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Publication Order of Chase Dagger Mysteries Books

The Good Die Twice (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Full Moon-Bloody Moon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unseen (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Ghosts (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Storm (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vaporizer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightfall (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chase Dagger is a series of mystery novels written by Lee Driver. The novels take the mystery genre and blend it with fantasy and science fiction, which is relatively rare.

+The Story

The Chase Dagger series follows the exploits of an enigmatic detective with a mysterious past.

Chase Dagger is introduced to readers in ‘The Good Die Twice’ as a detective in Cedar Point with a tendency to attract the most troublesome cases.

Chase has a young assistant called Sara who witnessed a murder. The 18-year-old is certain that she saw someone kill Rachel Tyler. And that would be perfectly fine if Robert Tyler wasn’t just as certain that his wife died several years ago.

It shouldn’t have taken too much trouble for Sara to stand her ground and defend what she saw. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. Sara has a secret. She is a shapeshifter, a being that has the power to turn her body into that of an animal.

The Native American girl was flying through the sky as a hawk the day she saw Rachel Tyler get murdered. But that isn’t the sort of claim anyone would believe. More importantly, Sara is very sensitive about her abilities. She doesn’t want anyone to know what she can do.

Fortunately for her, Chase Dagger already knows what Sara can do and he accepts her for who she is. Additionally, he is more than happy to look into the matter, if only to put Sara’s mind at ease.

Chase and Sara drive the Chase Dagger mystery series. Chase normally takes center stage but as his assistant in most things, Sara isn’t too far behind. From the very first novel, it is made abundantly clear that Chase is no ordinary person.

The Private Investigator has no past to speak of or at least none that he can remember. That particular aspect of his life, while vexing, doesn’t stop him from lending a helping hand to the police when the need arises.

It isn’t just that strange cases always find their way into Chase Dagger’s hands. The detective is also surprisingly effective at solving them. Chase’s impressive success rate can be imputed to all the useful connections he seems to have.

The Private Eye also has access to a wide array of gadgets so outlandish in their design that they definitely catapult the Chase Dagger series into science fiction territory.

When things get too hairy, Chase can always count on Sara to help him out. Most people tend to dismiss Sara as Chase’s receptionist and she permits that misconception because people, especially Chase’s clients, are encouraged to ignore her as a result.

That allows her to eavesdrop on all the important conversations and gain information that Chase needs to solve his cases. Sara’s shapeshifting ability is also quite beneficial to the team.

Sara does not completely understand her gift because she has never met anyone like her. Chase is a constant source of encouragement for her, helping Sara overcome what can sometimes manifest as crippling anxiety.

Chase can understand Sara because his origins are just as unconventional. The two of them initially relate to one another as siblings. Over time, feelings begin to develop. However, Chase is afraid of pursuing them because he does not want to ruin their comfortable relationship.

The pair is joined on their many escapades by an intelligent Macaw with a photographic memory called Einstein and a police officer called Martinez who collaborates with Chase and Sara to stop criminals.

The Chase Dagger books initially emphasize the mystery aspect of their stories above all else. Even with the presence of a shapeshifter and an intelligent Macaw, Lee Driver never allows her concepts to get too outlandish. At the end of the day, despite their unconventional tools, Chase and Sara are just detectives who collect clues and solve puzzles.

However, as the series progresses, Lee Driver begins to sprinkle less subtle supernatural and science fiction elements into the mix. The mystery still remains a central aspect. But Lee Driver makes more of an effort to blend the genres.

+The Author

Lee Driver is a pen name used by S.D. Tooley. Tooley is primarily a mystery author. Even as S.D. Tooley, she is best known for mystery titles like the Sam Casey books.

However, Tooley seems to have a knack for the supernatural as well. The Sam Casey books appear ordinary enough, following the exploits of a detective sergeant called Samantha Casey, until it is revealed that the hero of the series can talk to the dead.

The Chase Dagger novels follow the same structure. Lee Driver did a number of interesting jobs (Administrative Assistant, Seminar Coordinator, Casino Dealer, Sales Assistant) before writing fiction.

+The Good Die Twice

Chase Dagger is a private detective in Cedar Peak, Indiana living quite the curious life. It isn’t just Chase’s mysterious past that stands out. There’s also his assistant, a young girl that can shapeshift, and an intelligent macaw.

Chase has a nose for trouble. However, he is a little hesitant to act when Sara claims to have witnessed a murder. Sara was in her hawk form at the time and she refuses to waver in her account of what happened.

And Chase doesn’t doubt Sara’s honesty. However, the woman she claims was murdered before her very eyes is Rachel Tyler. And according to her husband, Robert Tyler, Rachel died five years ago.

So there is no way she could have been the woman Sara saw get killed. Most people would have dismissed Sara altogether. But Chase has a tendency to attract the strangest cases. And it wouldn’t surprise him if a dead woman came back to life only to die again.

+Full Moon, Bloody Moon

People are being murdered and it is up to Chase Dagger to stop the culprit, or at least that is what a professor and an Indianapolis Cop tell the Private Eye when they show up on his doorstep.

Marty knows that these most recent killings are nothing new because he dealt with a similar spate of murders in the 1990s. Along with Professor William Sherlock, Marty believes all the killings occur on a full moon.

And they typically happen on Friday the 13th. Marty must decide whether he is willing to believe in an evil that can pass from generation to generation.

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