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Publication Order of Chesapeake Valor Books

Chesapeake Valor Series

Chesapeake Valor is a series of Christian fiction books by CBA bestselling author Dani Pettrey. It’s a solid, satisfying romantic suspense with dicey escapades and warm-hearted moments. Quench your reading thirst with the intense investigations, attractions and blooming romance that will set your reader heart atwitter.

As former besties Griffin, Luke, Declan, and Parker are reunited by their professional careers, they seek not only to solve the mystery of their investigations but also solve the mystery that binds them together. Each character in the novel faces unique personal and career demons along the way including matters related to faith and love. Each of the books in the series features different lead characters. While some of the books can be read as standalone’s, it’s highly recommended that you read the series to get a better understanding of the characters and the mystery that binds them together.

Cold Shot

Cold Shot is the first book in Chesapeake Valor series. It is an engaging, beautiful and edge of your seat action read filled with suspense and romance.
After a retired SWAT sniper ranger, Griffin McCray finds thieves robbing a grave in Gettysburg cemetery he is shocked to find out that the bone belongs to a young woman who was recently killed. Along with a forensic expert Finley Scott, Griffin calls in his good friends to help him identify the woman and bring her killer to justice.

Dani Pettrey has created a series filled a broad range of characters, crime-solving action, sweet romance, camaraderie, and suspense. Griffin and his friends even though estranged for some reasons bring fun and banter to crime solving. The group includes an ex-sniper cop, an FBI agent, a crime scene analyst, a forensic anthropologist, and a computer expert. The team is devoted to solving crimes especially the cold cases that no one seems to have an interest in. This is a perfect setup for a continuing series and with much space for some romance developments within the group and the relentless such of their friend Luke who vanished many years ago.

It isn’t until halfway through the novel that the reader is given a glimpse of what happened that led the group to split up. Even for Griffin himself, he’s at first tight-lipped about his past and about what changed his path both personally and professionally. You’ll appreciate the fact that such secrets add to the intrigue of this novel and also add depth to the story itself. Sporadic sections from the villains amplify the tension.

While Cold Shot primarily focuses on Finley Scott and Griffin McCray, the story is also filled with other fascinating characters such as Griff’s childhood friends who contribute much to the story.

Here are things you will appreciate about Cold Shot the debut novel in Chesapeake Valor series.

The characters have a strong faith in God. Throughout the book, Griffin and his friends experience personal and emotional growth without a major spiritual experience. Their Christian life and their everyday walk with God are showcased to its realistic feel. Additionally, there is romantic chemistry right from the first page. Since Fin and Griff already know each other, their love relationship already feels natural and not forced.

The story is full of action and page-turning suspense. For instance, when you think the crime-solving team will only have a typical crime scene, the unexpected happens and throws both the team and the readers into an adrenaline rush. In addition, the mystery of the bad guys is encompassed and shrouded in plenty of twists.

Still Life

Avery has been blacklisted in the photography business. Reason? She shot a controversial shot. Fortunately for her, she is later hired as a crime scene photographer by Parker Mitchell, a crime-scene analyst, and her life changes forever. However, after taking shots of a couple of crime scenes, things get complicated because of her strong feelings for Parker, and she leaves her work to sort things with her heart.

But six months down the line, Avery has to face the photography world that rejected her when her good friend invites her to a photography exhibit event. But the only image her friend has is a photo posing as dead. This sounds scary. And Avery’s friend insists that the person posing as dead never showed for the photo-shoot. In response, Avery phones Parker for help and soon Avery and Parkers friend find themselves working together to solve the mystery and they find themselves facing a deadly common threat.

The second book in Chesapeake Valor series is a beautiful read. Unlike Cold Shot which focuses on Griff and Fin, the second in the series is about Avery Tate and Parker Mitchell, minor characters in the series opener book. You can read the book as a standalone, but it’s highly recommended that you read the debut series novel to get a better understanding of the characters. There is more than just one crime in this novel, a fact that makes it even more thrilling.

Dani Pettrey has done a fantastic job in crafting her characters. She pretty knows precisely what she is doing. Her cast of characters is beautifully developed such that the reader feels like a huge part of the story. She has also crafted a cast of supporting characters that at times the reader will love to hate. The author has also woven a layer of suspense and a conclusion that is not only satisfying but also thrilling with villains the reader would never guess.

Still Life is told from the third person, and the readers get to see the action from the point of views of different characters. The chapters are short captivating and with hooks at the end. Each scene is vividly described with passages that paint a clear picture. Overall, Still, Life is a novel that shows the darkest side of human life and the strength of redemption. The suspense and the mystery are beautifully crafted, and the romance scenes in the book give plenty of chances for swooning.

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