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Publication Order of Big Bad Wolf Books

The Wolf at the Door (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wolf at Bay (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thrown to the Wolves (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cry Wolf (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Charlie Adhara is an acclaimed upcoming author from America, who likes to write romance, fantasy, paranormal, gay & lesbian, male/male romance, mystery, werewolves, LGBT, and shapeshifter stories. She is particularly famous for her debut series called the Big Bad Wolf book series. Adhara has already written and published 2 books of this series and lined up the third book for release in the first quarter of 2019. Author Adhara considers herself a lover of good stories. On certain occasions, she doesn’t mind reading bad stories provided they have interesting characters. Prior to venturing into the world of novel writing, Adhara obtained a degree in the subject of neuroscience. She claims to have spent too much of sweat, money, and blood in earning her degree. However, it did not prove to be of any help to her as she decided to pursue her interest in writing rather than taking up any job based on her graduate degree.

Author Adhara says that she enjoys writing about the matters of the heart. After reading her books and her life story, the critics believe that she is a late convert into the world of happily ever after. But, she feels it is good to be finally making up for the time she lost in trying her hand at other career options initially. Nowadays, Adhara keeps herself busy in writing contemporary, mystery, and paranormal romances involving queers. She is well aware that the themes of her stories are very sensitive topics for the real world, but she doesn’t think she is doing anything wrong. No matter what type of obstacles come in her way, she doesn’t stop speaking her mind in her novels. Adhara always assures the readers that they won’t feel let by any of her stories because they have happy endings and are filled with excellent characters. She is also confident that all her future stories will also entertain them equally. Adhara likes to wander a lot and visit exciting places for her research work. And being able to finance her travels with minimum budget excites Adhara and motivates her to travel even more. But, after every tour, she doesn’t forget to return to her home in northeast America. She loves her home very much as it is the place that provides her with a peaceful atmosphere to sit and give words to her ideas.

The Big Bad Wolf series written by author Charlie Adhara consists of suspenseful male/male romance stories about shapeshifters. The central character of the entire series is shown as Agent Cooper Dayton. He is depicted as an ex-FBI agent. Cooper Dayton’s line of work mainly involves hunting bad wolves. The other essential characters mentioned by Adhara in the novels include Oliver Park, a sexy and handsome werewolf and an agent like Cooper Dayton by profession. Cooper Dayton and Oliver Park work for separate organizations and come together as partners to ease the increasing tensions between their separate organizations. Throughout the course of the series, it is seen that the two share a turbulent relationship with each other. The stories undergo numerous twists and turns as Oliver Park and Cooper Dayton try to catch deadly killers, who pose dangers to humans as well as werewolves. Adhara has set the plots in different places in America. Each of the two books gained a wide appreciation from the readers all over the globe. They the original stories and the unique themes picked up by Adhara to set her stories on. Their excellent reviews and comments help the first 2 books to become widely popular, thereby helping author Adhara to establish herself as a noteworthy author.

The debut book of the series is entitled ‘The Wolf at the Door’. It was released by the Carina Press in 2018. The novel begins by depicting the Cooper Dayton was never into hunting big bad wolves in his previous job as an FBI agent. But, after a deadly werewolf attack, he ends up undertaking this kind of job for the Bureau of Special Investigations, BSI. Later, he gets assigned to a new case and is teamed up with a new detective partner, Oliver Park. Oliver works for an organization called The Trust. This organization is responsible for overseeing werewolves and Oliver is asked to work with Cooper to ease the escalating tension between BSI and The Trust. Cooper Dayton doesn’t think that the tensions are reducing. Cooper & Oliver get indulged in the investigation of several mysterious deaths that no one has ever seen before.

All the while, Cooper keeps suspecting Oliver to be incapable of solving a murder mystery. But, every time Oliver proves that he is determined to catch the killer and is not less competent than him in this field of work. And also, he urges Cooper to stop seeing him as an enemy and start trusting him as a friend. The pressure of solving the murder mysteries keeps mounting of the two men as more people continue to disappear. A time comes when Cooper finds it very difficult to deny the friction between him and Oliver. Subsequently, he is unable to control or contain his physical need. But, his main focus lies in putting a stop to the increasing body count and catch the killer. He strives to remove the danger lurking on humans and werewolves. Oliver is equally determined and ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of the dangerous killer. They realize that they need to act fast or else they might end up becoming the next victims of the killer.

The next installment of this series is called ‘The Wolf at Bay’. It was also published by Carina Press in 2018. It features the same set of primary characters as in the first installment. This novel opens by showing that BSI agent Cooper Dayton hates to head home as it brings out the bad memories of his past life. So, he tries to avoid this situation as much as he can. On one occasion, Cooper is unable to avoid anymore and is forced to make a visit to his hometown. He asks Oliver Park to come with him for moral support and also for building a good rapport with him. As soon as they arrive in the town, Oliver discovers a dead body in the backyard of Cooper’s house. This shocking discovery makes Cooper’s father as the main suspect. Cooper knows that his father is innocent and realizes that he and Oliver are all alone in this important investigation. As Cooper’s family is involved in the case, he is not given the official permission to investigate. So, he and Park go rogue and do the digging silently. While working the case, the relationship between Oliver & Cooper heats up again. This time, Cooper is determined to let his feelings known to Oliver or else he fears to lose him due to his inability to speak up.

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