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Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Charles G. West is a relatively renowned American author that writes Westerns. West has always had a fascination with the pioneers who braved the Wild American frontier.

Charles G. West did not set out to become a successful Western Novelist. In fact, he did not even set out to become an author. West was fascinated by Westerns even as a child.

He obsessed over the works of Vardis Fisher, A.B. Guthrie and the like. West was fascinated by their ability to paint the Old West in vivid colors. But the author had no real interest in becoming a writer.

Some of his friends probably noticed his talent for writing. After all, he seemed to have a knack for English subjects, especially in High School. The author also always looked forward to the creative writing courses in his classes.

A part of him admired writers. And he was fairly certain that everyone had it within them to write at least one book. And when Charles G. West sat down to write, it was with the intention of proving that particular saying.

He had been writing as a hobby. But when a story actually sprang into his mind, he decided that he was willing to give fiction writing a chance, if only to see if he could complete at least one manuscript.

The author had a full-time job. And his work at a commercial print shop kept him pretty busy. But West was hard working and he found time at night and early in the morning to get a few pages written.

It is worth noting that the author’s first ever novel was written on an IBM typewriter. But even when he completed his first manuscript, Charles G. West wasn’t ready to call himself a writer.

First, he needed to see if he could get his manuscript published. Interestingly enough, it was his challenges with the publishing arena that finally transformed West into a fully-fledged writer.

Initially, no one wanted anything to do with West’s first manuscript. He approached every publisher he knew. And he spent the next decade collecting rejection letters. It was the fact that he refused to give up, instead choosing to make simple alterations to his story before making further submissions to publishers, that drove West to accept the fact that writing was no longer just another hobby but, rather, a career he was willing to give his blood, sweat, and tears to pursue.

His luck changed when a tiny Denver publisher read his manuscript, liked it and finally took it to print. That manuscript became ‘The Tenant’, a science fiction medieval thriller that placed Charles G. West on the path to publishing success.

Even though his first novel was science fiction, West’s love for Westerns never faded. The first Charles G. West Western novel to ever hit the market was ‘Stone Hand’.

But the first Western the author ever wrote was ‘Wind River’. West doesn’t know why but he wasn’t willing to submit it to his agent. So ‘Stone Hand’ eventually became his first published Western.

And people liked it so much that West’s publishers asked him to write a few more. ‘Stone Hand’ became the first novel in his first Western series. By this point in time, West had replaced his typewriter with a computer.

Today, Charles G. West is known not only for his westerns but also for his attention to detail. The author’s novels have always been preceded by extensive research. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether the stories he was telling where completely fictitious or if they had a connection to real events.

West always saw it as his duty to portray the Old West as accurately as possible, not only with regards to the people but also the towns, the traditions and customs, and the weapons.

Because so much research seemed to go into West’s stories, people always assumed that he was a detailed plotter. But that was never the case; though it was an approach with which the author always tried to experiment.

More often than not, West’s stories began with a general idea and a protagonist. With those two variables in mind, West would simply start writing and go wherever his story led.

The author’s approach hasn’t changed in all the years that he has written westerns. West has been known to surprise his own self during the writing process. Because the author doesn’t do extensive plotting, he isn’t bound to any particular schedule.

While he tries to write every single day, the number of pages he produces and the number of hours he spends writing are determined by his passion for the scenes he happens to be creating.

Because westerns have existed for so long, Charles G. West’s biggest challenge is finding ways to keep his books interesting. He believes that a lot of Western authors fail because they learn to simply regurgitate the same old stories but with new characters.

According to West, it is his duty to try and invent new story structures and concepts with each new novel.

+Hell Hath No Fury
Jamie Pratt and his young bride wanted to start a new life in the Rocky Mountains. So they joined a wagon train that ended in disaster when their wagon master deserted them. Everyone else was happy to simply set stakes where they had been abandoned.

But Jamie and his bride decided to push forward to their destination. They eventually went into Sioux territory. They never came out.

Now it is up to Monroe, Jamie’s brother, to convince a legendary scout called John Hawk to take up his guns, ride into Sioux territory and rescue them.

+No Justice in Hell
When John Hawk meets three lovely ladies, he immediately smells a rat. The women are fleeing alone through Blackfoot country, and with a little prodding, Hawk learns that Zach Dubose, a notorious outlaw, is out to get them.

The ladies have to get to the Last Chance Saloon in Helena. And Hawk, who cannot simply stand by and watch the innocent get slaughtered, decides to give them a helping hand.

He doesn’t know that Dubose is waiting for them all at the Saloon.

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  1. Bob Gessler: 2 years ago

    I haven’t noticed any new releases for quite awhile, Anything new coming out. What was your last one you wrote, I’ve read most of you books just don’t want to miss out on new releases. Thank-You Bob

  2. Marv Brisbin: 2 years ago

    Just purchased my 52nd book of yours. Please keep them coming. You are a very good writer and your characters are believeable. God, how I do love westerns.
    Thank YOU.

  3. richard c gates: 3 years ago

    I am 77 years old and have read westerns all of my life.I just discovered Charles W. West about 6 weeks ago and now believe based on the 10 books I have read that he is my favorite western author.HIS STORIES ARE FRESH AND YOU NEVER KNOW HOW HIS BOOKS WILL END.HE IB THE BEST.

  4. jerry parisi: 3 years ago

    Charles West Is New To Me, And I Have Enjoyed Every Book So Far (about 5) But I Can’t Get Enough Of John Hawk. Is There A Series? Like Book #1 And #2 And So on? If There Is I’d Like To Read Them In Order.
    Where Can I Get A List Of All Charles Western Books?
    Thank, Jerry Parisi

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Hi Jerry – the list above lists all of Charles books. The John Hawk series is there near the top. All 3 books in the series so far.

  5. kimm hogue: 3 years ago

    are there going to be more John Hawk novels?

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      It was very successful so I would say it is likely.


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