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Publication Order of Chicago Bratva Books

The “Chicago Bratva” series is a set of series by Renee Rose, the bestselling author of historical romance, romantic suspense, new adult romance, and paranormal romance fiction.

She is a forty-five-year-old author from Arizona who sometimes spends a few months in New Mexico with her husband, who works a few months as a hot air balloonist.

Before Renee got into fiction, she used to work as a technical writer having gotten a creative writing degree. She also works as a somatic practitioner and a modern dance teacher.

She began making up stories way back, even before she started school when she used to write about dolls being dominated by hot alpha heroes. She first considered herself a writer when she was the winner of a poetry contest in elementary school.
She would then get the inspiration for her first work of fiction when she read a romance novel that had been lent to her by a friend.

She had never read a romance fiction work before, but reading Jennifer Crusie made her fall in love with the genre. It was at that time that she made the decision to become a romance fiction author.

Renee is a huge lover of a dirty-talking, dominant alpha hero and this has made her into a USA Today bestselling author.

Over the years, she has sold more than two million copies of her steamy romance novels. Her works have been featured in the likes of Popsugar and Happily Ever After on USA Today.

In 2013, she was named a Top Erotic Author on Eroticon USA, she won the Best Historical Romance by Romance Reviews, and Favorite Anthology and Science Fiction author of Spunky and Sassy.
The “Chicago Bratva” series of novels alongside the “Wolf Ranch” and “Bad Boy Alpha” series have made Renne Rose a fifteen-time entrant into the USA Today bestseller list.

Readers appreciate the fact that they can always count on Rose to deliver steamy romances, well-developed characters, and satisfying reading experiences.

The “Chicago Bratva” series of novels is set in a high-rise mansion nicknamed “the Kremlin” on Lake Shore Drive. This is the home of one of the most powerful organized crime organizations in the city known as the “Chicago Bratva.”
While most of the men are not related by blood, they are ready to do anything for their brothers in arms. However, they may not be ready for the women who come out of nowhere to upend their lives.

The first novel tells the story of one of the men who had a one-night stand on Valentine’s night. They had come together by chance and even though she got pregnant she had kept it from him for years.

The next novel is the story of a man who was banished from his county and his Bratva cell following the betrayal of a woman he thought he loved. He is now back and intends to take his revenge through marriage.

The third novel of the Chicago Bratva series of novels is the story of a man who had spent more than a decade in a Siberian prison. But now that he is out there is one woman who has become his prisoner, his obsession, and his weakness.

“The Director” is the first novel of the “Chicago Bratva” series of novels by Renee Rose. Lucy had just finished up in court and was heading back to the office to cool down.

She bumps into her ex in the lift who reminds her of what could have been had he stepped up as he had wanted her to. But a night out in Washington DC had left her carrying the child of a stranger.

On his part, Ravil was taking a friend to see an attorney to help with his arson charge. He is surprised to find that the woman who called herself Lady Luck from a BDSM club in Washington is the attorney.
She is also heavily pregnant and by his reckoning, it could just be his baby she is carrying. Even though they never exchanged numbers and names, he is furious that she never tried to find him.

Nonetheless, children, marriage, and love are not allowed in the Bratva Brotherhood but he cannot keep away from Lucy since he is certain he is carrying his baby. He holds her captive in his house as he needs her reliant and him and safe too.
While she finds the adjustment difficult, her body cannot resist him no matter how much her brain tries.

The second novel of the “Chicago Bratva” series of novels is “The Fixer.” It introduces Sasha who had watched her father’s deteriorating condition and knew he would soon die.

She has never had much of a daughter/father relationship with him since she is the bastard daughter of a mistress. But now at death’s door, he is determined to ensure she is set for life.

He wants her married to a man she knows nothing about as a condition for her inheritance. Maxim had flown back to Russia when summoned by Igor and never expected that he would be asked to marry Sasha who is Pakhan’s daughter.
It is not something he would have agreed to given the history she has with her. But he cannot say no to the man who saved his life many years back.

Maxim ultimately returned to Chicago from Russia and while Sasha does her best to resist, there is an incredible push and pull between her and Maxim.

The latter sees her for the woman she has become rather than what everyone thinks she should be. Over several weeks they begin to grow close but the insecurities from the past are making them doubt if they are being played and if what they have is real.

The Enforcer is the second novel of the Chicago Bratva series of novels by Renee Rose.

For several months, Oleg has been watching the Storytellers perform at the Rue Lounge. He always sits at the same table so that he can catch Story the lead singer when he inevitably climbs/jumps onto him during their set.
He is a mute who had his tongue torn out many years ago so that he would not talk. He feels very protective over the lead singer and often escorts her to her car following her performance.

The Storytellers had come into the limelight performing at the Rue Lounge and hence there is no place Story loves more. Moreover, going there means she can get o enjoy being watched by the hulking Russian.
But Oleg’s past has been catching up to him and he is attacked just outside Story’s apartment and only gets away by getting into her band’s van.

Thankfully, she finds him the next morning and helps him and this has them growing even closer.

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