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Charlotte Huang is an American writer and author of two teen drama novels, For The Record and Going Geek. She spent her childhood and teen years in Boston where she attended a prestigious boarding school. She wasn’t good in academics, but it was in the school she realized she wanted to be a writer. It was also here she made some wonderful friends which are still in her life to support her. The Young Adult (YA) writer did her graduation from Smith College, and further did her masters in MBA from Columbia Business School. Huang is a very fun-loving and aspiring person with a keen interest in sports and music. Her passion for music led her to meet a music agent with whom she later married. She is now a mother to two sons and lives in Los Angeles with her cheerful family.

Huang’s first novel, For The Record, was published on November 10, 2015, by Delacorte and Random House. The novel soon became a success receiving astonishing and extremely positive reviews from all over. The best-seller thus became the first step in author’s long overdue success and inspired her for her second work.

As For the Record is a story of a fictional music band and the challenges faced in this industry, the inspiration obviously came from her husband who is a music agent and has firsthand experience in this world.

Moreover, the novel’s success and popularity led the author to organize a rock show by the band Melbourne. Melbourne is the fictional band in For The Record whose lead singer is the protagonist of the book. The ‘For The Record Concert’ took place is June 2016 and was a huge success. According to the author, it was the perfect way to bring the book and the music for it to come alive.

Charlotte Huang’s second novel, Going Geek, is again a young adult fiction showcasing the challenges faced by a student in high school. The novel was published on September 13, 2016, by Delacorte Press/Random House. The novel is immensely popular among high-school goers and teenagers who believe this is something they can relate to. The novel received an outstanding response from the critics and readers and is a success.

The novel is a story of a young girl, Chelsea, who aspires to be a music star. She takes part in several talent shows and musicals but fails. Then one phone call turned her life forever. Her dream to be a rock star soon came true but it was nothing as she imagined. She is now a lead singer in a band called Melbourne who performs in sold out clubs all over the country. But things start to get complicated. Her interest in the band’s bassist, Beckett, and teen heartthrob, Lucas Rivers’ interest in her are making things difficult for her.

Her constant tension with her band mates, her sudden success, and the lost music inside her convinces Chelsea that something is not complete, something is not right. Moreover, she has a summer tour coming up, which according to Chelsea will define her rest of the life.

For a teenager, things as simple as a leaf could be a disastrous thing. Chelsea is no different. Her life is not that simple, but this is the time when everything feels big and important. And Huang has done an outstanding job in portraying such a real teen character. Even though she’s in a band and famous, and there is glamour, you still can’t hide the fact that she is a young adult, an age where boys and hormones and people and emotions makes everything messed up. Reading the life of Chelsea is like peeping into the head of a teen girl, everything is so complicated, yet, Huang has presented it in such a simple way. The language is beautiful, the emotions feel so real. This is a story of hope, and love, and dreams, and life, and most importantly, a simple girl trying to bring about some sense in her messed up life.

Going Geek is yet another young adult fiction, but this time, instead of a rock star with sky touching dreams, we have a regular teenage girl who only wants her high school life to be cool and fun. Skylar Hoffman, an ignorant teenager like so many others who doesn’t know what she wants and what she doesn’t, goes to an East Coast Boarding school expecting to live a Queen’s life with all the parties and fun and boys. But the school turns out to be a huge disappointment. The dorm is tiny, the people are mean, and the boys don’t even look at her. Skylar heart is completely broken when she gets a self realization. Is this what she really wants?

She then realizes that this not even real her, and chooses a path that is less popular. She ends up making some true friends, having real good time in the library, and finds out she doesn’t have to lie anymore.

Going Geek is an eye opener to every struggling teenager who believes that life is just dating popular people, or be popular, or having parties with alcohol and drugs. It is a journey of a girl who is strong enough to find what is right for her, and what will truly give her happiness.

With Skylar Hoffman, Charlotte Huang has created a strong character who will inspire so many young women and men to choose what they really want. Going Geek raises a strong voice against materialism and false truths.

Charlotte Huang, with her novels, has turned more than into just an author. Her books are not mere fictional stories, but a guide to lost teens. Huang with her books is helping and inspiring hundred of teenagers to choose the right path, or rather, the path which they feel is right for them instead of what others feel.

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