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Chevy Stevens is the author of many novels including Still Missing which was a New York Times bestselling novel. That book also won 2011 International Thriller of the Year Award in the Best First Novel category. Still Missing has since been published in more than thirty countries. Stevens followed that book up with Never Knowing, which was also an international bestseller.

Chevy Stevens is from Vancouver Island where she lived on a ranch growing. Prior to becoming an author, Steven worked in sales and marketing. Her first job saw her work as a sales representative for a gift ware company. She would also spend time working as a realtor.

As a realtor she would always have to go to open houses, and wait to find the potential buyers. It was while doing this work that she began to create scenarios and stories in her head. A few of them were haunting, some were scary; but it eventually lead to her getting the idea of writing all these stories in a book.

In order to complete her dream she sold her house and left the realtor job to write a book. This work ultimately lead to her first published novel, Still Missing.

Chevy is best when she works on thrilling stories as it has long been her favorite genre. When Stevens is not writing, she likes to go camping and hiking with her husband and daughter. Chevy makes her home on Vancouver Island with her husband and daughter.

Vancouver Island is a beautiful place with plenty of spots to go hiking and enjoy nature. She was raised on a farm which kept her away from TV and video games. Stevens has found that because of that, she was able to spend more of her time being creative and developing her imagination.

The name Chevy Stevens is actually a pen name. Her birth name was Rene Unischewski. For her pen name, she took inspiration from her father’s nickname of “Chevy” and “Stevens” from her brother’s name Steven. The name Unischewski has interesting origins as her father was from Germany, but her grandparents were Russian.

Chevy considers herself to be a morning person. She enjoys being outside and being active outdoors, but when she sits down to write she needs to have complete silence. She has even gone so far as to wear ear plugs while writing to get proper concentration.

Besides her own books, she is a fan of Stephen King, William Landay, Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, Tana French, and Gillian Flynn.

Still Missing is the story of Annie O’Sullivan. This was Chevy’s first novel and it end up a New York Times Bestseller. It was the winner of the International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel. The book sees a realtor named Annie Sullivan who gets abducted. She is trying to sell a house while working to forget about an argument with her mother while hoping to be on time for a dinner with her boyfriend. Annie has no idea what is about to happen to her. The open house she is working is slow and she is about to finish up when her last visitor shows up in a van.

She thinks that she might make a sale, but instead she ends up as the captive of psychopath in a remote mountain cabin. The story is told with Annie’s year at the cabin interwoven with sessions with her psychiatrist as well as the story of the events following her escape. Annie struggles to put her life back together as the police are still investigation the identity of her captor.

Those Girls is another novel by Stevens that follows the life of the three Campbell sisters. Jess, Courtney, and Dani live on a remote ranch in Western Canada. The girls work hard and do what they can to stay out of the way of their father’s temper.

They do well until one night when a fight gets out of hand and the sisters are forced to go on the run. However, things go bad for the girls when their truck breaks down in a small town and they end up in a worse nightmare.

The events spiral out of control and the girls are left with no choice but to start new lives under new names. Now, eighteen years later, the girls still remember what happened that year and now one of the sisters has gone missing. The girls find themselves pulled back into their awful past with nowhere left to run.

Never Let You Go sees a woman named Lindsey Nash who escaped with her young daughter from her abusive husband eleven years ago. Her ex-husband was sent to jail and she decided to start a new life. Now, Lindsey is doing well, running her own business with a teenage daughter. However, when her husband is released she starts to get the sense that someone is watching her. Her home is invaded, her new boyfriend is threatened, and her daughter is shadowed. She’s convinced that it is her ex-husband, but he swears he is rehabilitated. Has he changed? Or is there someone else out there that wants her dead?

Dark Roads sees a woman named Hailey who makes her home on the Cold Creek Highway. It’s more than five hundred miles through British Columbia’s rugged wilderness, isolated and vast. Many people have gone missing her over the years, but no one has ever been caught. Hailey was taught by her father to respect nature and survive off the land, and to never travel the highway alone. After her father dies, Hailey is orphaned and ends up vanished in the mountain terrain. Now, a year later, Beth Chevalier arrives in Cold Creek. She is seeking closure from her past as her sister was murdered here. However, her search puts a target on her back. A target which could reveal the truth behind what happened to Hailey.

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    You are my favorite author of all time Chevy. I hope you have a new novel soon.

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    I am inquiring as to your latest novel or if there is a new one out that I have not yet read. Thanks again for your great stories.


  3. Elizabeth Ehde: 2 years ago

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    Hi! Are there any books that should be read first in order? I heard a few if your books are a part series. Can you tell me which are a series and what order should they be read.
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      The books Still Missing, Never Knowing and Always Watching are linked but can be read on their own.


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