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Publication Order of A Paint and Shine Mystery Books

Still Knife Painting (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Draw and Order (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death a Sketch (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Webb's Glass Shop Mystery Books

Pane and Suffering (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shards of Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cracked to Death (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Etched in Tears (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered at Sea (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down in Flames (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cheryl Hollon is a full time writer based in Florida. Her writing career started after she decided to quit her earlier military engineering career. She aided in research and training of military aircrafts and has worked in different countries including Australia, Singapore, India, Taiwan and England.

Cheryl has a strong passion for creative writing and creative glass art. Together with her husband, they have a combination of fine glass art work in their home studio. They design and produce stained, fused and painted glass in their St. Petersburg Florida home. The studio has played a huge role towards inspiring her selection of stories in her novels.

Cheryl first book ‘Pane and Suffering’ was released on September 2015 and is featured in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery Series. She occasionally attends different mystery writing events and conferences that bring writers and readers across America. You are likely to meet her during Thrillerfest, Bouchercon, SleuthFest, Malice Domestic and Left Coast Crime.

Cheryl Hollon dream has always been to become a fulltime writer. She describes her second contract by Kensington Books as a dream come true in her writing career. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America.

Cheryl’s’ work is a reflection of her passion in creative glass art and mysterious writing. She always finds a way to integrate her love for glass art in all his write ups while keeping the story lively and readers yearning to find out more about the stories.

Pane and Suffering

This was the first mystery novel to be released by Cheryl Hollon in 2015 under Webb’s Glass Shop series. It revolves around mysterious death of Webb Glass Shop owner and his close associate due to heart attack in St. Petersburg, Florida. Questions are raised as people believe that someone is behind the mysterious deaths.

Savannah Webb is forced to leave everything and return to their Florida home after death of her father. She aims to bring order in everything left behind by her father and oversee running of the family glass business. Savannah finally feels that she can entrust a master expert and a trusted friend of his father, Hugh Trevor with the daily running of the business. This succession however does not take place as the expert is found dead the next day.

Savannah still does not suspect anything behind the mysterious death of her father and the master expert over the short time from the same cause. She finds a note left behind by her father before dying saying that her life is also in danger. Savannah seeks help from the police but they are not satisfied by the reasons presented to them and disregard her case. She is left on her own to figure out on the causes of the murders. She uses her knowledge on glass art trying to find clue about the deaths by pieces of glass art left behind by her father.

Finally, one of the experts working at the glass shop is convicted of all the murders. Fearing her safety, Savannah is more careful to bring down the suspect before it is too late. She is willing to corporate with the local police in order to save her life and stop the mysterious murders. Will Savannah efforts bear any fruit in eliminating the chief organiser of all the murders? Is the conviction of the worker be the end of the deaths, read more about the twist of events on Pale and Suffering?

Shards of Murder

This is the second book released by Cheryl Hollon on February 2016 under Webb’s Glass Shop Series. It is a continuation of Pale and Suffering after the Webb’s Glass shop find a new manager. The book them revolves around a deadly rivalry and competition in glass industry as Savannah Webb is declared owner of her father business. Innovative glass designing competition takes a surprising twist as the winner for innovative glass design is discovered dead in the field by Savannah.

After becoming proprietor of her father business, Savannah finds herself in a compromising situation after the murder of a close business competitor. Spinnaker Art Festival is held in St. Petersburg Florida and Megan Loyola is shortlisted as the best innovative glass designer. Megan was trained and mentored by Savannah something that directly suggests that Savannah had an interest in the murder of Megan.

There is confusion as Megan fails to show up to pick her $50,000 reward. Immediately people start gossiping about her where bouts, her body is discovered lying lifeless on one end of the ground by Savannah. Police suspect Savannah for the murder due to business rivalry. Savannah prevents appearing before the judge by trying to find clue of the murder by reconnecting the broken pieces of glass found next to Megan body. She wonders who is behind the killer competition and did not believe that the competition could go to this extent.

Cracked to Death

Cracked to death was released on June 2016 and is a continuation of the previously written books on Webb’s Glass shop mysterious murder. Savannah hires a team of investigative experts to help in revealing the mysterious death surrounding the glass business.

Savannah, the proprietor of glass business feels that she can help the locals beat of the heat during dog days of summer by providing recyclable bottles which are more environmentally friendly. Amanda Blake the store manager is the one behind the design and crafting of the eco-friendly glasses. However, it is found that the glass has a negative impact as indicated by older samples supplied to Martin Lane.

The material used in making the glass is said to have originated from a historical shipwreck and Savannah is put into question on her role in acquiring the material. Things take a new turn after Martin Lane body is discovered floating on water shores the next morning with pieces of glass art in the floating bag. Martin cell phone history indicates that Amanda is the one who drowned him. Savannah is left with the task of finding out who murdered Martin and what will end the series of mysterious murder surrounding glass business in Florida.

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