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Publication Order of Viv and Charlie Mystery Books

The Darkness Knows (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Homicide for the Holidays (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dig Deep My Grave (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cheryl Honigford is one the noteworthy authors of the historical fiction, mystery, and romance genres; hailing from Ohio, The United States. She is well known for writing the new mystery series called Viv and Charlie Mysteries. Author Cheryl was born and brought up in Ohio. She has a deep interest in the writing stories as she has been doing it for a very long time. As a child, author Cheryl was very much interested in reading books. This hobby led to the honing of her imaginative powers and compelled her to make up her own stories. This way Cheryl started her writing career. Also, she used to make stories and tell them to her family and friends. This too has laid a great impact on the development of her writing skills. Author Cheryl has obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Ohio State, along with an English minor. The debut novel of her career, The Darkness Knows, started right after the completion of her graduation. Initially, Cheryl was writing it in the form of Nanowrimo book as she was inspired by her love of the mysteries, old styled radios, and Chicago. Author Cheryl is particularly very fond of all those things which belong the 1930s America. After finishing the novel’s written work, Cheryl was waiting to get it published. But, she appeared to be quite reluctant to get it published as she feared about failure right at the beginning of her career. However, nothing like that actually happened as the book received tremendous success worldwide. It went on to become a quarter finalist in the Breakthrough Novel Competition organized by Amazon. The book also became an overall winner of the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Prize for Excellence in the category of Suspense & Mystery Books.

The success of her first book motivated author Cheryl to another mind blowing novel with the same set of characters and plot set up. She has finished with the writing part of her second book too, and is waiting to get it published. The book is expected to come in the market very soon in the coming days. After seeing her expertise in creating and developing a mystery/suspense story, the readers are eagerly waiting for the release of her next book. They are showing a lot of interest in her writing style and due to this, author Cheryl is expected to have a promising and successful career ahead. Author Cheryl resides in the suburban region of Chicago along with her family. Her husband is very loving and supportive of her. Cheryl says that she is lucky to have found such a man as her husband. Whenever she is not busy with her writing works, author Cheryl can be seen trying her hand in canning, knitting, etc. She likes to watch Ginger movies and reading cozy mystery books. All these activities are referred to as the interests of 80 year old women, but Cheryl stills enjoys doing them without any hesitation.

The Viv and Charlie Mystery series written by Cheryl Honigford is comprised of only two books so far. Out of the two, one is already published while the second one is expected to be released soon in the coming months. The first book in the series is entitled ‘The Darkness Knows’. It was released by the Sourcebooks publication in 2016, after its initial release in 2013. Author Cheryl has introduced the chief characters in this book as Vivian Witchell and Charlie Haverman. Vivian is described as an upcoming radio actress, whereas Charlie is shown as a private detective. Author Cheryl has done the setting of the story in Chicago, Illinois, the US, at the time of the year 1938. At the opening of the story, it is shown that just before the start of the 10 o’clock show at a radio station, one of the prominent radio actresses is found dead in the lounge. The evidences relate to murder. There were also hints about a next probable victim in the form of the young and upcoming actress named Vivian Witchell. Viv is not the kind of girl who would depend on the mercy of others and she knows how to fight her battle. She has developed the habit of stealing the radio shows with her charm. And therefore, she thinks that she can face any type of challenge in life. Vivian joins the charming private detective named Charlie Haverman in carrying the investigation of the murder. Together, they get thrust into a deadly world of motives, clues, secrets, and suspects. Soon, Viv realizes that there is so much at stake for her and therefore she needs to catch the killer as soon as possible. She cannot wait for too long to get the case solved as she has the promise of an exciting career ahead of her. The book turns out to be a gripping debut novel, having a thrilling mystery set-up. With this novel, author Cheryl has tried to cast some light on the scandal and drama of the radio stardom during prewar times in Chicago. The book also comes with a fun-filled setting with which author Cheryl has described the personal life of Vivian. In spite of belonging to a wealthy family, she wants to be independent and so she joins radio. The readers liked reading the standard setting of the cozy mystery in this book. Author Cheryl’s gentle description of the characters and plot, with the inclusion historical details, make it a worthy read and a value for time and money.

The next book written in the series is called ‘Homicide for the Holidays’. This book continues to depict Charlie Haverman and Vivian Witchell in the lead roles. The setting and time period of the story is same as the previous book. The book opens by depicting that Vivian enters into the office of her dead father and finding some mysterious things. She comes across a key that was kept hidden and can open a drawer that is kept locked for many years. Vivian also finds a warning note and an envelope having cash inside. Soon, she finds herself in a great trouble and does not know how to get herself out of it. But luckily for her, she has Charlie Haverman by her side. The two spend several weeks of the holiday season in uncovering the various mysteries related to the past life of Vivian’s father. They follow the trail of important clues that take them directly to the notorious mob boss named Al Capone. This book too consists of a riveting mystery that unfolds in a unique way towards the climax of the plot. Author Cheryl has already started receiving praises for the book. She expects this book also to become extremely successful all over the world.

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