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My Horizontal Life (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Uganda Be Kidding Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life Will Be The Death of.... and You Too! (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chelsea Handler is a comic and actress best known for ‘Chelsea Lately’, her late-night talk show. Over the years, Chelsea has starred in numerous movies and television shows, though it took her a while to break into the literary publishing field.


Chelsea Handler is a native of Livingston, New Jersey. Born in 1975 in a family of six children, Chelsea doesn’t think she had the best childhood. Her parents, a Mormon housewife and a Jewish car salesman, were decent. However, Chelsea also remembers them being a little flaky.

It didn’t help that the family had so many children that the comic felt she was lost in the crowd, especially during her earliest years. Things took a relatively drastic turn when Chelsea was ten. Her eldest brother died.

The tragedy left the family shaken. Chelsea found that she wasn’t nearly as comfortable at home. She was always looking for ways to gain independence, a feat she eventually achieved when she finished high school and went to pursue her acting career.

Every wannabe actor was flowing to Los Angeles at the time, so Chelsea followed suit. It didn’t take her long to realize that there was more to making it as an actor than having the guts to follow one’s dreams.

Life in Los Angeles was tough. The comic was forced to wait tables as she waited for her big break. And she will be the first to tell you that she did everything she could to make it in Los Angeles. For a period of time, Chelsea’s life revolved around all the auditions she kept going to.

None of them ever panned out. Chelsea has described the moment she was arrested for drunk driving as her big break. She was 21 at the time, and when she was thrown into a D.U.I. class, she did not realize just how many doors would open afterward.

Chelsea Handler remembers getting along with her fellow students at the D.U.I Class. More importantly, she remembers cracking them up a lot, an occurrence that proved to her that she might have what it takes to make it in comedy.

The change from actor to comedian was risky, but Chelsea was running out of options at the time, and she was more than ready to try anything, this including stand-up comedy.

The comic might have struggled to land acting parts but it didn’t take her long to get gigs at comedy clubs. And she was quite the hit, surprising audiences with her brashness and bluntness. Some people were put off by the comic’s vulgar acts. And they were even less pleased when she began to perpetuate the image of a party-obsessed blonde with a filthy mouth.

But the image did wonders for Chelsea in the long run, keeping her in the spotlight long enough for her brand to grow. While the would-be author had a few stints on shows like ‘My Wife and Kids’, and ‘The Practice’, it wasn’t until she landed ‘Chelsea Lately’ in 2007 that true commercial success landed in her lap.

Things looked like they would take a negative turn after ‘The Chelsea Handler Show’ Chelsea’s debut sketch series was canceled. But then her Late Night show came into the picture and became a ratings giant.

The show dissected the latest News items while injecting humor into the mix. Chelsea also hosted comic guests and celebrities who she would interview. The show continued to pick up steam in the years it was running, proving popular among young female viewers.

When Chelsea’s relationship with ‘E! Entertainment’ ended, she managed to land a lucrative deal with Netflix that saw her bring some of her whacky concepts to hungry fans.

+Literary Career

Chelsea Handler’s literary success can be imputed to the honesty with which the author explores her life and the experience she has encountered over the years. Chelsea officially became an author in 2005 when her book ‘My Horizontal Life’ was published.

The book was quite the shocker because it saw Chelsea Handler providing detailed revelations about her sexual exploits over the years. The book was a bestseller and it paved the way for the author to write more books about the life she has lived, the things she has seen and the wild encounters she has come across.

When Chelsea isn’t writing novels, she is contributing columns to magazines like ‘Cosmopolitan’.

+Are You There, Vodka?

This book is a collection of stories from Chelsea Handler in which she talks about everything from her career to her family and the relationships she has had. The book paints in vivid detail the wild and unconventional life Chelsea has lived and the almost ridiculous things that have happened to her since she moved to Los Angeles in her early 20s.

This book has a lot of varied reviews. Fans of Chelsea Handler loved it. Chelsea is completely uninhibited in the way she tells her stories. She is not afraid to take readers into those dark and unpleasant portions of her life. And the fact that she is so cynical, sarcastic and ridiculous makes her all the more appealing.

It might come as a surprise to some readers that Chelsea is willing to reveal certain uncomfortable family situations. Chelsea is like an open book. There is nothing she won’t talk about.

Though, for some readers, Chelsea comes off as being crass and shocking for the sake of it. Those audiences that do not appreciate her uninhibited style have complained that her anecdotes get tired really quickly.

+Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

This book from Chelsea Handler continues the comic’s tradition of bearing it all in simple, straightforward personal essays. The book delves into Chelsea’s family history, her sex life and the thing she’s seen during her lengthy career.

The book doesn’t do anything new that fans of the author haven’t seen before. The stories are new, but the narrative is the same. Chelsea is out to shock and to create discomfort. For readers who love Chelsea’s literary work, this book is another explosive piece of material about the comic for them to absorb.

For readers that do not like Chelsea’s stories or her books in general, this book is unlikely to change their opinions. The big criticism aimed at this book revolves around Chelsea’s penchant for talking about her older boyfriend who was CEO of E Entertainment while ‘Chelsea Lately’ was on.

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