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Publication Order of Robert Tarza Books

Death on a High Floor (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long Knives (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Paris Ransom (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Write to Die (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Day Lincoln Lost (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Charles Rosenberg
As both a teacher and as a writer, the American author Charles Rosenberg is extremely well regarded for his work in the field of law, and as a mystery writer. Teaching law as well, he knows the legal system inside out, and it shows throughout his work, producing extensive novels and mysteries. Writing with a high-degree of authenticity, he really knows what works when it comes to the art of suspense too, creating a foreboding air of tension. Combining atmosphere and ambiance, he’s fast become an established writer with a lot to say, allowing him to become one of the foremost authors currently within his field.

Much of his work also focuses on historical fiction as well, with plenty of his novels being set in various different time periods. This has allowed him to create a style that is very much his own over the years, really bringing to light not only the past, but also the characters and people that inhabited it. This has led to him reaching the top of the bestseller lists on numerous occasion, gaining him a worldwide audience, with readers from all over. Coupled historical accuracy with his own understanding of law and order, he’s proven himself to be a highly versatile author over time.

Creating lasting characters over the course of his career, he’s produced protagonists that leave a lasting impact with the reader. Fully fleshing them out, he manages to ensure that they’re three-dimensional, resonating with readers regardless of where they’re from. Whether it’s writing about investigators solving mysteries, or looking at certain periods like the American Civil War, he’s crafted a unique niche all of his own. There’s a lot more to come from Charles Rosenberg as an author in the near future, with a lot more to say and write about.

Early and Personal Life:
Growing up in America, Charles Rosenberg would have a range of different interests, many of which would come to define his writing career in the years to come. Pursuing a career in law, he would begin a legal career back in the seventies, working for a number of different law firms over the years. This would include some international ones too, as he would make partner in several of them, as he would gain a strong perspective of the legal industry.
Attending Harvard Law School, he would edit the Harvard Law Review whilst there, before going on to teach himself. Working as a law professor in the Los Angeles Loyola Law School, he’d work in numerous different international schools as well. Currently still writing to this day, he’s lived with his wife in Los Angeles, where he’s worked practising law since the seventies, and continues to do.

Writing Career:
Publishing ‘Death on a High Floor’ in 2011, Charles Rosenberg would make his big literary debut with a mystery thriller. Later in 2014 it would go on to become an Amazon best-seller, whilst also providing the first entry into the ‘Robert Tarza’ series of mysteries. A lot of his work would also be historical in nature, particularly focusing upon his fascination with the American Civil War, and the time around that period. Also working as script consultant on a variety of different big name television shows, such as ‘LA Law’ and ‘Boston Legal’ to name a few, he’s got a strong profile that continues to grow every day.

Paris Ransom
This is the third book in the ‘Robert Tarza’ series of novels, as it provides another case for the eponymous attorney. Providing him with another case to solve, it offers a new mystery that’s entirely self-contained, whilst carrying arcs from the previous books. First published on the 19th of May in 2015, this would originally come out through the ‘Thomas and Mercer’ publishing label.

As another complete mystery involving the fast thinking lawyer Robert Tarza, this really excels, delivering the same great pace that was found in the books before. Featuring plenty of new twists and turns as well, it never lets up, allowing the reader to continually remain gripped throughout. The supporting cast of characters are also strong, giving the story a real sense of weight to it, whilst maintaining its exciting momentum.

Following a happy five year relationship with his young and beautiful girlfriend Tess, Robert Tarza is happily surprised when she proposes to him. There seems to be something she’s hiding from him though, as it appears that she has plenty of secrets lurking in her past, and that’s when his friend Oscar turns up with priceless book, along with a dangerous thief trailing him. Now Robert must team up with his former protégée Jenna James, as the Robert, Oscar, Tess and Jenna must deal with a complex web of intrigue and lies. Who’s lying here though, and who’s telling the truth? Can Robert get to the bottom of it all? Will they find their Paris ransom?

The Day Lincoln Lost
Initially published in 2020 on the 4th of August, this would be a stand-alone historical thriller from Charles Rosenberg. Coming out through the ‘Hanover Square Press’ publishing imprint, it takes a look at a turbulent time in American politics. Being entirely self-contained, it’s a stand-alone novel, and not part of any overall series this time, with its own story.

Bringing together an important moment in US history, this is a powerful book that really sheds some light on what actually happened. It’s essential for those interested in what happened, with its well researched and informative look back at the period. Essentially working as a historical political thriller too, it’s an interesting and entertaining story that plays out at an exciting pace.

Taking place in 1860, famed abolitionist speaker Abby Kelley Foster has come to Springfield, Illinois, with it being the time of the presidential elections, and there are those that threaten to tear the US apart. The lawyer Abraham Lincoln is looking to get elected with as little trouble as possible, but it seems Abby may have unrest in store, as Lincoln hopes to get in power and make the changes needed. Rivalling Lincoln is the presently incumbent President James Buchanan, and he’s looking to retain his foothold in power, and he has one final plan to keep himself in the White House, as he gathers his advisers. Can Lincoln pull through in the end? How will America emerge from this turmoil? What happened the day Lincoln lost?

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