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Publication Order of Handstead New Town Mystery Books

Charlie Owen is a prolific author from The United Kingdom, who is famous for writing thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. He is particularly popular for writing the Hanstead New Town Mystery series. Prior to the start of his writing career, author Owen used to work in the police service. He has given around 30 years of his life in this service. During this time, author Owen served with 2 forces in London and the Home Counties. He had even risen to the rank of an Inspector. After his retirement from the police service, Owen started his next career in the department of security services. He joined an investment bank to serve as its security supervisor. It was during this service, that author Owen decided to utilize his spare times to test the level of his writing skills. And to his own surprise, he turned out to be quite good in writing mystery stories. Owen realized that his lifelong interest in reading and writing has not vanished, and he has an author inside him, whose skills he needs to polish in order to have a successful third career. Eventually, author Owen finished writing four mystery books in his literary career until now and has gained quite a lot of success and popularity from their publishing. Author Owen intends to prolong his career in the field of writing even more as he has now started working on his fifth book, which he is expected to complete and publish very soon. Author Owen is happily married and is blessed with 6 children in total. His wife and children have always supported him throughout his life. They were always there to back him up in all his career choices. Even today, they provide him with the necessary inputs about his writing subjects and various elements of writing whenever he needs them. Author Owen’s family members serve as the first critic to his writing works. They are the first ones to read his stories and point out the areas that need amendments before the books are sent for publishing. Author Owen considers himself very lucky to have been blessed with such a supportive and loving family. Owen resides in North Hertfordshire.

The Hanstead New Town Mystery series written by Charlie Owen is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2006 and 2009. The events described in the books of this series take place in the late 1970s and are based on the lives of the police officers who were stationed in North Manchester’s Hanstead New Town area at that time. The debut novel of this mystery series is entitled ‘Horse’s Arse’. This novel was released by the Headline publication in the year 2006. The story shows different groups of police officers, who try to deal with the violent activities and the increasing crime in Hanstead Newtown of North Manchester. Author Owen has mentioned the primary characters in this book as Bovril, Psycho, and Pizza, who call themselves as The Brothers and serve as police officers along with several others in this English town. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Hanstead Newtown has turned into an unholy dump and an overspill as compared to other towns in North Manchester. Because of this nature of the town, the police decide to use it as penal posting as it seems to be the only option left with them.

Among the worst residents of Hanstead there was the Tree Top Mafia. This group comprised of some violent thugs, who were involved in terrorizing the neighborhood. The gang members were also involved in carrying out illegal and criminal activities in the entire town as well as in the surrounding districts. The police officers, who considered themselves doomed to be made to serve on this land, constantly wrestle with the members of the gang for gaining dominance in the area. The officers were true stoics as they tried to make a difference in the town that they commonly referred to as Horse’s Arse. Every group seemed to recognize something related to them in the others. This something was definitely not mutual respect. The Brothers, which comprised of the police officers named Pizza, Bovril, Psycho, and a few others, were seen by the gangsters as hooligans wearing uniforms. This story is about the lives of such police officers, their journey through despair, maniac excess, and salvation. In the end, it is described that such police officers were present in the force, but now they seem to have passed on. However, their legacy still remains to remind us that police officers were once involved in nothing else than policing.

Another interesting book of the series is called ‘Bravo Jubilee’. It was also released by the Headline publishers in 2008. Author Owen has set the plot of this book during the summer of the year 1977 in Hanstead, and has depicted the chief characters in the role of Sercan Ozdemir, DCI Harrison, Pizza, Psycho, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that there is no holiday in Hanstead town in summer as the town is busy with the preparations for celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Queen. However, the residents of the town suspect that a going to take place at around the same time as the celebration because of the rampant hooliganism of the police, football violence, and the rapid expansion of the LSD market. A local gangster named Sercan Ozdemir seems to have underestimated the abilities of the CID head named DCI Harrison. For him, bloodshed during an interview is just a day’s work. On the other hand, Sercan Ozdemir also fears that if the crime family comes to know that he has been conducting his own business separately and cutting them out for a long time, then they will not think twice before taking away his business and his life once and for all. In the meantime, the officers in the uniform, The Brothers, Psycho, Ally, Pizza, and others, do not care about the rules to deal with the criminal scum in the town for as long as they are able to as they despise them and the town very much. The book is filled with great fun, sex addicts, lunatics, idiots, psychopaths, etc. Author Owen has described the police as not less than the criminals. They do not hesitate to not go by the rule book and do whatever they can to put the criminals at bay. The critics described the book as yet another description of the exploits of the police in Hanstead. Author Owen was highly praised for his efforts. He was even appreciated for his unique creation of characters and the setting of the story. The wide appreciations and praises motivated him to continue the series and come up with another mind blowing book as part of this series.

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