really does stand apart from the rest, having achieved global success, is that of her much loved ‘Chapel Springs’ series of novels. Set in the small Indiana town of Chapel Springs, they each feature romances within their self-contained worlds, allowing the reader to immerse themselves deep into the culture and landscape of the community. With many of the characters and their respective stories intersecting with one another, the series does build its own world, whilst simultaneously allowing each of the books to stand on their own. Featuring a central family throughout the series, it sees the stories of a group of siblings, focusing on both them and their love lives. Giving the reader a clear vision of the town and its many inhabitants, it’s easy to see how this series has become so successful over the years, something which will continue for a long time to come.

Currently running for a total of four titles so far and counting, this is a series that has the potential to carry on indefinitely. Knowing the market that she’s writing for, Denise Hunter is a novelist that really makes the most of the initial concept and premise, which is exactly what she’s done here. With an omnibus edition written in 2015 as well, she has also released ‘The Chapel Springs Romance Collection’, which would collect all four of the first titles together. The first book in the series would be released back in 2013, and the series would then be published over a short period of time, as Hunter would know where she was going from the very beginning. Giving her stories a strong sense of her own personality and conviction as well, this is one series that will stand the test of time for many years to follow.

Barefoot Summer

Initially published through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ publishing outlet, this was first released on the 28th of May in 2013 to much acclaim. Setting up the ‘Chapel Springs’ series as a whole, it manages to establish both the world and the characters that will inhabit it throughout. Not only that, but it also provides its very first romance as well, with a self-contained love story, along with an element of mystery along the way.

With love and romance in the air, this is the ideal start to the series, whilst it also doesn’t shy away from more difficult subject matter. Dealing with grief, it’s a story that definitely has a heart to it, with a moral center driving the novel forwards as a whole too. Focusing on the character of Madison, it sees her overcoming the tragedy in her past, as she attempts to look to the future as well. Setting up the world of Chapel Springs too, it manages to establish the small cozy town as almost a character in of itself.

After her twin brother died, so to did it seem that the heart of Madison’s did as well, leaving her closed off to love and romance. Not only shutting off her heart to love, she has also closed herself off to the faith her brother Michael once lived by as well. She has now set herself with the one task of winning the River Sail Regatta that takes place in Chapel Springs, a task that Michael has himself focused upon. Tutored by Beckett O’Reilly on how to swim, she’s being trained for the regatta, but, it seems, there are secrets that Beckett has of his own. What could they possibly be and how could they threaten to uproot Madison’s entire family? Will they ever find out? What happened during the barefoot summer?

Dancing With Fireflies

On the 1st of March in 2014, Denise Hunter would release the second in her series of ‘Chapel Springs’ novels. Following on from the previous title with another stand-alone romance set in the same world, it would come out through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ label once more too. This would later be followed up with ‘The Wishing Season’ in 2014 and ‘Married ’til Monday’ in 2015, as well as the omnibus that same year as well.

After years of looking to protect her delicate heart, Jade once again returns to the town of Chapel Springs, where she meets Daniel who hopes to heal her. Growing up in Chapel Springs she always felt out of place, but now she is both pregnant and alone, she returns home once more given no other choice. The mayor of Chapel Springs, one Daniel Dawson, has loved Jade McKinley for years now, whilst she has always seen him as an older brother of sorts. Nothing seems right at first, with everything feeling a little out of place to her, and she’s also hiding secrets from those around her, including her own family. Will she find her place and romance? Can she find her faith once more? What will happen to her as she finds herself dancing with fireflies?

The Chapel Springs Series

A vibrant and colorful series, this really is an evocative collection of novels, immersing the reader in the rich and inventive world of the author. This has seen it become a highly sought after collection of novels, giving the reader a clear view of what Denise Hunter has to offer as a writer. Providing gentle romances that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, she writes in a way that really allows the reader to invest themselves in the story. Writing with a sense of conviction too, she really lets her faith guide her and her work, giving it the moral center that many readers look for. With more and more readers discovering the series every day, this is one series that will grow from strength-to-strength, with plenty more planned on the horizon.

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