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Charlie Gallagher is a reputed novelist based in The United Kingdom. He is popular for writing mystery, suspense, and thriller novels and is particularly famous for the Langthorne book series. Gallagher is also a police officer and has been in the service for the past eleven years. Throughout his career in the police department, he has taken up several different roles. He started by working as a front line response officer and then as a became a specialist tactical team member. As of now, Gallagher is serving as a detective in the serious offenses section. In addition to the Langthorne series, he has penned several mind blowing standalone books as well. Currently, he is working on the development of the next book in the Langthorne series. On being asked about why he prefers to keep his identity as an author hidden Gallagher says that he doesn’t want his writing career to clash with his police service. Also, he seems rather comfortable with the idea of being unknown to the world as it gives him the benefit of worrying much less about the reactions of people.

As a writer, Gallager always likes to write about topics that interest him. And being a cop, he comes across many people on a daily basis who have their own stories to tell. Knowing about the day to day life of all those people and understanding the situations they are in, makes Gallgher fascinated to know more. And he tries to develop the stories equally fascinating to the readers. This is also one of the reasons why he chose to become a cop. He likes the idea of having his eyes open to see what the common people are not able to see. Gallagher attempts to see each story from different perspectives, and the contrasting outcomes appeal to him his creative side very much. Gallagher likes to see life as a combination of several small stories and thinks that they look fascinating in respective ways of their own. When author Gallager tries to write drama, he looks to take the help of the various contrasting elements of life, like good & evil, old & young, etc. Gallagher says that it took him six years to write the first 3 books of his career. Because of his primary career as a police detective, he is able to write only in his off-duty hours. That is why Gallagher is forced to take long gaps while writing any book. Gallagher likes writing stories very much.

Gallagher loves starting with an idea and then shaping it in the form of a whole story with interesting elements, characters, set ups, etc. Usually, he likes to be alone is a separate room to do the writing part. He tried converting one of the rooms in his house into an office and work from there, but that only lasted for some time. Now, he sits wherever he finds it comfortable and peaceful and works on his stories. Whenever he gets the chance Gallagher even likes to work from libraries, cafes, and other peaceful public places. Gallagher is happily married and has two beautiful daughters. They support his writing and are proud to see him succeed. He looks forward to entertaining his fans with many more exciting books in the years to come. Gallagher feels that today the writers are getting better chances at having their work published. The option of online publishing has made it possible for many upcoming authors to get their stories easily published. Due to this, many newcomers are trying their hand in this field.

An interesting book written by author Charlie Gallagher is entitled ‘Then She Ran’. It was released in 2018 by the Joffe Books. This book features the main characters in the form of Jenny Harris, Joseph, George Elms, and several others. At the book’s start, it is mentioned that Jenny Harris is awakened by her frightened boyfriend named Joseph on a Sunday morning. Joseph has their infant daughter in his hands and looks quite panic-stricken. He asks Jenny to hurry up as they have to change the location as fast as possible. Jenny Harris hurriedly wraps the baby and leaves everything else behind. As they sprint from the hotel, it becomes clear that some people are chasing them. The reason that Joseph is panicking so much is that the pursuers are deadly and indiscriminate. While running, Joseph falls and comes into the pursuers’ hands. He tells Jenny not to stop and run away as far as possible.

Detective George Elms is working on another case. He is investigating the murder of an older woman, who was shot dead during a theft. The crime scene depicts that the woman had resisted against the robbers and had stood firm before they shot him dead. It appears that the two incidents are linked. While George continues to investigate the murder, Jenny’s life hands in the balance. She faces the danger to her life from the deadly pursuers, who would go to any lengths to silence her. When George establishes the connection between the two cases, he understands the urgency of the situation. He races against time to save Jenny’s life and end the dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Another exciting novel written by Gallagher is called ‘Her Last Breath’. It was also published by Joffe Books in 2018. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Henry Roberts, George Elms, etc. At the story’s beginning, Henry Roberts is introduced as a serial killer. He prefers young, attractive, and blonde women as his victims. But, the police have succeeded in catching him and he is handed a life sentence. Henry has already served three years in prison and knows that his life is about to come to an end. When he is informed that the police have not the bodies of 2 of his victims, he thinks of using this opportunity to cut out a deal.

Henry Roberts asks the justice department to transfer him to a safe unit in exchange for the information about the remains of the victims the police are unable to find. Henry’s offer gets accepted and George Elms joins the force that was involved in the original investigation. As he goes through the notes of the old case, George learns that Henry was not operating alone. When another woman disappears in a similar situation, George becomes sure that there is someone else operating on Henry’s behalf and victimizing innocent women. Soon, another woman disappears and George is convinced that the two kidnappings are done by Henry’s partner. He confronts Henry in the prison and tries to make him give the location of his partner. Once again, time is running fast and George has to react quickly or else two more innocent women will become victims of the deadly serial killer.

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    Just finished the first two Maddie books.Your daughters are blessed.I expect that when they read about Maddie after they are 25 (and their brains are fully developed) they will be well prepared for their own futures.
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    I have been enjoying the Maddie audio books I hope you have more coming soon your back ground adds to the stories thanks. Shane form Aust


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