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Publication Order of Chesapeake Diaries Books

Coming Home (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home Again (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hometown Girl (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Almost Home (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home for the Summer (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Way Home (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
At the River's Edge (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Sunset Beach (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Chesapeake Summer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Driftwood Point (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chesapeake Bride (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dune Drive (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chesapeake Diaries series is a series of several interesting novels written by the famous American author Mariah Stewart. The novels of the series are based on the contemporary romance and women’s fiction genres. The series gives an account of the people of the towns living in the Chesapeake Bay. Author Mariah Stewart has written the series in connection with one of her romantic and suspense novels named Last Words. She began writing the series in the around the year 2009 and in the succeeding year, its first novel was published, which opened to great reviews and praises by one and all. The readers liked the novel very much and appreciated author Mariah for her efforts. She received a huge boost from the positive response of the readers towards the first novel of the series and this motivated her to write a few more novels in the series. All the other novels in the series also received many praises and appreciations from the readers and the critics alike. Even her fellow authors praised Mariah for her determined effort in writing down the romance novels of the series. Altogether, there are 9 novels in the series published between the years 2010 and 2015. Author MAriah Stewart is still working on the series and is about to publish the latest novel in the series very soon in the coming days.

The first novel of the Chesapeake Diaries series written by author Mariah Stewart was titled ‘Coming Home’. It was published by the Ballantine Books publishing house in the year 2010. The plot of the novel is set around the regions of the Chesapeake Bay and deals with the lives of the main characters Vanessa Keaton and Grady Shields. Vanessa is depicted as a boutique owner in the novel whereas Grady Shields is shown as an agent in the FBI. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, agent Grady’s wife gets killed by an unknown murderer. This leaves agent Grady extremely devastated and more so because of the fact that he was not able to catch the killer in spite of being an agent in the FBI. Being immensely saddened by his loss, agent Grady Shields stops working for the FBI and turns his back to everything else. He decides to move into the vast solitude of the city of Montana in order to have a retreat in his life. He tries to forget the happenings of the world and begins to grieve for the loss of his love and life partner. After spending a considerable amount of time in seclusion, he is drawn to the town of St. Dennis on account of the wedding of her sister. The town of St. Dennis seemed to be a peaceful and quiet town in Chesapeake Bay.

Grady Shields has already made up his mind that he is not interested in finding love once again in his life, however, he seems to be attracted towards Vanessa Keaton, after meeting her for the first time. After seeing her, Grady begins to feel the mutual sparks that fly between them. On the other hand, Vanessa believes that her decision of coming to the town of St. Dennis was the best decision that she has ever made, particularly after the series of bad choices that she has made in t her past. In the town of St, Dennis, Vanessa has opened a small boutique named Bling, which has become quite successful among the people of the town as well with the tourists. With the success of her boutique, she has been able to own a lovely house. She has also made some very good friends, who have helped her to forget the nightmares of her earlier life and lead a sweet and peaceful life. As for the love life is concerned, Vanessa considers it to be the last thing that she needs at the moment. However, she is not able to resist the hot new man in town, Grady Shields. As the two begin to get along with each other, Vanessa’s past begins to haunt her once again. However, Grady Shields is determined not to let her past make her a victim again and seems pretty much unwilling to leave her. They decide to fight the demons of her troubled past together. In doing so, they discover that life holds surprises at every other moment. Grady especially learns the fact that it is possible to fall in love for the second time.

The second novel of the Chesapeake Diaries series was published by the Ballantine BOoks publishing house in the year 2010. It was given the title ‘Home Again’. The novel became highly successful and helped author Mariah Stewart to establish herself as a bestselling author of the New York Times. Mariah has written the novel based on the tradition of the successful contemporary romance novels of the authors Susan Mallery, Barbara Freethy and Robyn Carr. The plot of the second novel is set in regions of the Chesapeake Bay, just like the first novel of the series. In this novel, plot revolves around the life of the main character Dallas MacGregor. In the opening sequence of the novel, Dallas MacGregor is introduced as a famous actress in Hollywood. She is depicted as living her Hollywood dream. Her stardom at the age of thirty something has allowed her to be loved by the public as well as win many awards. She seemed to be destined to see even more success in her career. However, her dreams get shattered when her husband and producer Emilio Baird is caught red handed in a sex scandal.

As a result, Dallas’s charmed life is turned upside down. In order to keep her young son away from the news and happenings in her life, she decides to take him to St. Dennis, Maryland in Chesapeake Bay, where she had spent her childhood happily. She is reunited with her great-aunt and wishes nothing more than leaving her Hollywood days away from her. While in the town, Dallas MacGregor meets with the love of her high school summer days, Grant Wyler, who works as a local veterinarian. After meeting him, she finds that the spark is still there in her heart for him. But before anything good could happen in life once again takes a troubling turn and Dallas is forced to live with the worst nightmare as a mother. Soon, Emilio also turns up in St. Dennis to add to her misery. By taking a good look at her condition and reviewing every possibility, Dallas comes to the conclusion that it will be best for her to live with Grant as he is also interested to have her in his life and protect her as well as her son. She hopes to secure a future together that they were meant to share since a very long time.

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