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Publication Order of Charlotte McNally Books

If you get insanely excited every time you see a white-collar crook landing in the slammer, you are bound to cheer for Charlie McNally in Ms. Ryan’s fictional book. Charlie McNally’s series consists of four fast-paced thriller novels. The novels offer a wonderful mystery, the author, Hank Phillipi Ryan, plays with character and plot. Readers will love the main character, Charlie as she emerges as one of the brightest and wittiest protagonists within the occurring crime fiction.

Prime Time

Prime Time is the first book release in the Charlie McNally series. It offers an exciting mystery novel. The general writing is compelling, at the start of the book, the reader is instantly drawn into the world of TV and investigative reporter Charlotte McNally nicknamed “Charlie.” Charlie is a divorced and stylish lady in her mid-forties. She is an Emmy winning reporter with a huge sense of humor and an overwhelming dedication to getting any story.

The novels take on a new pace when the widow of a man involved in a car accident contacts Charlie. She inquires why she never returned her currently-deceased husband’s mail, this question stirs up Charlie. After a few inquiries, Charlie and her producer Franklin get convinced[M1] [M2] [M3] that they have not only discovered a suspicious series of emails but have are also on the verge of uncovering a murder case.

A few chapters into the book and you will be entertained by several twists and turns. At one instant, the case looks clear-cut and the identity of the killer is obvious, at the next instant the reader everyone surrounding Charlie seems untrustworthy. The reader is drawn into Charlie’s world wondering who exactly Charlie can trust. The series Author, Hank Phillipi Ryan is an admired investigative reporter within the Boston area. Her expertise in mystery investigations is shown in every area in the book.

Apart from simply scooping several rivals and dealing with troublesome police, Charlie is an unbelievable and a magnetic figure. Her frequent observations about her profession such as that of courses not taught in Journalism School blend well with the hazardous nature of her job. Charlie too is no whiner, when it comes to getting facts straight, she is able to roll up hers sleeves, get her hands dirty and get what she wants. Quite unfortunate, the other side is also willing to get their hands dirty and keep the story unknown and never able to reach Prime Time.

At some point, in the merciless world of television journalism, our seasoned reporter Charlotte McNally knows that it could be time to pull out a stop and kiss her job goodbye. However, she realizes that her life might be on the line. The innocent looking email that led to murder puts her in the middle of multiple cases of fraud rings, and multimillion-dollar mayhem. This new realization reminds Charlie of the impossibility of quitting her job.

Prime Time is simply a top pick novel, it features a snappy language, is full of danger and a wonderful mystery that keeps you constantly guessing. The novel is a perfect combination of romance and mystery with so many twists and turns to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Face time

Charlotte McNally gets at it again with the second release of the series, this time she goes after a boost within the Nielsen ratings. This happens when a tape ends up in her possession, the tape is going to prove a confessed killer, Dorinda Sweeney, may not have murdered her husband as alleged earlier. So why is it that the convicted guiltless woman is still professing herself guilty?

Charlie’s journalistic sense takes on the story of a lifetime. She delves into a seemingly closed case with her amusing and stubborn determination to find light and truth. However, the lead prosecutor within the Sweeney case, currently running for governor demands for Charlie to back off. Instead of backing out, this only heightens Charlie’s persistence on the case. Her instincts tell her she is on the right track. There is no way she is going to get back at this one case.

Quite unprecedented her investigations lead her to Josh Gelston, who is a little too handsome. Charlie has a keen nose for news, but men are a completely different matter. She has to now decide whether she can trust Josh before she goes into another lead story. Even when romance is heating up, Charlie is trying to deal with a questionable future with Josh. Josh has a daughter that defiantly causes big friction within the relationship. Coupled with the stress in the relationship is her mother’s demands as she comes out of an unnecessary surgery, Charlie’s stress level is constantly on the rise and ultimately reaches ‘peak mode.’

As events start taking a new turn, leads and people involved in the Sweeney case starting turning up dead, Charlie knows she’s just hit a nerve. But how can she prove that they have the wrong person behind bars without making herself the next target for the real killer? She has to now delve into the investigation with extreme caution and care.

The series features a brilliantly weaving novel in the personal life of the heroin, the background of story further adds strength to Ryan’s writing capability. Ryan has a journalistic background and is able to put down events that could really happen. She comes up with a gripping storyline with likeable characters that every reader can easily relate to. The plots are well captivating with realistic characters and surprising twists in the whole storyline. The reader will lead a life behind the scenes of what one will not see when watching normal news report.

You will definitely love the Charlotte McNally series, it gets better after each chapter. The nature of creativity in the characters is fantastic, you will not wait to read the next book in the series. The series features a gripping fast-paced mystery with a storyline that is unusually engaging with a superior sexy heroine. The Charlie series is an exciting voice for smart women tired of silly chick lit and ready for a real, intelligent, kick-ass romance.

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