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Cheryl Rees-Price Books In Order

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Publication Order of DI Winter Meadows Mystery Books

The Silent Quarry (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Frozen Minds (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Suffer the Children (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Knot of Sparrows (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Lies of Mine (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Echoes (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blue Hollow (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Cheryl Rees-Price is a British mystery author best known for her DI Winter Meadows series of novels. She currently makes her home in South Wales where she lives with her husband and their three cats. While she has become quite a successful author she still works a day job in finance and plots murder mysteries in the evenings.
The author was born in Cardiff but as a child, her parents moved to a small village in South Wales. It is the same town on the edge of the Black Mountains where she still lives to this day.
Once she graduated from school she went on to become a legal clerk which she did for a number of years before she left to start a family. Once her daughters were older, she went back to school and studied sociology, philosophy and accounting even as she worked a day job as a bookkeeper.
Rees-Price now makes a living working as finance director for an accounting and project management services company. When she is not working her day job, she can be found writing her novels, gardening, walking which she believes frees her mind to come up with the many colorful characters and plots.

Unlike many authors, Cheryl Rees-Price was never a big reader growing up. She read the likes of “The Hardy Boys” and developed a crush for Joe Hardy but that was it. When she was in junior school, the teacher used to read stories to them and it was from these readings that she came to love the likes of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Hobbit.”
It was not until she was in her thirties that she started writing. Her daughters were still very little and she practiced by writing and reading stories to them. Rees-Price would also write local plays for her church and it is from the success of these performances that she would get the confidence to write her debut novel “Echoes.”
She never set out to become a crime fiction author as her debut was a paranormal mystery. When she wrote “The Silent Quarry,” the debut of the “DI Winter Meadows Mystery” series, it turned out to be a crime fiction work and she went on from there.
She loved the process of research and plotting so much that she decided to make it into a series. Cheryl does a lot of research for her writing and very often she has found herself researching true crime cases.
She has said that she does this so that she can understand the motivations of peopel that commit heinous crimes such as murder. It is from these that she develops her ideas and plots for her stories.

Cheryl Rees-Price loves reading novels that transports her readers away from the mundane happenings in their lives. She finds writing an effective escape to an alternate world where she can be the hero or villain dictating how the story moves forward.
She loves to do her research which informs much of her writing. Once she gets the idea for a story she tries to work on how her lead will achieve their goal without being so obvious a suspect. From this she will dive deep into the forensics of things like poisons and weapons in addition to the psychology of her killer.
Cheryl has said that her ultimate goal in writing is to provide entertainment and enjoyment to her readers. She hopes that she will one day be able to make enough sales so that she can become a full time author.

“The Silent Quarry” by Cheryl Rees-Price is the debut novel of the ‘DI Winter Meadows” series of novels. The novel is set in a quiet Welsh village in 1987 that had been left in shock following a brutal attack on Gwen Collier and Bethan Hopkins who are just but school girls.
Bethan never survived the attack and Gwen was left with amnesia regarding the attack and some horrific injuries. The killer was never brought to justice and three decades later Gwen also goes missing. Detective Inspector Winter Meadows is put incharge of the case given his intuitive and charismatic nature. He is known for his uncanny gift of finding the most hidden truths no matter how obscure they may be.
But in the close knit and small family the secrets from the past often come back to haunt their keepers. As such, most people with secrets do everything in their power to keep their secrets hidden. Tensions are running high as accusations and old feelings are stirred. DI Meadows too has to face his own dark past as he finds some truths he would have wished to remain secret.

In Cheryl Rees-Price’s “Frozen Minds,” DI Meadows is in charge of the investigation into the mysterious death in his town. The administrator of a home had been found killed and stashed in a freezer and it promises to be a tricky investigation. The home catered to adults with learning difficulties which makes many of them vulnerable.
But could some of them be sane enough to commit murder? Once Winter starts his investigation he begins to see some very strange irregularities. The standards of care, finances and the account of events from the residents and staff do not make sense.
Many of the neighbors of the residential home want the case resolved as soon as possible. But they are thrown into even more turmoil when one of them ends up dead in very bizarre circumstances. Who could be the killer and what is their motive?
Detective Inspector Meadows needs to investigate and resolve the mystery before the evidence and killer slip from his grasp.

“Suffer the Children” by Cheryl Rees-Price opens to a mother’s worst nightmare. Natalie Beynon is the mother unfortunate enough to wake up and find Ella her eighteen month daughter missing and her front door left ajar. Could the child have walked out of the house or did someone take her while she was asleep?
DI Meadows is in charge of the investigation into the case. But despite his best efforts, he cannot find the break he needs. It does seem that maybe the answer has to do with what happened at the party.
When they find the child’s toy rabbit on a path behind the house there is hope that the mystery could finally be found. They launch a huge manhunt as it is a race to find the kid before dark.
But things take a shocking turn when another child goes missing soon after an appalling discovery. The detective and his team will be pushed to their limits before they resolve the mystery.

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  1. Christina Thomas: 4 months ago

    I have read the first two Winter books and find them very readable. Once started I find I have to keep reading. I find inspector Meadows readable and thoughtful with a gentle nature. Good to read interesting plots with believable characters and policemen who are team players interested in working their way through to solving cases.
    Was recommended by my local librarian and I will look for more in the series.


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