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Charity Styles Caribbean Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Charity Styles Caribbean Thriller Books

Merciless Charity (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruthless Charity (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reckless Charity (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enduring Charity (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vigilant Charity (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Charity (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elusive Charity (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Liable Charity (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Charity Styles Caribbean Thriller novel series is a wonderful series of thriller, adventure, fiction, mystery, and crime fiction stories. It is penned by the expert hands of a reputed American writer who goes by the name Wayne Stinnett. This series started in 2015 when Wayne Stinnett wrote and published its first book. After the worldwide success of the first novel, he went ahead to add several more titles in the next few years. In each of the books, Wayne Stinnett has depicted the central character in the form of Charity Styles. She is depicted as a former helicopter pilot in the US Armey and Olympian. Now, Charity Styles works for the Homeland Security Department and tries to stop terrorist activities posing a threat to her country. The sole aim of her life is to finish terrorism and make the people responsible for spreading terrorism pay for their bad deeds.

Throughout the course of this series, it is seen that Charity Styles is given different missions to complete, which take her to different places, including Venezuela, Magens Bay, the Caribbean, Charlotte, etc. Some of the most important characters mentioned in the novels of the series, other than Charity Styles, include Director Stockwell, Victor, and several others. Every book of this series is widely popular. They have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of audiences across the world. The readers have read and appreciated each and every aspect of the novels. The things that particularly interested them include the rich set of characters, intriguing storylines, interesting plots, and picturesque settings. All these factors also allowed the novels to get noticed by prominent critics, who gave excellent reviews about them on numerous literary sites and other platforms.

Many fellow writers also congratulated Wayne Stinnett on the success of his series and appreciated his efforts in coming up with such exciting stories. Wayne Stinnett used his years of experience as a veteran of the Marine Corps to create the character of Charity Styles. It helped his cause very well as the characters were highly appreciated by many in the very first book. The immense popularity of the series’ first novel motivated Wayne Stinnett to develop more stories around Charity Styles’ characters. His dedicated efforts bore fruitful results as all of his Charity Styles books were praised by one and all. After the wide popularity of Charity Styles novels, Wayne Stinnett went on to create other stories featuring different lead characters. He says that he is in love with the beautiful Caribbean. That is why he sets most of his stories in the Caribbean and likes doing so quite often. Now, Wayne Stinnett has succeeded in establishing himself as a prominent author of the thriller/mystery genre. He hopes to continue doing the good work and write many exciting books in the years to come. Stinnett wants his fans to keep loving his work like they have loved his previous works so that he keeps writing more and more stories for them in the future.

The debut book of the Charity Styles Caribbean Thriller series written by author Wayne Stinnett is entitled ‘Merciless Charity’. It was released by the Down Island Press in 2015. This novel opens by showing that the world is about to get stormed by madness because of political indecisions. A dangerous enemy is looking to attack the nation due to its leaders not having the backbone to stand up against them. The only solution to this problem likes in Charity Styles. Charity is introduced as a former Olympian and helicopter pilot in the United States Army. She has held captive by a terrorist group in Afghanistan and tortured. Her abduction had happened just after the first blow of the War on Terror had taken place.

Following her rescue, Charity has only one thing going on in her mind, take revenge on everything done to her during her captivity. Now, as an employee of Homeland Security, she is given a chance to make things right and settle her score. Some critical memories of the ordeal are present deep in the subconscious mind of Charity. When the director of the Caribbean Counterterrorism Command, a unit of the Homeland Security, finds a way to unblock the past of Charity Styles, he unleashes a fury on the enemy that he is not prepared for. Director Stockwell, who is already an expert pilot and martial arts instructor, guides Charity during her training and helps in honing her spycraft and marksmanship skills. By doing so, he makes her the most dangerous asset of the covert arsenal of America.

After this, Charity sets herself on a course in the high seas on an antique boat called Wind Dancer. She has a single-minded determination with her, which is to face the enemy and deal with them by playing by their rules. The second installment of the series is known as ‘Ruthless Charity’. It was also published in 2016 by the Down Island publication. The book opens by mentioning that Charity Styles keeps the fire of redemption burning in her heart for a few months after the completion of her training. She gets a chance at seeking revenge when her handler asks her to carry out a mission. The task is dangerous, but Charity knows that it is meant to be a test of self-control for her. Charity learns that a land baron keeps the native population under control in Venezuela’s jungles. He has a dedicated team of bodyguards to cover him and help him in keeping things under control.

All of the population in the region lives in fear, but one man hopes for a better future. His vision includes crocodiles and piranhas. Charity is given the target of just one man. But, when she comes to know about the atrocities done on the defenseless people by the land mafia and his security team, she is unable to stop herself from going for fulfilling her blood-lust. Charity not only completes the mission, but also frees the innocent Wanadi people from the carnage inflicted on them for years. This book also received a great amount of support from readers like the previous novel. They loved the story very much began waiting eagerly for the release of the next book. Wayne Stinnett received wide appreciation for his excellent work in this novel. His happiness and joy knew no bounds when he learned about the book’s success and immediately started working toward adding more titles.

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