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Charmaine Craig is an American author who has spent much of her life in Los Angeles, California. She has also worked as an actress in television and also film. She went to Harvard College where she studied literature and graduated from the University of California at Irvine where she received her M.F.A.

She is a member of the faculty at UC Riverside, where she teaches literature and enjoys instructing students on forms of narration and how to write a great paragraph. Craig has enjoyed success herself with writing, with her debut novel The Good Men becoming a national bestseller that was eventually translated into six different languages.

Her second novel, Miss Burma, is largely inspired by experiences of her grandmother and mother from Burma and their lives and memories from there. Craig currently resides in Los Angeles with her daughters and husband, a fellow author named Andrew Winer.

Her first book is titled The Good Men. The story deals with a story of a woman named Grazida Lizier who was tried for heresy during the Catholic Inquisition. She was a young woman who lived during the fourteenth century in France and was from Montaillou, a mountain village in France. She confesses that she shared some joy with the wrong man to do so with, the village rector.

The story is not so much about this woman as it is the story of the rector as well as the village that he lives in. It also includes the three women that are part of the rector’s life. The rector Pierre does seem to be involved with a lot of the villagers, including Fabrisse, the mother of Grazida, and Marquise, the mother of Fabrisse. Pierre is a man who enjoys sex and is quite corrupt. When the Catholic Church turns its eye his way, he betrays the members of his congregation to secure his own position.

The book goes into the lives of the villagers as they live a simple life while the shadow of a scary and impending inquisition looms large. The Good Men refers to the Good Men who spread the word of a different doctrine. The novel shifts in perspectives from different characters and the reader jumps from one character to another as the chapters change over, making for an interesting read as you get the various points of views from the same experience and get to peer into the mind of each character.

As the Catholic Church begins its inquisition and this French area is changed by their presence, the rest of the people living there must bear the consequences of this cowardly man. Far from leading his flock, he abandons them at the first sign of conflict. Fabrisse slides into drinking, and there is a happy moment as a marriage occurs, but this is a story that deals with sensuality, secrets, and spirituality in a time where many in France are dealing with the confusion of their devout faith and the church that seemingly wants to destroy them. Intriguing and historically influenced, check out The Good Men and see what you think!

The second book from Charmaine Craig is titled Miss Burma. The main characters in this book are named Benny and Khin. They are husband and wife and have a daughter together named Louisa. Together they see the world of modern Burma through their eyes and the reader gets to experience a part of the world that they might never visit.

This beautiful story covers one of the most turbulent and violent times in the history of the world and features a number of themes and subjects that include family ties, ethnicity, colonialism, and love and war. Benny ends up moving and settling down in Rangoon after his years attending school in Calcutta is over at last. Rangoon is part of the British Empire at the time. It is there that he falls for a woman who belongs to the Karen named Khin.

The Karen have been persecuted for a long time. An ethnic minority group, they are no strangers to being cast off and gone after because of their ethnicity. When the second world war finally comes to southeast Asia, Benny and Khin are not immune to the forces of history. They are forced by the Japanese occupation to go into hiding and flee to the country’s eastern region. This begins a voyage that will end up with the two changing the course of history for Burma.

When the war has ended, it is the Burma nationalist group led by Aung San who takes control of the country after making a deal with the British authorities. However, he is quickly assassinated and replaced with someone else. The man who takes over after him is not concerned with the pleas of local people like the Karen to govern themselves, something that other ethnic groups in the country are doing so. The new leader’s unwillingness to do so turns into a civil war that reaches epic proportions.

It is the largest civil war in the recorded history of the country, and Benny and Khin find themselves once more caught up in the bigger workings of countries. Once more, they must struggle to overcome forces that seem well beyond their control. Their oldest daughter Louisa is also affected by the struggle. She has a dangerous childhood that was uncertain and at times scary. She becomes the first beauty queen of Burma and is just reaching the limelight before the country becomes a dictatorship.

However, Louisa is still a rising star. She is famous now in the country that has been plagued by troubles for so long. But there is more going on here than just beauty queen life and pageants, and Louisa has not forgotten about her past nor the past that her family has had to contend with. On top of that, there are bigger issues to deal with, like what the Karen peopl

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