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Publication Order of Charlie Hood Books

L.A. Outlaws (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Renegades (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Iron River (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Border Lords (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jaguar (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Famous and the Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author hailing from Los Angeles in California, the author T. Jefferson Parker is well known for his finely crafted thrillers. A best-selling novelist of over twenty books and counting so far, he is notable for his unique take upon the genre, with its many codes and conventions. Creating long-running series and highly iconic characters, his books provide much in the way of both suspense and intrigue. One such series that he’s been running is that of his ‘Charlie Hood’ line of books, all of which feature his eponymous lead character in the title role. Following this sheriff’s deputy, it sees him solve a whole variety of cases, as he’s located in Los Angeles County in California. Dealing with them in a pragmatic and reasoned manner, he always manages to get to the bottom of case, with each book being filled with suspense and intrigue.

With over six novels in the series so far, the franchise has been running from 2008 right up until 2013, having come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Collected in a number of omnibus editions too, the series is a conclusive one, with a rich and vibrant set of stories. Reaching a worldwide audience, they translate universally with both their themes and ideas being appreciated globally.

L.A. Outlaws

Published through the ‘Dutton’ publishing label, this was to be the first book in the ongoing ‘Charlie Hood’ series. Released in 2008, it was first published on the 5th of February, setting up the series overall, along with establishing many of the principle characters. Offering a stand-alone case for Hood to solve as well, it provides a fun and entertaining reader for both fans casual readers of the franchise.

A deputy sheriff with a past, Charlie Hood is haunted by a number of demons, most notably from his time spent serving in Iraq. This backstory gives his character a real sense of weight and heft, allowing him to become a lot more sympathetic to the reader. It also allows him to gain a real insight into how people interact with one another, as he takes his prowess dealing with the case in hand. The themes and ideas, whilst typical of such a genre based thriller, are also highly unique when seen through his idiosyncratic perspective. With the character of Allison Murietta acting as his perfect foil here as well, the audience really get a chance to see who he actually is as a person. This gives him a chance to shine, whilst simultaneously establishing who he is in what is essentially his introduction as a leading protagonist. Set in the city of Los Angeles as well, it really works at bringing the hustle and bustle of the streets to life in all their vibrant colors. Using this as the ideal backdrop for the narrative, it manages to give the reader an idea of what’s to come in the series to follow. With the seedy glamour of the city almost being a character in of itself, it also manages to reflect what is going on in the novel.

With her real identity unknown, the celebrity appeal of one Allison Murietta is going through the roof. Bringing the media along she is seen as a modern day Jesse James, as she goes about stealing objects that she finds to be beautiful. Seen as nonthreatening, things suddenly take a turn for the worst when ten bodies of gangsters turn up all of a sudden, as Charlie Hood steps-up to take the case. Will he find the real killers? Can he put an end to Murietta’s crime spree? What will become of the L.A. outlaws?

The Renegades

Brought out through the ‘Dutton Adult’ publishing outlet again, this is the direct follow-up to the first one. Released on the 10th of February in 2009, this was brought out just one year after the first, further developing and establishing the story. It also works at progressing the character of Charlie Hood as its central leading protagonist as well, really diving into his backstory some more too.

Almost from another time, the character of Charlie Hood harks back to an age of heroes who stood for truth and justice in the face of evil. Given the soul a 19th century western sheriff, he is truly a man from another time, cruising the land looking to right wrongs and protect those in need. Pragmatic and strong, he still holds some personal demons from his past, ones which he must continue to overcome as time goes on. A hero is only is good as his villain, though, and this has never been more true than with that of the villains and outlaws depicted here. Dealing with them in the manner only he knows how, he’s able to handle them with a deftness and ease unlike any other. Fair and just, the story reflects this as it really puts his morals to the test and sees what he’s actually made from as a man. Taking place on long patrols across the new American west, the classic hero of Hood swaps his trusty steed for that of a patrol-car. Not a place so much, but a state-of-mind, the west is something that stays within Hood throughout much of the narrative. This is reflected in the landscape, which is far more open and expansive this time, reflecting these classic values and ideals.

Riding the open highways by night in his patrol-car, Charlie Hood prefers to ride alone, leaving the demons of his past behind him. With the spirit of the old west contained within him, he is one day assigned a new partner to work alongside; Terry Laws who everyone nicknames ‘Mr Wonderful’. That’s when his partner is suddenly shot dead by an unseen assailant whilst he’s sat in the passenger seat, leaving Hood to hunt down the criminals responsible. Will he be able to find them? Are they going to strike again? Where are the renegades?

The Charlie Hood Series

An excellent example of the thriller and suspense story, the Charlie Hood series of novels stands up alongside the rest of the genre. Creating a tension throughout that’s both entertaining and compelling, the character of Charlie Hood himself is a highly unique one. This is what draws the readers in keeping them hooked, something which will continue for some time yet, as the legacy of the series lives on.

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