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Publication Order of Chase Brothers Books

Chase Brothers is a series of sensual romance novels written by a bestselling American author of romance and erotic romance novels Lauren Dane. The series is set in Petal, a small town in Georgia and revolves around the lives of four brothers and the principal to each story is Polly Chase and her husband, Edward.

Giving Chase

Together, they find a particular type of love- but can it survive the threat stalking her?

Some small remote towns can grow sexy and handsome men, and this is the case with the Chase brothers. These homegrown cuties are on the wish list of every woman in the small town, and Maggie Wright is no exception.

Maggie Wright has is fed up with men she has been dating, but a strong feeling of lust drops Shane Chase straight into her lap. The local sheriff Shane is hot man but was played by his ex-fiancé, and when he gets a chance with Maggie, he is quite happy to play the field for some time.

After Shane’s playful nature sends him straight out the door, Maggie discovers that Kyle Chase has had his eyes set on her from the start. Now that Shane has messed up with such a gorgeous woman, Kyle has no intention of letting anything stop him from wooing Maggie right into his bed.

Despite Maggie’s happiness and the ever-growing love with Kyle, a deadly dark shadow threatens everything they have created- Maggie has got a stalker, and he is not happy with love life progress. If she needs to survive, she will have to trust her wits, strength and the man she has come to fall deeply in love with.

Giving Chase is Kyle’s story; he is caring, honorable, protective and passionate. He is the son of law that every woman dreams of- not to mention that he is kind of man every woman wishes to fall in love. He does not immediately fall in love with Maggie when he meets her, but when he does, there’s nothing that can take her away from his reach.

On the other hand, Maggie does not fall in love with Kyle fast either. In fact, the two have known each other all their lives, but they have never been anything more than just friendly acquaintances. She dates other guys before finally hooking up with Kyle.

Maggie has some weird self-esteem issues thanks to her bitchy sister and mother- and thus Kyle has to continually keep convincing her that he loves her and he is in for eternity. Kyle is a lovely main character, thanks to his hot pursuit, sweet romance and fierce protection of Maggie. There are several scenes of sexy and hot love scenes between these two sweethearts. Overall Giving Chase is an enjoyable, sweet, light and an entertaining read.

Taking Chase

Cassie Gambol has been on the run since her ex-husband nearly killed her and ended her successful career as a vascular surgeon. Even though the justice system found her husband guilty of attempted murder, the man escaped while awaiting sentence. Escaping from Los Angeles, Cassie heads to a Petal, a small town in Georgia where she believes she will be able to start her life once again.

Shane introduced in the first novel in the series is a man who has held himself away from any form of commitment since his fiancé dumped him. He knows that the newcomer is hiding something- but he is wildly attracted to her underlying vulnerability and her strength as well. However, the last thing that Cassie wants is another man who wants to control how she lives her life. A battle begins, between Cassie who tries to keep a distance from the handsome sheriff and Shane who knows that he loves Cassie. However, a challenge is that Cassie’s ex-husband is back- he does not want her in his life anymore but wants her dead.

Shane was first introduced in Giving Chase where he acted failed miserably, causing him to be dumped by Maggie. However, it appears that Lauren Dane had other plans for him in mind, and thus she made him a likable hero. When Cassie and Shane meet, it is lust at first sight- and Cassie at first is very restive when around Chase, thus making Shane suspect that she is hiding something.

However despite this Cassie and Shane have an instant connection, one that makes Shane change his mind about dating. He was once heartbroken and since then swore to never fall in love again- but this changes upon setting his eyes on Cassie. With a lot of passion and patience, Shane finally discovers all Cassie’s secrets, including the one that threatens her life.

The couple (Shane and Cassie) is stubborn characters, and they often experience lots of fights and misunderstanding- but also much passion builds up. However, each is good for the other; you will find yourself connecting with them and get to know them better. Shane redeems himself in this novel unlike in the first book- he shows love, patience, and tenderness towards Cassie.


Marc is the youngest of the four Chase brothers- and like his brothers, he is also known as a skirt chaser. However, in the first several months, he has been feeling down and has not yet found the love of his life.

He wants affection, love, marriage, and children just like his elder brothers Kyle and Shane. Liv is Marc’s sister in law best friend and one of the close friends of the Chase family for many years. She is in her mid-30’s, and she also feels that her clock is ticking and wants to find the man who will give her affection, love, and children just like Marc.

A couple of years back, Liv had a relationship with Marc’s older brother, Matt, but she ended the relationship after realizing that Matt would never commit to her. Recently, she found her current boyfriend with the town’s “loose woman”- she is heartbroken. Will she ever find the perfect man for herself to keep? Are there good men?

Marc is attracted to Liv and soon realizes that she is the perfect woman for him. The only challenge is that Liv is six years older than Marc. On the other hand, Liv has had a rough past, being heartbroken and losing her mother when she was young. Will these two people seeking love in their lives finally be able to find it? Will their relationship be temporary or permanent one?

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