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Charlie Fletcher is one of the renowned writers from The United Kingdom, who is famous for writing fiction, fantasy, and children’s novels. He is also a popular screenwriter and has spent a number of years writing scripts for television and films. Now, he has left his previous profession as a screenwriter and is more focused on developing children’s books. Author Fletcher is particularly very popular for writing the book called Stonehart. Prior to the beginning of his writing career, Fletcher obtained his degree from the St. Andrews University in English Literature. Immediately after that, she started working towards making a career in the field of films and television. Later, his career saw a great deal of progress as Fletcher went on to work for the BBC. He was associated with film editing for a long period and undertook a wide range of subjects ranging from drama up to the current affairs. After his stint at the BBC got over, author Fletcher migrated to California sighting more opportunities in film editing. Eventually, he got the chance to work in the field of screenwriting. Since then, he has been involved in screenwriting. Recently, he has shifted his focus towards writing novels and is gaining quite a success in novel writing as well. His experiences while working in the film industry have helped him to write on a wide range of topics. Author Fletcher considers himself lucky enough to get a chance to acquire the Screenwriting Fellowship from Warner Brothers. With the help of this fellowship, Fletcher got the opportunity to study at the USC School of TV and Cinema. After graduating successfully from this institute, Fletcher has never looked. He gained a tremendous success while writing scripts for films and TV shows. Author Fletcher was associated some popular production houses for writing screenplays. Some of the prominent for which he got the chance to work for include MGM, Warner Brothers, Tri-Star, Paramount, and many others. Even today, he spends some of his time in writing for the movies and television, in spite of having a busy schedule after having a shift of career from writing screenplays to writing novels.

Author Fletcher was born in the year 1960. He is happily married to a woman named Domenica, who is fellow Scot from Los Angeles. The couple is blessed with a couple of children. Fletcher lives along with his family in Edinburgh. As far as his writing career is concerned, author Fletcher took up various styles of writing such as computer games, magazine features. At one point in his career, he used to write daily columns in national newspapers. Fletcher has also worked as a reviewer for restaurants. Stonehart was nominated for a Brandford Award in the year 2007, following which author Fletcher two more sequels to the novel. In one of his books titled Far Rockaway, author Fletcher has described the tale of a young woman who gets injured in an accident along with her grandpa. When she wakes up, she sees that she has entered into a classic world filled constructed with all the adventures from the stories that her grandfather used to read out when she was a child. In order to come out to the real world, the young woman is required to reach a castle located at the edge. Author Fletcher has set this story in a fantasy world as well as in the present day Manhattan. Author Fletcher received wide appreciations with the success of this book and this boosted his career as well as motivated him to focus on creating many more interesting stories like this one.

An interesting novel series written by Charlie Fletcher is known as the Dragon Shield series. This series is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. In each of the three books, author Fletcher has depicted the primary characters as the brother and sister pair of Will and Jo. One of the exciting books of this series is entitled ‘Dragon Shield’, which is also the debut book of the series. It was released by the Hodder publication in the year 2014. Author Fletcher has set the plot of this novel in a thrilling and action packed world, where the statues take the form of life and the heroes and dragons indulge in battles. As the plot begins, it is shown that a dark force wakes up in a museum in England. This magical force causes the time to stop and freezes the entire city in the tracks. The people are unable to move as they get stuck in whatever position they are, just like statues. On the other hand, the statues start moving as humans and get astonished to see the humans standing like them. However, Jo and Will are the only ones who are not affected by the dark force and still remain humans. They do not turn into statues and are able to move. They take shelter in the Ormond Hospital. But, when they are noticed as being unaffected, they get pursued by some murderous dragons. The sister and brother pair take help from some friendly statues and try to escape from evil. But, the evil forces keep stalking in the London streets, wherever they go.

Another interesting novel published in the book series is known by the title ‘The London Pride’. It was also released by the Hodder Books in 2015. Once again, Will and his sister Jo, are shown at the center of the plot’s story. The story continues from where author Fletcher had left it in the previous book. The dark force that has woken in the famous British Museum has completely frozen London and all the inhabitants. It has also stopped the time from passing. But, this spell seems to have no effect on Jo & Will. They try their level best to remain unaffected and prevent themselves from getting hunted by the deadly dragons. Both of them also try to locate the great disruption source so that it can be reversed and life could return back to normal in London. Previously, they were getting help from the statues which were able to move. They had become friends with some of the moving statues. But now, they have also been frozen by the dark force. This leaves Will & Jo all alone and still being pursued by the monstrous dragons. Later, they notice that the people of London who have been frozen have started getting colder with the passage of time. As the living pair is not able to depend on the statues for any help, they realize that they must locate the evil’s source as soon as possible so as to prevent the draining away the inhabitants completely.

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