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Charleigh Rose
Author Charleigh Rose lives with her husband and two young kids in Narnia. She is hopelessly devoted to pizza and unconventional love.

When she isn’t busy mom-ing or reading, she writes broody, moody, swoony romance.

She writes the “Bad Love” series of novels, and the “Savage People” series. Charleigh has also penned some stand alone novels. Her first novel, called “Stepdaddy Savage”, was released in the year 2016.

“Misbehaved” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. Never has Remington Stringer been like typical girls. She is brazen and outspoken and just wants nothing more than to escape from the Nevadan hell hole that she calls home. Close to turning eighteen, with a well meaning but absent dad and a dead mom, she was required to fend for herself. The only one she has ever been able to depend on is her close to obsessive step brother. Even this anchor has quickly turned into a loose canon.

She gets the chance to go to the best private school in the state for her senior year of high school, and she jumps at the opportunity. She meets Mr. James while she is there. He is aloof, ornery, and entirely irresistible. Most girls would only swoon in secrecy. Most girls would only doodle his name with hearts inside of their notebook. However Remi Stringer has never ever been like typical girls.

Readers found this novel to be more than just a typical teacher/student romance, but also one of secrets, loss, and figuring out who you are and what you are meant to be. Pierce and Remington are some of the best characters some readers had read about, with some complexities portrayed in honest and real ways.

“Bad Habit” is the first novel in the “Bad Love” series, and was released in the year 2017. This novel stars Briar Vale and Asher Kelley. Briar Vale was infatuated with Asher Kelley right from the moment he came tumbling right through her brother’s window five years previously. Even bloodied and bruised, he was the most beautiful guy she had ever seen. They couldn’t be together, however. She was too young, while he was too untouchable. She was too naive and he was much too troubled.

The heart is rebellious, however, and hers felt it did not care about any of these things. While she got older, the harmless flirting turned into stolen moments in some dark corners. One day, however, he was gone without leaving any trace. Three years later, he is back. Now, he is cruel and callous. He is the best friend of Briar’s brother. Her parents’ very worst nightmare. She should actually hate the guy. However, like a bad habit, she is unable to quit the guy.

Asher Kelley was drawn to Briar Vale the first time she looked at him with stars in her large, blue eyes. She was only a kid, only knees and elbows, but she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. They could never be together, however. She was too off limits to him and he was too old. She was much too good, while he was too screwed up.

The temptation became far too much to resist, eventually. He risked it all for a kiss and then she betrayed him. Three years have gone by and he is forced to see her again, and now she is all grown up. She is the baby sister of his best friend. His downfall. Asher still hates her for what she did. Although she has always been his drug of choice.

“Bad Intentions” is the second novel in the “Bad Love” series, and was released in the year 2018. This novel stars Logan and Dare. For Lo, moving to River’s Edge was meant to be a new start. Getting away from chaos. Away from some bad influences and even worse relationships. All she wanted was to give her little brother more of a chance than she was ever given. It should’ve just been simple.

She never counted on her transgressions following her. She definitely never counted on meeting Dare. Tortured, tall, and tortured. A Lost Boy if there ever was one. Falling for somebody like him was just asking to have your heart broken. She was a sucker for punishment, though.

Dare had a routine. Eat, work, and sleep, then repeat. Just doing the bare minimum in order to keep up appearances. He kept his circle small, his guard high. He spent years making sure he did not repeat the mistakes from his past, forming a layer of ice around his heart impossible to penetrate.

Then Logan showed up in town, right in his tattoo shop, testing his patience with his self-control. He was ice and she was fire. He really should’ve kept his distance. However, he had been cold for far too long.

“Bad Influence” is the third novel in the “Bad Love” series, and was released in the year 2019. This novel stars Allison Parrish and Jess Shepherd. The furthest thing from Allie Parrish’s mind was dating when she moved to River’s Edge. She certainly didn’t expect she would fall for Jess Shepherd. A star athlete. Popular. Cocky as all hell. You know the type.

As time went on, she realized there was more hiding underneath his gorgeous exterior. Angry. Secretive. A bit broken. The more she peeled back his layers, the deeper in she fell. Until she hit headfirst right into his sea of lies.

Jess blew his shot. He pissed all of it away. Lacrosse, college, and his future, just to end up right back where he started out in River’s Edge. He was only content to revel in his own misery, spending his days drowning himself in a bottomless pit of girls and booze.

Until he saw her. Allison Parrish. Sarcastic. Beautiful. Perpetual bad attitude. The nice little distraction from how horrible his life had become. The sins of his past were starting to close in on Jess, and he learned the hard way that nothing gold is able to stay.

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