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Publication Order of Charles Jenkins Books

The Eighth Sister (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Agent (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silent Sisters (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Robert Dugoni is a published American author.

He is a critically acclaimed and best-selling author who has made the lists of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Amazon as a top-selling writer. He has written over twenty novels set in Seattle for his Tracy Crosswhite series, his legal thriller series David Sloane, and his espionage Charles Jenkins series. His Tracy Crosswhite series has sold over eight million books globally.

Dugoni has also written some stand-alone novels that include The Cyanide Canary (a non-fiction exposé that was named best book of the year by the Washington Post), The 7th Canon, Damage Control, The World Played Chess, and The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, which was named book of the year in 2018 by Suspense Magazine. His narration of the book also won the author an AudioFile Earphones Award.

Many of the authors books have been optioned to become television series or movies. He has also been nominated for several more awards, some of which he was won. He received the Nancy Pearl Award for Fiction and has won the Friends of Mystery Spotted Owl Award three times for the best novel that was set in the Pacific Northwest.

He has also been a finalist for other awards, including the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, the International Thriller Award, the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award, and the Silver Falchion Award for mystery.

Dugoni has sold millions of books in over twenty-five countries and his books have been translated into over thirty languages.

The Eighth Sister is the first novel in the Charles Jenkins series by Robert Dugoni. From the author of the Tracy Crosswhite series comes a unique suspense thriller that will get your pulse up as it delves into a world of spying, games, and even treachery.

The main character in this first in the series is Charles Jenkins, a former case officer for the CIA. He is a man that has done well for himself and set up quite a life. Now he’s at a crossroads. He is in his early sixties and has a family to take care of that is going to grow larger as there is a baby coming at some point.

On top of juggling his personal life, he also has a security consulting business to deal with that is about to go bankrupt. He has to figure out some way to save it or his source of income to help support his family will vanish. The last thing that he ever foresaw would be the former bureau chief that used to see over him appearing out of nowhere at his house.

Still, that is exactly what happens. And as it turns out, he has a proposal for a new assignment for Jenkins to take on that is quite risky. The plan would be for him to go to Moscow undercover and track down a Russian agent. The agent is believed to be finding members of a United States spy cell and killing them off as he finds them. The name of the cell? The seven sisters.

Maybe any other time in his life Jenkins would have turned down the assignment. However, he really could use the money that comes with it. So, he agrees to take on the mission and begins traveling to Russia to the capital. His goal is to find the eighth sister, the person behind all of the assassinations.

Charles puts in a lot of work to track down the mastermind agent and finally finds her. But upon the moment of discovery, he finds that the woman in question is not necessarily who he was led to believe that she is. But who is in these types of games?

Jenkins has a Russian intelligence officer on his trail now in Russia, and so he has no choice but to bail out of the country and go back to his home. He makes his escape across the Black Sea, but when he gets back, he finds that he has been abandoned by the agency that he works for. Now his freedom and his family are on the line. Jenkins is caught up in one of the biggest fights he’ll ever be in, and as it turns out, it’s against his own country.

Will the agency turn around and have his back after all? Or do more nightmares await the loyal servant once he’s back on his home turf? Catch all of the action for yourself by getting a copy of The Eighth Sister and reading until the end!

The Last Agent is the second novel in the Charles Jenkins series by Robert Dugoni. This is the second installment in a best-selling series that follows along with former spy Charles Jenkins. If you liked all of the action in the first book, be sure to check out this action-packed sequel!

Another thriller in the series comes from Robert Dugoni featuring an American operative stuck in Russia running for his life. Charles Jenkins has been through the ringer.

He’s been not only betrayed by his country, but he’s also been tried for treason. The ex-spy was able to get through an undercover operation in Russia that has gone totally wrong. Now that he’s safe, the retired agent is done with all of the spy games. That is, until he finds out about a woman that is being kept in the Lefortovo Prison in Moscow.

He has no idea who the person is, but if it’s the agent that gave up her life for his, he cannot choose to leave her behind. However, there’s no solid guarantee that it is Paulina Ponomayova. He has no idea whether the female agent is still alive, but he intends to find out, and goes back to Russia with a plan.

His goal is to blackmail Viktor Federov, who used to be a Russian officer, and get into the prison. He once followed Jenkins across three different continents, and now is the only person he can trust. But little does he know that for every step they take, a Russian agent is on their tracks. Jenkins’ greatest mission may also very well be his final one.

Can he complete his mission and rescue Paulina? Is it even her trapped in that prison? Read this suspense thriller to find out!

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