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Publication Order of Chiasson Books

The book series Chaisson is a complete display of human heart. Once you finish one of the books you cannot wait to get your hands on the next copy. And the characters are true to their origin which is in the southwestern part of Louisiana and New Orleans area. These stories draw you in with such intense interest you will find yourself reading the 40-45,000 words without putting it down.

There are 4 books already out on this series and the anticipation for the arrival of book #5 called “Wild Rapture” has fans lining up with reservations for purchase. Each book in the series is as passionate as the last and takes you to the bayous of Louisiana in the midst of Cajun country with the sound of guitars and accordions playing French melodies floating on the sultry air. You feel so transformed that you can actually smell the Jambalaya and Gumbo cooking in Maman’s kitchen.

The main characters are passionate, troubled souls searching for the love of their lives in the midst of the evil danger. And the heroes are tall, dark handsome, strong hunters of the supernatural that makes the reader’s heart race when he steps into the story as if he actually stepped into the room! And each story line has a different twist with one common thread throughout the series that ties the characters to the evils that flourish in the bayous. Generations of family hunters fight the evils found in the land of swamps, alligators and passion.

The first book in the series is what set the stage for the books that followed and the story line is captivating. Olivia ran from her small Cajun town and never looked back. But a tragedy drew her back after ten long years; her return brought back memories including the desires for the gorgeous Vincent. The desire of her heart is a serious hunter of the supernatural, and his target is after Olivia, the woman his soul has always desired. This story will put you on the edge of your seat with tears, heart racing and keep you completely engrossed.

The second book is a story where Ava has a hard time forgiving her father for leaving her to hunt the supernatural. Upon her return to the bayou she is haunted by her past and evilness has targeted her. She is forced to place her life in the hands of the gorgeous hunter, Lincoln. After he lays eyes on Ava he wonders if she will love and trust him. This one is so touching and has such a heartfelt story line, that like the others you will want to keep the book to read again and again.

Davena would love to stop running from her past and find the right guy and settle down, but the evil priestess won’t allow her to settle. She runs from her past and spends her life looking over her shoulder until she meets her heart’s desire. He is determined to set her free from her past and win her heart by saving her from the darkness trying to consume her.

Ivy suffered a terrible tragedy when she was a child and suffered from an unknown illness in and out of the hospital for many years. She does not feel she is worthy to be loved by anyone, and her biggest battle is to learn she is worthy of love. Christian is troubled by the death of his parents, and yet when he meets Ivy and would walk through the fires of hell to win her over.

So after you fall in love with Beau when he saves you from the evil priestess and rescues you from your past, or become Ivy as she suffers for 11 years with a terrible illness that doctors can’t identify only to be hunted by minions of demon souls and rescued by the gorgeous Christian. Then wait with anticipation for the next book in the Chaisson series to release because of the intense excitement already portrayed in the first four.

The story line of these books are a sweet combination of drama, thrilling adventure, passion, love and intrigue all wrapped up into a neat little package of intense pleasure! The neat little package is actually a novella but feels like a big novel with big impact. This series is receiving 4 out of 5 stars and earned every one.

The author has stepped into a world of renowned fame for the stories of the Chaisson brothers that hunt and fight the supernatural that abounds in their home of Lyons Point. With the heart of a warrior the brothers fight to rid their home of the darkness that threatens to kill the women in their town. They meet the troubled damsels that need saving from the evil that lurks in their world and are out to kill them. These paranormal romance novels are a great tribute to the short but sweet world of novella.

The author grew up on the Texas/Louisiana border under Cajun influence with the stories for her books roaming around in her head and when she finally decided to put the words to paper they came alive. With the characters living a romantic life, so exciting and passionate it makes the series a desirable collection.

There are many other books that this author has written and are recommended to be read. But the Chaisson series have reached such a huge audience in such a short time that this line of books is the best yet. And there is nothing better than a great romance with so much packed into the story line that you can put it down or get your hands on the next one.

The future will be interesting with the expectations of great stories to follow the ones already told. We will be looking for more “Wild” stories with paranormal passions that we can all grab onto for escape from everyday life and be transformed to a world of danger, mystery and deep felt passion. So grab you copy of Wild Rapture when it comes out and take a trip to the land of intrigue.

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