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About Charlotte Levin

The British writer Charlotte Levin has fast come a long way with her rich and immersive psychological thriller writing. Putting her audience in the character’s mindset, she’s become a hugely successful author who has reached bestseller status. Drawing in readers worldwide, her writing has resonated on a deeper level, as she has a strong understanding of what she’s writing. Creating a rich and immersive world, she has so much to offer in her work, allowing the audience to feel as if they’re really there.

An inspired author and artist, she fully fleshes out each of her characters, really giving them a definite sense of drive and purpose. This approach makes them more than believable, as readers are left continually turning the page, constantly looking for what comes next. Knowing her audience well at this point, too, she’s managed to create a style that is very much her own with her work. A refreshing voice within the industry, she sets herself apart with her attention to detail when it comes to the inner psyche of her characters.

Her writing itself is also tense and taut, moving along at a nail-biting pace, keeping the audience glued to the page. She definitely has an eye for an intriguing premise, knowing precisely when to raise the tension and by how much. Not content with writing standard thriller narratives, though, she opts for something a lot more character-based whilst still retaining a solid plot. Letting the characters drive it forwards, her work and writing still have a well-managed narrative at the heart of it.

Seeing her work published in several different outlets, too, from Marie Claire to the Observer, she’s a prolific presence on the literary scene. Often lyrical with her words and writing, too, she manages to get the message across with a minimum of fuss and bother. Her writing career continues to grow both onwards and upwards as she carries on developing as a novelist into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from Manchester in northern England, Charlotte Levin would grow up with a keen interest in drama and the performing arts. This interest would later play into her ability to get deep into the minds of the characters that she would introduce. Creating skits as a child for her drama classes, Levin would develop her talent early on before proceeding to focus on writing as a craft. Attending an acting course during her early twenties, she would go on to attend the Royal Court Young People’s Theatre.

At the end of the course, she would create a scene for herself to perform, which in turn would be very well received. This success would lead to her focusing more heavily on the writing itself, really becoming more adept at the written word. Over time she would begin to discover her own voice, developing her own unique approach to writing as an art form. Currently living in Manchester, she continues to write on a consistent basis, as more books are planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

The first novel that Charlotte Levin would publish was titled ‘If I Can’t Have You,’ which was released in 2020. This book would fast become a bestseller, quickly establishing her as a household name for many all around the world. Winning awards, she would be shortlisted for the highly prestigious Andrea Badenoch Award, which is part of the much sought-after New Writers North Awards. Prior to this, she would receive a nomination for the Mslexia Short Story Competition, marking her as an obvious talent to watch.

There would be a vital psychological component to her work, as she would create intricate narrative strands combined with well-developed personalities. Catching the attention of many fellow writers with her work, Levin would see her debut being hailed as a success by both the critics and the public alike. Getting into the minds of her central protagonists, she would give the readers a detailed view of their inner psyche and perspective. Maintaining a profile online as well as off, she isn’t planning on finishing any time soon and is definitely a writer to watch for the future.

If I Can’t Have You

This character-driven thriller drama is a stand-alone story, with the plot being entirely self-contained and not a part of any series. First published in 2020 on the 9th of July, it would mark the big literary debut of Charlotte Levin as a first-time author. Initially published through the ‘Pan McMillan’ publishing house, it would fast become a bestseller for the author, instantly raising her profile.

Set in London, this story starts out in a doctor’s surgery with a receptionist named Constance, as she’s seen falling in love with the new doctor Samuel. It soon transpires that he’s only using her before discarding her and moving on, leaving her distraught and beside herself. Her cruel rejection soon takes a turn for the worst, though, as it turns to obsession on her behalf, with her not giving up easily. Where will this journey of obsession take them both, how will everything transpire, and what happens when Constance finally proclaims, ‘if I can’t have you…?’

It’s a dark, character-driven narrative with intriguing twists and turns with each and every single turn of the page. The book is well written with so many surprises, but it wasn’t done in a gimmicky manner but really took its time to evolve the characters and the world. There’s so much subtext underlying the novel that it really does have a lot to offer for repeat readings, providing the reader with something new every time.

The characters themselves are also all well-drawn, allowing the reader in easily enough, as they resonate in a realistic and authentic manner. It’s also easy to see why so many fellow authors have been singing its praises along with the critics, as it really does have something different to offer the thriller genre. While some of the subject matter can be a little dark and disturbing at times, it’s a more than rewarding experience.

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