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Cherry Cola Book Club Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cherry Cola Book Club Books

The Cherry Cola Book Club (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reading Circle (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Circle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cherry Cola Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of the Cookbooks (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book Club Babies (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in the historic town of Natchez in Mississippi, Ashton Lee grew up with a large and extended Southern family. Ashton’s childhood was full of different experiences which contributed greatly to his fiction writing. His father was an editor and writer in New York just after WWII and wrote with the pen name R. Keene Lee which further inspired Ashton to read and write in his early years.

These influences caused Ashton to develop a love for writing from a young age and over time he honed his skills. For higher education, Lee went to the University of South also known as Sewanee. There he got his majors in English while studying Creative Writing from Andrew Lytle who was Sewanee Review’s editor at the time and used to be a member in the Southern Agrarians during 1920’s. Ashton grew famous with his Cherry Cola Book Club fiction series and has written 6 books in the series till now. He currently lives in Oxford as the university town has a wide array of amenities to offer which has led to various renowned writers referring to it as home.

With the Cherry Cola Book Club books, Ashton has successfully managed to capture different the problems of a library and portrayed them beautifully for the readers. The delightful books offer a new perspective to look at libraries through a breezy and light writing style. Set in a Southern town tucked away in picturesque beauty, the books feature a cast with equal measures of genuine and haywire characteristics. The readers find it easy to get completely indulged in the novels as characters start turning into friends and classic literature discussions while sitting inside a small town’s library become pastime. Lee’s smooth writing makes this series a quick page turner which has gathered him a large number of fans over the years.

The Cherico Mississippi features a corrugated iron siding along with cramped interiors. While the small town library isn’t a wondrous building, it does mean a great deal to Maura Beth Mayhew. In the first book which is named the same as series, the young librarian, Maura who doesn’t intend to let the underfunded library being closed down so easily. She is left devastated when the Councilman Durden Sparks gives her the shocking news that the library may be closed down. The city council has decided to give five months to increase the library’s circulation for making it more relevant to the public or else they will stop funding the library and delete it from the budget. Maura already struggles to put latest best sellers on the shelves and has just two clerks to help her run the library in a limited space of 3500 square feet.

Since the council doesn’t provide her enough funds she can’t buy computers to attract more people. One day, a friend mentions about a book club she left in her previous city and Maura comes up with the idea of Cherry Cola Book Club. The book club isn’t only for librarians or specific readers but it’s open to anyone interested in an entertaining story full of charming characters. Maura Beth is an impressive central character as she unfolds various elements of a community which a book club brings together. The story takes different angles on classic literature over delicious meals at the book club. With time, members begin discussing more than books as secrets unravel and sparks fly in the air.

In the second book named as “The Reading Circle”, the story follows a similar lighthearted plot. While Councilman Durden couldn’t shut down the library, he is now focused on diverting funds to suit his personal causes. Maura has succeeded in securing one year reprieve funding on account of her gumption and supportive friends and the flourishing book club is improving the library profile with every scrumptious meeting. But adding more members to the club has resulted in different opinions and great food may not be able to make the meetings go as planned. There’s a lot of drama and debates over book choices and the story continues to reveal surprising mysteries along with relationship problems. Maura’s fledging romance and the uncertain future of library put her through a number of complicated situations and new heroes uncover with twists and turns as the story unfolds.

The third book in the series is named as “The Wedding Circle”. As apparent from the name, the story revolves around the wedding of the main character Maura as she handles the library responsibilities. Owing to the persistence and endless efforts of Maura, a new and modern library is in the process of being built on Lake Cherico’s beautiful shore. She is set to marry Jeremy McShay in September at the stunning house of Jeremy’s aunt and uncle but as it turns out, happiness has to be always won after struggle. Maura’s socialite parents constantly insist on a lavish wedding in New Orleans while a local politician tries to divert the funds for library. Maura invites her parents to the humble town of Cherico hoping them to experience the laidback appeal and enjoy book club’s mouth-watering meetings. But as discussions turn from classic literature to real life marriage, Mrs. Mayhew loses her calm. With advises from Cherry Cola Book Club and vigor of her favorite Southern heroines, Maura tries to get her dreams of library and wedding to come true.

The fourth book “A Cherry Cola Christmas, starts as the economy of Cherico begins to slow down with the rise of criminal activity in the town. Maura has returned from her honeymoon and holds special book club meetings to allow more people to share their grief which may lead to a criminal to confess and give a miraculous Christmas to the town. The fifth book features Laura’s struggle as she finally plans to unveil the library on 4th of July. She has arranged a cooking show along with fireworks and other arrangements for a grand opening but even her careful plans can’t stop certain glitches from arising. Filled with drama, the story unveils a new library leading to another beginning as the Cherry Cola Book Club series continues to charm the readers.

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