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Publication Order of Chicago Stars Books

It Had to Be You (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven, Texas (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nobody's Baby But Mine (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dream a Little Dream (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Heart of Mine (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Match Me If You Can (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Natural Born Charmer (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Star I See Tonight (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Stars Collide (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Simply the Best (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chicago Stars written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a modern-day romance series and all the books are created around the entire world of professional sports athletes and the women who wish to climb them like trees. It is a rare-field bubble which allows for the similar kind of life-style fantasy like the aristocratic and prosperous world of historic romance. Nearly every story features also an adult couple finding a second chance of love. Susan is a great writer having a successful formula and a very long career.

About the series

This series is all about a woman who knows absolutely nothing about athletics but gets into a professional football team. The Windy City undoubtedly isn’t prepared for Phoebe Somerville, the extravagant York knockout who is seizing their hometown team. Phoebe is unquestionably not ready for the Stars’ head private coach named Dan Calebow, a prejudiced jock task-master with a one track thought. This is actually the book that began everything. The Chicago Stars is going to grab the field and they’re only some of the ones actively playing for keeps.

It Had to Be You (Book #1)

The Windy City isn’t really ready for the Phoebe Somerville, the preposterous, curvaceous New York knockout who may have merely innate the football team, Chicago Stars. Phoebe is certainly not prepared for the Stars’ head coach, who is a former grid iron icon Dan Calebow, a biased jock task-master with a one track thought. Calebow is almost everything Phoebe abhors. And also the attractive new boss is all Dan despises, who is an intrusive bimbo who doesn’t understand pigskin from the pitcher’s cluster.

One will enjoy reading this yet another time, if he or she had read it when it initially was released, but a whole lot has evolved in the past Twenty years and he or she found It had to Be You out dated. The hero does indeed talk about the heroine as a bimbo and makes use of phrases like “sissy”. He is or else an extremely kind and nurturing man. The heroine whose name is, Phoebe is amazingly stunning, wise, kind, and the largest part looks a little lost. She has historical past of sexual assault plus some self-esteem problems she endeavored to get over by making use of her charm as a carefully perfected weapon. This book gives the reader blended feelings regarding using her womanly tricks to govern business situations.

Heaven, Texas (Book #2)

Gracie Snow is decided to pull the renowned ex-jock named Bobby Tom Denton back to Heaven of Texas, whether it is daylights or high water, to start filming his first movie. Despite his stunning visual appearance and fantastic charm, Bobby Tom has concerns about to be a superstar and no promises to interact personally with a bossy and pedantic Ohio wallflower with whom he can’t log off his mind or from his life. As an alternative, the hell raising playboy chooses to make her over through simple Jane to a wildcat of Texas.

But nothing’s far more dangerous when compared to a wild-cat with an angel’s heart in a city too tiny for a poor boy to hide. And all hell smashes loose when two memorable people find out love, fun, enthusiasm and a match that may only be made in Paradise.

Nobody’s Baby but Mine (Book #3)

Dr.Jane Darlington, who is a Genius physics mentor anxiously, wants a child. But getting a father won’t be simple. Jane’s ultra intelligence made her seem like a freak when she was maturing, and she’s motivated to give up her own child which is suffering. This means she should have somebody really special to father her baby, someone who is much more comfortable exercising his muscles than working out his brain.

Cal Bonner who is a legendary quarter-back of Chicago, Stars appears like an ideal choice. But his champ good looks and down-home techniques are misleading. Dr. Jane is getting ready to practice a little too far gone until this good old boy will be a lot wiser than he allows on-and he’s not going to be used and forgotten by a brainy, baby mad schemer.

Dream a Little Dream (Book#4)

Rachel Stone’s misfortune has had a switch for even worse. With empty pockets, a car that is pouring smoke, and a 5 yr old son to aid, she’s come to the house to a town which dislikes her. But this determined younger widow with a scandalous past has realized the way to be a fighter. And she will do anything whatsoever to help keep her child safe.

Gabe Bonner really wants to remain alone, specially by the gorgeous outcast who has occupied his property. She has a huge amount of attitude, an expertise for trouble, and a child who revives undesirable memories. However Rachel’s feisty nature could just be heaven sent just to save a difficult, stubborn person.

This Heart of Mine (Book# 5)

Molly Somerville really likes her profession as the inventor of the Daphne which is a Bunny children’s series of books, however the rest of her lifetime can use some progress. She has a track record of problems which started before she gave away her 15 million dollar monetary gift. After that there is her long term crush on the quarter-back for the Chicago Stars football team, her sis possesses that terrible, gorgeous man, Kevin who can’t actually recall Molly’s name. One particular night Kevin enters into Molly’s life and transforms it upside down. Regrettably, the Ferrari driving jock isn’t as short as she desires he were, and she quickly finds herself at a spot known as Wind Lake. Encompassed by paint box cottage, which includes an enchanting old bed-and-breakfast, Kevin and Molly fight their interest and each other as they quite simply face one of life’s most significant lessons. At times love hurts, often it makes us upset as nightmare, and occasionally if one is lucky, it can mend in a most unpredicted way.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is an exclusive five-time champion of the Award – Romance Writers of America’s Favorite Book. In the year 2001, she was inducted in to the Romance Writers Hall of Fame and she was a person receiving the Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. Her books of this series named Natural Born Charmer was nominated for Quill for best romance 2007. The other books, It Had to Be You, Nobody’s Baby but Mine and Dream a Little Dream are all winners of Rita Awards for best Novels.

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