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Mallory Cook and the Road Not Taken (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Charlotte Nash is an English author of science fiction and romance books popularly known for her Walker-Bell series. She is also a bestselling novelist of six novels, four-set in Australia. Her first book in Walker-Bell series is set in a medical practice town and was listed as top-10 debut novel in Australia in 2013. Her novels The Paris Wedding and Saving You have sold copies in eight countries and translated into different languages. Charlotte’s books all feature-rich plots, lush sense of place, emotive heart, and richly detailed characters.

She has degrees in medicine and engineering, and this helps her bring technical perspectives into her work. Also, she has taught and mentored upcoming writers through Queensland Writers Center, University of Technology Sydney, and The University of Queensland.

Ryders Ridge

In the first book Walker-Bell series, we meet Dr. Daniella who’s just relocated from Brisbane to a Ryders Ridge; a small outback town located far north-west Queensland. Her first week in this small medical practice town is already manifesting to be nerve-wracking. Her complicated relationship with her surgeon father and her past are threatening to ruin her future.

She undergoes a temporary medical placement in the town’s clinic operated by Doctor Harris. But she experiences a slower pace of life even though her work as a doctor keeps her preoccupied throughout the day. She is dedicated to her work and has a reserved personality, and so it takes a couple of weeks before she can finally settle into the small town where everyone knows everyone. Daniella befriends Jackie, the clinic nurse who takes her under her wings and introduces her to the small town.

The first gentleman to make an early impression on the beautiful Daniella is Cattleman Mark Walker. His calm, masculine presence is noted from the word go. The two are brought together by his father’s health problems and an incident that happens in the hospital, and it quickly becomes apparent that there is a mutual attraction between them. Mark pursues Daniella who takes time to allow herself to develop feelings for him and a sweet romance develops after that. This series debut novel claims a stable position for the author in the rural literature genre in Australian fiction. There is a gentle emerging small-town politics, romance, and main characters that are both spirited and flawed, making it a captivating read.

This is a contemporary take on Rural Fiction genre with a distinctive twist. Like the Australian author, Loretta Hill who took the general style of rural fiction and twisted it by setting her book in Pilbara rather than in agricultural farms, Charlotte Nash has tweaked it to give it a new direction. Rather than repeating some of the many tropes and storylines in rural fiction that are on the rise in rural romance, Charlotte Nash has kept the rural setting but added a sub-genre and created a tale that centers around the problems of rural medicine. This twist is not only refreshing, but it’s also revitalizing for the reader and puts Nash on the spotlight as one of the rising authors of the 21st century. Her writing is crisp and clear, her characters are strong, loveable, and the setting is vivid. What’s more interesting, the situations in which the characters get themselves into are perpetual, and as the reader, you can never guess where the narrative is going to.

The story is characterized by a cast of vibrant and cheeky supporting characters that spring off the pages and come to life. The secondary characters range from the dinosaur obsessed Jamie to the snarky and controlling Maria and Stephanie who view the Ryders Ridge as their personal property. With personal issues and family dramas as far as the eyes can see, the tale is compelling and draws the reader in from the first page. The setting and the characters blend nicely creating an inspiring story that promises to pull the reader’s heartstrings. This is a perfect read for readers of Chook lit or rural fiction and also readers of medical type stories.

The Paris Wedding

In her standalone novel, Charlotte Nash combines the beauty of Parish with the dusty plains of Australia. This book features a strong romance plotline with a compelling story of self-discovery.

As this novel is titled The Paris Wedding, expect scenes of romance and plenty of high and complicated emotions. When Rachel West received an invitation to Bonnie and Matthew’s wedding, her instincts told her she couldn’t accept. Matthew was the lad who broke her heart a decade ago when she decided to stay on the family farm to take care of her ailing mother. To see Mathew marry, someone would break her heart once again. But the invitation was a long week stay in France’s capital, expenses paid and staying in a five-star hotel. How could she turn down the offer when she’s never been out of Australia?

Rachel’s mom had just died after battling a severe illness. This one week trip out the country could be what she needs to overcome her grief, and everyone else, including her sister, told her to seize the opportunity. So Rachel requests her friend Sammy to accompany her to the city of love.

The magnificence of their accommodation had both Rachel and Sammy gasping, and the pampering continued she could almost forget the reason why they were in the city of love. Until when she set her sight on Matthew for the first time in a decade, she realized that she might have made the wrong decision accepting the invitation. What could happen during this time of turbulence and delight?

The Paris Wedding is an absolute delight for anyone looking for some romance story blended with other themes such as self-discovery. This book is not only about romance but also about Rachel’s finding herself and working out what she truly wants for her life after sacrificing a decade earlier to care for her mother. Rachel’s friends are all married, and they have children. For example, her sister is married and has three children though she’s younger than Rachel.

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