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Publication Order of Western Billionaire Ranchers Books

The Billionaire Cowboy's Racing Heart (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire Cowboy Needs A Nanny (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire Cowboy and His Best Friend Forever (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Love Remembered (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Charlotte Young
Charlotte Young was born and raised in a small town in Texas, and she realized when she was a young adult that she was a lot more adventurous than her conservative friends. She had this passion for adventures and exploration. It opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her while she could travel around the world as she discovered herself and her passion for writing romance novels.

Charlotte was always so grateful for the experiences that she has had exploring other cultures and the different ways of life. After this part of her life she went back home to the south and became a mom and aunt to her wonderful niece. Little did she know is having a little boy would be the happiest she would ever have been in her life. Her family is her biggest achievement. It is this desire to spend time with her family which has led her to continue publishing books from home.

Charlotte’s always loved writing and reading. Each of her books has been influenced by somebody or some experience that she has had during her life. It’s a blessing for her to be able to share these experiences and emotions.

“The Billionaire Cowboy’s Racing Heart” is the first novel in the “Western Billionaire Ranchers” series and was released in 2020. Years ago, Mason Bond (a billionaire horse trainer) lost the love of his life. Too bad he never got the chance to tell her how he felt, or his younger brother, who married her. Now that Mason has gotten over his heartbreak, he starts up a business, and this time it’s on a ranch for some retired racehorses.

Slowing down makes him think about starting a family of his own, and goes to Lila West, who runs a discreet “marriage minded” dating service. She has never had a single client not be satisfied with his mail-order bride, not until Mason. He is burning through each of his matches just like tinder, and not one has created that lasting spark.

Determined to actually succeed, Lila goes to Legacy Stables so she can observe Mason up close and personal. Their budding attraction leaves Mason determined to win her hand. But her skittishness when it comes to love reminds him of a colt that has been spooked. Can this reclusive rancher get past all of the walls she’s put up firmly?

“The Billionaire Cowboy Needs A Nanny” is the second novel in the “Western Billionaire Ranchers” series and was released in 2020. Cade Abbott, a handsome billionaire Thoroughbred rancher, is not looking for love, instead he just wants his young daughter back. When this happens finally, chance comes with her, and Cade’s life collides with that of a gorgeous woman’s, whose heart is just as majestic, free, and fierce as any of the horses that he owns.

Cade, at last untangled from a rather angry marriage, sets his focus on making the very best home for Primrose, his three year old daughter. Even though he’s got the money to give her the whole world, he only wants to share his small place in it in Saratoga Springs. However Cade’s out of practice at the whole parenting thing, and when Valentina Morgan, who’s arrived in the slow motion and peaceful town for the entire summer, sees that this little family could use a hand, her huge heart goes out to this well meaning single father.

Cade drops everything to be the father that Primmy needs for him to be, however he realizes that his daughter needs a lot more than he’s able to give. When Valentina takes the job to be Primmy’s nanny, he’s beyond grateful for the young woman that steps into their lives and makes their house a home. Cade reminds himself that this gorgeous, sweet, loving lady is going to be there for his daughter and not for him, yet his heart doesn’t listen. It turns out, neither does Valentina’s, and their mutual admiration soon turns into something else.

However when Valentina’s tales do not appear to add up, he starts wondering. Is it a big deal? Should he be concerned that this amazing angel, who is so present in his and Primmy’s lives, is evasive about her past? Cade wonders; after all he’s got his young daughter to think about. Can he make love stay or is he going to be forced to ask it to leave?

“The Billionaire Cowboy and His Best Friend Forever” is the third novel in the “Western Billionaire Ranchers” series and was released in 2020. Sam Griffin, one time inventor and handsome owner of Huckleberry Horse Farms, is rich beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. It appears like everything that he touches turns into gold. Living the life of simple pleasures among everything horse related, he comes into his true wealth when fellow Navy brat, and very beautiful, Lt. Peyton Woodbury comes back into his life. They’ve known one another since they were kids, yet now that the early-retired Navy officer may be a neighbor of his in the paradise which is Coronado Island, he finds that the tomboy that he rode horses with as a child is now a beautiful and irresistible woman.

Peyton and Sam get reacquainted with one another and realize how much they’ve missed since they’ve not seen each other. Yet neither Peyton nor Sam is without their tender imperfections. Sam deals with his widowed father, a retired Navy admiral with dashed dreams of Sam having his own Navy career, not accepting Sam for who he really is. Peyton understands, even while Sam’s not good enough for his cantankerous and critical father. And Sam’s there when the ghosts of combat crowd his lifelong best friend, and Peyton needs a compassionate co-pilot to help her make it through.

They share a love for horses and beach side trail rides yet decide that those things could just be an excuse to be close to each other. When crime, family stuff, and insecurities rear their head, and sudden chances of far, far away threaten to get in their way, is the sudden love affair between Peyton and Sam reach its end? Or are they going to learn that what’s coming next in life is in front of them, when they’re standing face to face.

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