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Publication Order of The Last Changeling Books

The Last Changeling (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Faerie Queen (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The S-Word (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Lie Will Kill You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies Like Poison (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chelsea Pitcher is an American author of young adult, literature and fiction books. She began writing beautiful stories as soon as she could read and loves writing into the darker realms to see if she can shine in some light. A Portland native, Pitcher, became a published author in 2013 when her standalone novel The S-word was published, and the following year she published The Last Changeling the first book in a The Fae Revolutions series/ The Last Changeling series.

The S-word

Decades ago, before the blockbusters, everyone was super crazy about these black and white films with guys who wore long coats, which talked pretty fast and madly fell in love with bombshells keeping big secrets. Now the film noir is an improved genre of fiction which has had big impacts and an inspired a whole lot of student films. These films revolved around something valuable missing or someone dead or a wife who want to know if her husband is cheating on her. They were filled with secrets, shifty characters and layers of twists and turns that kept the audience guessing every other minute.

Chelsea Pitcher’s debut standalone novel is a perfect resemblance of such good old movies. While it’s presented to us in written words other than in big screens, the story delivers quality, and one would be right to say that it’d hit top charts if it was adapted for the big screens. To be specific, The S-word can be compared to movies like 1944 film noir Double Indemnity.

Angie is the main character, an amateur sleuth investigating the person who made the girl who betrayed her to commit suicide. Crafted in a noir private investigative fashion, she investigates through her school in pursuit of truth.

Someone seems to enjoy writing suicide sluts everywhere around the school in the dead girl handwriting and Angie not only want to figure out the person’s identity but she also wants to find out who branded her former best friend a slut.

Through her investigations, Angie traces her clues to the most unusual suspects, the bullied nerd, the mean girl cheerleaders, and the jealous drama club celeb. The drama quickly unfolds in a thrilling fashion, which is both classic and entertaining all at once. While this novel is about high school, it’s a captivating mystery where big secrets are exposed, and more than one answer revealed.

The S-Word is more of a story about vengeance as it’s a love story. The heroine is determined to people who made her ex-best friend to commit suicide so that she can “unleash her justice” upon them. There’s your revenge, quite straightforward. Then there’s the love story, it’s layered, and comes in different forms and shapes. It’s the discovery of impermissible love, devotion, and friendships so strong it kills. What’s so interesting with this story is the fact that, when you feel like you’ve got a grip on the whole concept of the story and figured everything out, the author switches it up and as the reader, you’re left to figure it out all again. On the surface, the story appears simple and straightforward, find those who bullied Lizzie and why she committed suicide- but the truth is, there’s more to Lizzie’s death than you think. Check it out to figure out this mystery.

The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling is the first book in The Fae Revolutions series also known as The Last Changeling Series. It’s a book about more than just teenage romance, it’s a novel seeking equality and at the same time about rebellion against prejudice masked as just a teenage romance with Faery.

We are introduced to Elora, the child of Unseelie Queen who’s made a pact with Seelie Queen to do away with centuries of conflicts between the courts and also do away with the iron grip that all the queens have on their courts. But the Seelie Queen calls for sacrifice to contribute and to achieve that from the mortal world, Elora must be made mortal.

On the other hand, Taylor has problems of his own, the weight of his brother’s death is on his shoulders, family issues to handles and high school and teenage drama to handle as well. But when these two lost souls find each other’s, they assist each other to find what they need.

The characters in The Last Changeling story all are assigned to a role that adds certain flavors to the narrative. For example, Elora introduces the readers to her faerie world, and through her, you’ll be able to see the human in a different light. While she was raised to believe and view humans as despicable, when she meets Taylor, he changes her perspectives and questions everything she was told about humans. Additionally, through Taylor, we are able to experience something familiar to Elora’s story. Through him, Chelsea Pitcher portrays the faces of dysfunctional family and teenage angst.

Through Elora and Taylor’s friends, the author is able to explore the themes of social stigma and also shines some light to LGBT issues in society.

The story is told from the point of views of both Taylor and Elora’s alternating between chapters. The author does a fantastic job of crafting her main characters to bring them to life for her diehard readers. Elora is the heroine; she was brought up in a treacherous family, but she has developed her ideas about treating everyone, every creature equally. When she gets to the human world, she doesn’t turn a blind eye to the unfairness of the bullied kids. She is an active character, clever and likable.

On the other hand, is Taylor. He’s a wonderful, sweet and perfect. His life wasn’t an easy one, losing his brother, neglected by his parents and bullied at school. But even after all this, nothing made him feel bitter, and he remains truly generous and kind.

The romance in this story is very sweet. It’s steadily paced and works for the characters involved and their situations even when they’re in doubt about a relationship even though their strong feelings are always clear.

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